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Sunlight Tracker

[UPDATE 11.01.10 11:00: For whatever reason, it looks like this app is not available in the App Store at this time and I’m unable to contact the developer. There are a couple of other sunlight trackers, including LightTrac for iPhone, LightTrac for iPad, Golden Hour and The Photographer’s Ephemeris. There’s a free version of Light Finder to try out, but to me, neither version looks particularly helpful. We’ll keep you updated on the status of Sunlight Tracker. =M=]

We just ran across this in the U.S. App Store. Sunlight Tracker by RLSP is a new app which displays a whole bunch of information about the sun, allowing you to plan your photo shoot around your light. This is similar to what BlueHour and CityTime do, except Sunlight Tracker seems to provide a lot more information geared specifically towards photographers.

Sunlight Tracker is free in the U.S. App Store for a limited time.

It features sunrise and sunset times, twilight times which are good for shooting in the Blue hours, angle and elevation of the sun and other information. Although we just grabbed it and haven’t tested it yet, it looks really comprehensive and if you find yourself planning around the good light, this is an excellent opportunity to grab this utility while it’s free!

Detailed information on the app’s features and functions can be found on the RLSP website.

App Store link: Sunlight Tracker


Update Saturday, March 13, 2010. Well, that didn’t last long…. Looks like the limited time has passed. The app is now available for its regular price of $1.99 USD. Still, give it a look if you think you might need a sunlight tracker. For the extra dollar, this app does a lot more than give sunrise/sunset times.


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  • Chris

    I've tried your link and looked in the iTunes US store and it seems the app is no longer available. Please let us know if you see it return. 9/25/2010

  • please tell me when will this app avaible?

  • bobbabe

    Ditto. Perfect for location scouting and planning shot lists for film and commercials. Let us know when it will be available again. thx

  • Is this now relabeled as (the cryptic and hard to find), The Photographer's Ephemeris (TPE) –

  • Ron

    As one of the developers, I feel compelled to tell you about our photography app, GoldenPic.

    GoldenPic doesn't just give you the sunrise and sunset, it also provides you the blue and golden hours, moon phase, moonrise and moonset times, weather, GPS coordinates, etc. It even lets you save your GPS coordinates to recall at a later day/time and integrates with Google Maps (great for planning a photo shoot)!

    If that's not enough, it lets you change the date, provides 5 different ways to change your location and you can email the data to yourself or a client… all from within the app! Why buy 5 different apps to get all this information? GoldenPic is your One-Stop-App for all your needs!

    For more information, you can check it out at:

    Or, watch our video that explains everything in detail at: