FiLMiC Pro Brings Pro Video Features to the iPhone

We usually don’t cover iPhone video apps here on Life In LoFi, but Cinegenix have just released a pretty cool new camera app that I’m pretty excited about. It’s a video app that brings professional features to iPhone video.

FiLMiC Pro by Cinegenix is billed as “THE Filmmaker’s App.” They are pretty close. FiLMiC Pro adds features specifically for videographers which improve the video production experience on the iPhone.

The iPhone has a good built-in camera that can capture some quality HD video. Recently, I’ve seen some interesting video and short films created on the iPhone. You can check out the music video for “Nancy Lee” by Vintage Trouble shot exclusively on an iPhone 4 by Emmy Award winning Director Alen Petkovic on or one of my personal favorites the quirky and brilliant “Sharkoon” by Dan Bakst and Dan Nguyen.

FiLMiC Pro is a full-featured video camera designed with the videographer in mind. I’ve got the full feature list below, but basically there’s everything you could want in here to shoot some pretty serious raw video.

The app was created by two filmmakers. “I just wanted something, for myself, that was comfortable and well laid out, logical. Everything you need and nothing you don’t. None of the clutter that gets in the way of what you want, which is to get a really good shot, each and every time,” says Tony Tibbetts, filmmaker/lead-designer and co-founder of the FiLMiC Pro.

It’s all easy to use. All the controls you need are right there in the viewfinder. It’s got separate focus and exposure targets, white balance lock, a user-switchable rule of thirds grid. To help keep tabs on your scenes as you shoot, there’s an excellent, easy to use film production slate that tags each scene and has a Sync Flash and Tone for syncing to external audio or multi-camera shoots.

It supports 4 resolutions on the iPhone 4, including 720p video, 1280×720 in a standard 16:9 aspect ratio. One of the features I love about FiLMiC Pro is its accurate video viewfinder. The standard video camera on the iPhone 4 displays a narrower 4:3 aspect ratio even though it shoots in the wider 16:9. It captures about 25% more video than you see while recording. (UPDATE 051611 @ 10:45: Actually, I found out this morning that the Camera pp does display 16:9 video — double tap the viewfinder. Thank you, Dixon Hamby via Skip Hunt. =M=) All of FiLMiC Pro’s controls are at the bottom of the screen and the viewfinder shows 100% of the frame for accurate composition. Shooting for another aspect ratio? FiLMiC Pro has additonal framing guides for 4:3 and 2.35:1 aspect ratios to help with composition.

Unfortunately, the framing guides are only viewfinder indicators and they don’t letterbox the video in camera. That would be cool if it did. Also, the much-touted thumb-based record button is in the lower-righthand side of the viewer which when using a normal grip will obstruct the iPhone’s built-in microphone. With a tripod or a careful grip, it won’t be a problem. Fortunately, FiLMiC Pro has a setting for external audio.

Apart from the few minor glitches with the app, FiLMiC Pro is a great advanced video camera. There’s no zoom lens, no built-in effects. FiLMiC Pro has an impressive and useful set of professional tools for capturing video. When I was testing it, I kept thinking that when combined with an OWLE Bubo, it would make a heck of a video rig. This isn’t a toy. It’s a tool for some serious amateur vidoegraphy.

FiLMiC Pro is $7.99 in the App Store.

Download FiLMiC Pro

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App Store link: FiLMiC Pro – Cinegenix, LLC


Here’s all the App Store info:

FiLMiC Pro By Cinegenix


FiLMiC Pro is THE Filmmaker’s App. A dedicated video camera app that respects and builds upon the high definition capabilities of the Iphone 4. FiLMiC Pro enables users to take their mobile cinematography to new heights by asserting as much manual control over camera functions as possible and including additional variable frame rates from 1-25 frames per second.


The FiLMiC Pro control bar is thumb based to enable a rock solid grip on the camera. Designed by filmmakers it provides the best camera UI in the business with perfect access to all camera controls from a fixed, two hand grip position.


At the heart of FiLMiC Pro’s superior manual control functionality are three separate focus and exposure modes. This gives you more ways to personalize your shooting method than any other video camera app. Combined with the lockable control buttons and you have complete control of your shots.

Double Reticle Mode gives you two separate adjustable reticles for spot sampling focus and exposure for precision shot set up.

Single Reticle Mode provides a center positioned spot sampling reticle for both focus and exposure for sports, action or quick run and gun scenarios.

Full Frame Mode samples both both focus and exposure from the entire frame for expedient and simple shot set up.


The FiLMiC Pro settings menu offers some features not offered in any other video camera app as well as a host of other useful tools.

Variable Frame Rates (1-25 and 30fps) including both the US (24p) and European (25p) film production standards.

Four Selectable Resolutions (iPhone 4 or 4th Gen iPod Touch).

Framing Guide Overlays (4:3, 16:9, & 2:35.1).

Thirds Guide for composition.

Audio Metering.

Color Bars for Post Production.

Film Production Style Slate for adding info to your clips, syncing dual system audio, and organizing your clips.


The slate function within FiLMiC Pro enables a world of control from a simple, configurable menu. FiLMiC Pro loads the slate before you shoot to preview and then prepends the slate to your footage before depositing it in the Clip Library within FiLMiC Pro.

Inform your editor with production, camera, scene, take, date, director, DP (cinematographer), frame rate and external audio fields.

Automatic escalating take numbers.

Sync Flash and Tone for syncing from an external audio recorder or multi-camera shoot.


FTP Server


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  • You can get full 16:9 display builtin by double-tap. Via Skip Hunt

  • This app is FANTASTIC. The dual white balance / focus reticules are a godsend for anyone shooting video. Thanks, M.

    • I thought of you when i DLed this app, D. I was going to call you today to see if you wanted to do a guest review here.


  • Great app! The only feature i miss is an option to flip the viewfinder. That’s important if you use it with an 35 adapter like the enCinema.

    Oh, and the record button could be a little bit bigger. 😉

  • Hi, Keith. No it doesn’t pause and resume. It saves each take as a separate, tagged take.


  • I'm surprised this wasn't common knowledge. I ran the video from the iphone 4 out via the new ipad2 HDMI connector and was blown away with the quality. Will have to check out this app to see if the controls will be useful for me. Thanks for the review and thanks for hipping me to it Dixon! 🙂

  • Can you adjust audio level 4 video in addition to monitoring it? I know it's possible, but not sure if this app has that function from the site.

  • @Steve: delete footage by swiping across the footage.

    • Bob

      thanks for this….I was wondering about deleting footage

  • Been playing with this app for a couple hours. VERY well thought out and does specific things perfectly. Glad I was turned on to this app by @Dixonhamby. If you shoot video ont he iphone, this app is a must-have!

  • @pteixeira_LA

    I've been using the App and what I noticed is that every time I save the video on the camera roll and delete it, Filmic Pro still keeps that space and does not clear up that space. So, I am running out of space and don't know what to do to clear that space back. AND, there's nothing saved on the app's library.

    Does anyone know why this happens and how I can clear up the space?


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