Photogene gets an iOS 4-only update and one annoying “feature”


The venerable Photoshop-like, iPhone image editing workhorse Photogene for iPhone has just been updated to version 2.6. It now supports all of the cool iOS 4 features, EXIF data, and even FTP uploads. But this new update also has a very annoying feature which will frustrate anyone who prefers to keep their location data private.

Right away I noticed that Photogene got a new icon and a new splash screen. Gone is the teal highlight which has been replaced with a more neutral gray.

The new 2.6 update supports the spiffy iOS 4 features fast app switching, background operation, and the iPhone 4 retina display. Photogene now preserves the EXIF data in your photos. There are some cool new sharing features — upload to Flickr or individual Facebook albums from within the app — really cool integration with Facebook.  You can even upload directly to an FTP site from within the app — an excellent on-the-go feature for webmasters. Photogene now also allows custom sizes when downsampling and saving images.

This new update is also iOS 4 only. iPhone OS 3 is not supported in the update. Owners of older iPhones or those who have chosen not to update to iOS 4 are out of luck and won’t be able to run this update. I suspect you’ve now reached the end of the line with this app.

If you are not a fan of Location Services or prefer to keep it turned off because of privacy concerns or battery drain, you won’t be able to use load images from your camera roll in Photogene. The app locks you out of opening images from your camera roll with a screen that demands your turn on Location Services. This is an extremely annoying feature for those who don’t use location data for our photos or who don’t really care about EXIF data. I understand that this is to preserve EXIF data within the images, but I would prefer to be given the choice to use location data instead of it being a requirement. I hope this “feature” is made optional quickly. Photogene will work, however, in airplane mode when all of the iPhone’s radios have been switched off. Go figure.

Photogene 2.6 is a needed update with some cool features and good iOS 4 support, but this update will hack off some users. For those with older iPhones, it’s just a matter of time before even more developers drop support for the end-of-lifed OS in order to better support the features of the newer versions of iOS.

The update is free and will run on any iPhone or iPod Touch that runs iOS 4.

App Store link: Photogene



UPDATED: Actually, when I first wrote this, I was “seriously annoyed.”

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  • Eric

    Huh… excuse me but every single picture that you take with your iphone (with the iphone camera itself) registers your location and embeds it in the EXIF data as long as an internet connection is available when you take a picture. You have even less of a choice there… o.O

  • soup

    in the german appstore there are a lot of complaints about "older" versions that it scales all photos down to 640×480 so that the effects are quicker and then scales them back up to the original size – so that when you look at them in original on the pc they dont look very good

    is this still the case ?

  • Tomba


    Photogene now ended up been deleted from my phone.

    For me this "update" 2.6 is a joke.

    Why had we have to wait for over 2 month, only to get standard iOS4 features supported? By the way i see no feature that could be the reason NOT supporting iOS3.1.3 anymore.

    No long time wishes like noise reduction etc fullfilled!

    Photogene is a dino in the appstore. Longtime a mighty and easy to use app. But if the dinos could not adopt to the newer world they have to die. Others like new Iris Photo Suite are passing by which i am using now.


    Sorry i am pissed off a little from developers who seems to only count their money after first success and dont listen to their customers. The quality of the pics is good.

    If you're looking for an actual workflow app for sharpening, colour balance, individual colour channel adjustments, shadow & highlight recovery, histogram correction and other digital imaging adjustments, and you want fine-tuned manual control over these things, i would recommend Iris Photo Suite now. A lot of functions of AND the responsiveness of the sliders and realtime results are so good. For 79 cent its a steal.

  • soup

    ok thanks !

    thats basically what i was reading out of the reviews – its just seemed to be a liked product here…..suspect though that was in the past :)

  • Greg

    Looks like I will not be using this app anymore.

  • Tomba

    The guys at Photogene should have a look at new Iris Photo Suite update. May be they can get a hint what updating could be.

  • Max Berkowitz

    Despite the annoying location issue the one thing I was happy to see go was that cheesy HALL OF SHAME feature! It was clearly a knockoff of the BestCamera app but badly implemented.

    A solid app now New & Improved.

  • Max Berkowitz

    [Disclaimer: As a recent convert to the iPhone4 I wasn't aware that it now ONLY works with iOS4. I really should read the other comments BEFORE I post!]

    Oh, wait, now it doesn't work on any device's other than the 4?! That's fuckin ridiculous! With so many 3G's & 3GS's in circulation why wouldn't Apple & Devs make available both newer and older versions of their apps so as to appeal to a wider audience? My guess is that when people like myself decide to upgrade to the newest device, then my old device goes on the market via Craigslist for instance to someone looking to ditch that old Motorola RAZR for an iPhone at a discount. Shouldn't they be able to still purchase apps that actually work on that device? Is there a secondary market for older app versions?

    (shit, I may have just given away a good idea!

  • MartyNearDFW

    Hi, Max!

    I think there is a market and I wish the App Store would keep older versions available for sale.

    I love love love my iPhone 4. Awesome phone. But we still have two other iPhone 2Gs in the household, including one that my girlfriend Stacy uses as her phone and pocket camera. Still a lot of usability left in the old phones.

    She can't purchase iOS 4-only versions of apps that might have run fine on a 2G a version or two ago. I'd really like it if there was a way to be able to download or downgrade back to older versions of the apps.

    But that doesn't sell new iPhones, does it?