Cool Link: How To Make a Hipstamatic Camera Case for an iPhone

Photo courtesy of Tragically Hipstamatic Blog
Photo courtesy of Tragically Hipstamatic Blog

A while back, we posted a link for making your iPhone look like a Leica M8 camera. In case you missed it, Tragically Hipstamatic blog posted a similar method for skinning your iPhone 4 to look like a “Hipstamatic 185” case. It’s a cool project and pretty easy to make. You’ll need an Xacto knife, a small OLFA knife or some other fine utility knife.

Tragically Hipstamatic writes in a January 2, 2011 post:

My iPhone 4 is a camera that I sometimes use to make phone calls, and with that in mind I endeavoured to make my iPhone look like the camera I use the most: the Hipstamatic.

If you don’t already have a skinnable case with a clear plastic back, Tragically Hipstamatic recommends a Griffin Reveal case, an excellent choice which I second. I used a Griffin Reveal for several months on my iPhone 4S and it was a great case. In addition to having a hard plastic clear back which is perfect for home iPhone skinning, the case also has a silicone bumper which adds tack to the phone and helps keep it from sliding off tables or dashboards. For the newer iPhone 6 devices, the Griffin Survivor case is available in stores for about $30. The case is also available from for much less — currently about $21.00.

Apparently, this project even has the tacet approval of Synthetic, Hipstamatic’s developer. The link was recently shared by Hipstamatic on their official Facebook page, with the comment “How sweet is this? :-) Thanks!”

Click here to read “How To Make a Hipstamatic Camera Case for an iPhone” on the Tragically Hipstamatic Blog

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  • Benjamin

    I love how you can skin a camera to mimic the look of an app.
    The next hilarious but pointless step would be an actual Hipstamatic Camera.

    • Edgar

      hahaha! that would probably sell big considering there are alot of Hipstamatic fans out there! I would probably get one too =P