TiltShift Generator Free 1.01 update removes Library Import feature

The recently released freeware app, TiltShift Generator Free was updated this week. What’s changed in the new version 1.01? The removal of the Library Import feature. You have two options if you want to continue to be able to import images from your iPhone’s photo library. This effects the free version of TiltShift Generator only, not the paid version.

Do not update TiltShift Generator Free until you’ve read this post.

TiltShift Generator Free is the little sibling to the excellent TiltShift Generator app by Takayuki Fukatsu & Takuma Mori. It’s a feature-lite version of the paid app. The main differences between the two are the narrower range of adjustments the free version can make and a maximum output size of 1024×768 pixels. The new 1.01 update also removes the ability to import images from your photo library. The new 1.01 update is a tiltshift camera app only now.

Apparently for many, the reduced range and lower resolution worked fine, and 1024x768px is a good enough resolution if you only want to share your images online on Facebook, Twitter, or Flickr. The developer notes that the free version “affects paid version’s sales seriously” when, in fact the free version was meant to be a try-before-you-buy version.

Here are the complete update notes from the developer:

What’s New In Version 1.01
– Library import feature is now PAID VERSION ONLY.

I’m sorry about the issue. However we are too open for free version functionality, and now it affects paid version’s sales seriously.

To manage cost for future update and maintenance, we decided to remove “Import from library” feature. I’m very sorry about that but I hope you understand the situation.

If you don’t like it, you can choose not to upgrade it.

If you want to keep the Library Import functionality, simply don’t update the app and stay at version 1. There is no way to remove the nagging red flag in App Store and iTunes to remind you to update, and you’ll no longer be able to Update All on your iPhone or iTunes.

If you’ve already updated the app to version 1.01, you may not be out of luck. Click here for our previous post on how to downgrade your apps back to a previous version.

Or I recommend that you just buy the excellent full version of TiltShift Generator with all the features and the full range of editing capabilities. It’s only a dollar — a bargain for an app that’s as solid and as useful as this one. There are so many other focal effects that you can create with this app besides fake miniatures. It’s been one of my favorite and most-used photo apps for a long time. App Store ratings give it a well-deserved, solid four stars.

App Store links: TiltShift Generator Free |   TiltShift Generator (full version)



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  • I really hope people aren't complaining about the developers removing this feature in the free version…

  • Graham

    Agreed. Paid version is awesome. Intuitive. Awesome UI. If people complain about the free version removing features then you need to get a better job. It's worth a buck and then some.

  • Tomba

    When they came up with the free version i wondered why they did it.

    A top ranked 79 cent app does not need a trial version in my opinion.

    I would completely remove the free version from the store.

  • There are /tons/ of very negative reviews now, and the free version has a pretty solid one star. I'm not saying App Store users are right, but developers should be a little more conscious of how the we-get-everything-for-free-and-still-feel-that-we-deserve-more crowd will react to a move like this. Offering a key feature for free and then removing it silently (ok, sure, they stated it in the release notes, but who actually reads those individually?) comes off as unfair. Especially because the /only/ thing the update did was /remove/ a feature (and 0.0.1 to the version I guess…). And it's a hard-learned lesson that App Store customers will not sympathize with developers, even if the app is free.

    Again, not saying the reviewers are justified, but it's much easier to change how you present yourself as a developer than it is to change the collective entitlement felt by the unsympathetic masses.

  • MartyNearDFW


    Very well said.


  • Graham

    Ah well. People are missing out on a great app. Their loss from where I am sitting.

    Ps. Anyone tried myFilm? I'm loving the results from it.