Good News on PhotoForge2 Upgrade Pricing


Today, GhostBird Software announced pricing and upgrade policies for the new PhotoForge2 update, which hits the App Store this Thursday, May 19. PhotoForge 2 is such a big update over PhotoForge version 1 (it really is… you can see our previous preview here), it’s being released to the App Store as an entirely new app.

Both previous users and new users will be very pleased with the launch pricing. Click past the jump for details. >>>

PhotoForge2 will be available in the App Store beginnning this Thursday, May 19. The normal retail price of the app will be $4.99.

GhostBird writes in their pressie:

“The App Store does not provide an easy way for developers to allow their users to upgrade to a new app.  What we at GhostBird Software have decided to do is provide PhotoForge2 at the lowest price available in the app store for the entirety of launch day. What does that mean? PhotoForge2 will be on sale for $0.99 USD May 19, 2011, one day only.”

After the $0.99 upgrade period is complete, PhotoForge2 will be on sale at $2.99 USD for the remainder of the month of May. Still a great price.

Life In LoFi will have posts, links and reminders of the launch this Thursday here on the blog, on our Facebook page and on Twitter when the update goes live to help you not miss the update pricing.

Unlike the older PhotoForge version 1 apps, PhotoForge2 will eventually be a universal app that takes full advantage of whichever iDevice it runs on. Native iPad support won’t be available on the initial PhotoForge2 release but is planned for one of the early updates to the app.

PhotoForge2 requires at least iOS 4.2. It will run on any device that can install iOS 4.2 or greater. This includes iPhone 3G or newer, iPod Touch 2nd gen or newer, and all iPads.



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  • That is good news and quite generous of them to make this offer. I'll be getting my copy!

  • Lynn

    Me too that’s for sure! 🙂 can’t wait!

  • Blanche

    So it's .99 even if you have the original? And a separate app? Or upgrade? Call me confused….

    • Hi, Blanche. Yes. They are releasing it as a "new" app, PhotoForge2. The App Store doesn't allow developers to charge for app updates. It also doesn't allow app developers to charge less for some users and not for others. This was GhostBird's way of offering reduced upgrade pricing for users of the previous version of the app. In this case, *all* users benefit.

      In the end, you would have two versions of PhotoForge on your iPhone.

      I hope this helps.


  • Jill Gaupin

    Have it marked on my calendar! Can't wait! And YAY for the one day special!!

  • still stuck at IOS4.1 hope they make it for lower version and that would be nice…

  • Counting the hours now…how sad am i?

  • Dave Weekes

    It just came out here in Japan. 😀

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