SwankoLab for iPhone is Available Now!

SwankoLab test image 5
SwankoLab test image 5

SwankoLab from Synthetic Infatuation, the makers of the extremely popular Hipstamatic app, was released today and is available now in the U.S. App Store for $1.99

SwankoLab“The Darkroom of Yesterday, Today”

I just downloaded the app and haven’t really had a chance to fully test it yet. You mix various “chemicals” in the virtual darkroom to create a variety of vintage photo effects. The interface is very analog. The animations are incredible. There’s some great, subtle ambient sound effects. Unlike Hipstamatic, it’s not a camera. You use images from your iPhone or iPod Touch’s entire photo library to “process” them. Images are saved in SwankoLab and can be emailed from within the app but need to be manually synced to your camera roll. You can also save “formulas” in the app’s built-in Formula’s Notebook. SwankoLab supports full resolution in the iPhones 2G, 3G, and the larger resolutions of the 3GS as well.

It’s a really fun app. Like Hipstamatic, the effects are gorgeous. I’ll have a full review later this week. My first impressions are that SwankoLab looks to be another must-have photo app.




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  • I'm quite enjoying it. Put up a fast album at http://brianarn.imgur.com/swankolab with a couple of edits. I also dig that you can save the formulas.

  • I kind of like the animations, but they may be a little over done. Still playing with the app, but I'm not sure the results are worth the wait.

  • Another low res app! I'm working with it and I think I'm doing everything right but so far I'm stuck with 340×480 pics. I'm not a happy camper right now. Any advice is welcome. I've heard some people are getting full res. (Glyn) I however am not. I have tried flipping the high quality prints toggle but no change. If something magical happens I'll let you know but for now, I'm not happy with SwankoLab.

  • MartyNearDFW

    Hi, X,

    Be sure the High-quality prints setting is on in SwankoLab settings in the iPhone's settings app — it sounds like you've already done this.

    Then, try rebooting your iPhone. Check settings again to see if it's holding the preference and try again.

    I am getting 1200×1600 output from images shot on my 2G and I'm unable to duplicate this problem on my iPhone. I'm running a jailbroken 2G with OS 3.1.2.

    If you're still having issues, I'd email the developer at support@swankolab.com and let them know.

    I hope this helps.


  • Well…I restarted my phone, removed the app, re-added the app, restarted my phone again. Nothing…I'm starting to think it's just me. I don't get it…something is definitely wrong.

  • I just emailed the dev. I'll let ya'll know when I get an answer.

  • I'm really liking swankolab. at first play through, i was a bit disappointed with the effects. after using it a bit more I really like it though. not only can you combine different chemicals, but the order in which you combine them changes up the results which gives you an endless combination of filters (even more than hipstamatic). I am a bit wary of the processing animation as it gets old after the tenth try and wish there was a setting to allow you to have a "quick develop" sorta like the ShakeItPhoto app.

  • As far as I've been able to figure out, only pics that have been synced through itunes are being down-sized. Photos that are still on your camera roll turn out just fine. I'm still gonna play around to confirm this but that seems to be the case. It really irritates me though. The whole point of purchasing SwankoLab is so I can edit and re-process pics that are already in my photo albums. If I would've known that wouldn't work I would've stuck with Hipstamatic. It all comes down to Apple having all the control. HAHA! I'm gonna try to e-mail myself the full-res pics and save them to my camera roll…we'll see what happens.

  • Well the photos itunes syncs are automatically downsized to default iphone resolution to conserve storage space my man, only camera roll photos are original resolution!

  • Just an update…

    I figured out why I wasn't getting full res images. Everything is all good. I have to take an extra step to get it from pics that have already been synced through iTunes but, it's not SwankoLabs fault. I basically just have to email a full res shot to myself and open it and save it in my phones camera roll. SwankoLab is pretty sweet now. Thanks for letting me work this out in the comments…HAHA!

  • Amy

    Well…I restarted my phone, removed the app, re-added the app, restarted my phone again. Nothing…I'm starting to think it's just me. I don't get it…something is definitely wrong.

  • jill

    great app. love it.