Photo apps Polarize, LOFI, Format126, and EffectsLab are gone from the App Store

Polarize, LOFI, EffectsLab, Format126 apps from Chris Comair

Looking for Polarize, LOFI, Format126, and EffectsLab? They really aren’t there any more.

Within the past few days, many iPhoneographers have noticed that the four popular iPhone photo apps have gone missing from the App Store. They still show up in a search, but any attempt to download (or redownload) the apps ends up with a “no longer available” message.

All four apps are indeed gone and no longer available by normal means, most likely forever.

The apps were developed by Chris Comair. According to an email I received from him today, he confirmed what most had already suspected — that he is no longer working on personal iPhone apps anymore.

“A bit more than a year ago, I began working [career working] on projects that allow me to not only push forward myself, but also heavily push forward the entire industry as a whole,” Chris writes.

Apple has applied a new App Store rule where if an application has not been updated for a certain period of time, it is no longer available for download. With the lacking of iOS4.x support, Chris was actually planning to remove them anyway for other, personal reasons.

Glyn Evans, who co-developed Format126 with Chris, may try to continue development of the app with another coder. So far, work has not progressed on any updates of Format126.

Chris is a great guy — really interesting. The email he sent back contained a lot of his insights about life, technology, creativity and the connections we have with them, as well as touching upon some of the projects he has going now. He was also very grateful for the success his apps had and the opportunities that success opened for him.

The iPhone apps he created will be missed by the community, but I wish Chris continued success in his new ventures.



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  • I think itis a good thing Apple is keeping it's store clean.

    The format 126 app however is a great app which is still used among many users…

    Anybody that hasn't got the Vint B&W or one of the other vint cameras should download them now before they're gone as well.

    Vint B&W and format 126 are one of the greatest B&W cameras around..

  • Devyn

    I think it is great that Apple is doing housekeeping, but I am sorry to hear about the loss of Format126. That said, I understand that when a developer puts out an app, there is a serious commitment for continued maintenance and follow up. It was inevitable that there would be apps languishing around the app store with little support. I wish Chris the best and appreciate the work he has done in the past.

  • Desmond Williams

    I use Format126 on a regular basis so it's kind of depressing to see it removed from the App Store. I wish Chris well and I appreciated the work you put into Format126. I'll keep my fingers cross for Glyn to revive development for one of my favorite apps.

  • Thanks for all the positive feedback about Format126. I have begun talks with a developer and hope to resurrect that app as soon as possible.

  • I've downloaded the Vint black, green and red, but they don't load on my 4.1 iPod Touch 4G. Unless there's an update to them, they're also useless.

    I'd been trying to get the Format126 for a while, I always just assumed it was an error in the store.

  • It's a big shame Polarize is no longer going to be available. It's the app I've used the most and it keeps my iPhone camera very busy – I've even made a book of my Polarized images and am working on another.

    I was holding out hope that the app could be updated to output higher res images but alas it is not to be, if it's been pulled entirely.

    I hope I'll be able to keep using it for a long time to come though, and thanks to Chris for creating it in the first place.

  • bohofemme

    "Through normal means…" But even through IPA, it doesn't seem to load.

    Can't anyone help those of us who never even had the opportunity to se Polarize? We still really want this app.. finding all means and ways to have it on our phone….


  • Judith de Boer

    I will miss them… especially polarize! :'(