Hey, Dallas/Fort Worth! Upgrading to an iPhone 4S? Read This First.

In getting an iPhone 4S, I was first informed that didn’t qualify for an early upgrade. I could have gotten the $549 32GB iPhone 4 delivered to me around November 30. That’s way too long for me to wait for the device. I’ve spent the past few days fighting with AT&T’s customer service over the phone. While everyone was nice, it was fruitless although I did learn a lot. See my post on upgrading to the iPhone 4S here.

This is a plug for Terence Peden and the great team at the AT&T Mobility Store in Arlington, Texas. When AT&T’s Phone Customer Service wasn’t able to help me upgrade without buying the new 4S outright, Terence and the crew at the North Arlington Store helped me out and got me the iPhone 4S for the discounted rate (and, of course, a new 2-year contract).

In my previous upgrade post, I wrote:

“… Go to an AT&T Mobility Store to order an upgrade. Not an authorized reseller, but an actual, company-owned store. I found out that AT&T Store employees can sometimes have better luck in getting you better upgrade pricing.”

That said, if you are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and are not able to get any discounts on an iPhone 4S upgrade, it’s worth your while to drive to the AT&T Mobility Store in North Arlington, Texas, right across from Cowboys Stadium. Ask for Terence Peden.

I was not getting satisfaction with Apple online or AT&T online or customer service. Terence and the team there looked at my account and got me the discounted upgrade — delivered when the iPhone 4S ships. He worked to get me the discounted 4S, rather than than tell me why I couldn’t qualify. Terrence, you absolutely rock.

Depending on your account status, you might not have the same luck that I did. On the other hand, I was ready to spend $749 for a 32 GB device. Going to Terence saved me a couple hundred dollars.

If this sounds like a gratuitous plug, it’s not. If you live in the area, I’m just trying to use my experience in the upgrade process to help out. You might have a similar customer service experience at your local AT&T Mobility Store — maybe not. Terence worked hard for me without even knowing about the blog. That says a lot and I’m very appreciative.

If you live in the DFW Metroplex, it’s probably worth your while to upgrade in-store in Arlington.

AT&T Mobility
1002 North Collins St.
Arlington, TX 76011

It’s at the corner of Collins and Randol Mill, off I-30 across from Cowboys Stadium.



Disclosure: I received no compensation for this post. This post was NOT written in exchange for a discounted upgrade and this post wasn’t even thought of until after the fact.

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  • manny

    nice! i’m over here in East Dallas. wish i were closer. and you’re right…no luck at all over the phone. i’m not eligible until 11/24.

    • Come see me November 1st
      Terence Peden
      Att North Arlington
      (817) 276-2100

  • Your right about going direct to a Company owned store aka Corporate Store. The people at Corporate Stores are smart and trained to answer all questions and help their customers. Online will not answer all your questions and on the phone with reps will not answer your questions, most are not trained to really go out of the way and you will get different answers from different people on the phone, I just learned that the past few days about the same thing…. and trying to budge my adult son off my family plan to reduce my monthly bill. Do not fall for the get a go phone to get the new iPhone and pay $9.99 a month extra, you have to get a family plan and that cost much more. wait for a upgrade or hopefully you are at least qualified for a partial upgrade to save a few bucks. Looks like i will have to pay full retail or wait 3 months for a partial upgrade… I really don't want to wait so it's full retail but will be my last upgrade for 2 years at least…..