Holiday Gift Guide: Diff Case for iPhone 4 and 4S

If you have an iPhone 4 or 4S, your iPhone really should have a case to protect the lens from potential scratches and damage. With the holiday season upon us, adding a really cool case to your holiday wish list is a great way to get a cool case, protect your phone, and help your friends and relatives avoid giving you something yucky as a gift like socks.

We’ll be taking a look at several iPhone 4 cases in the coming days. All of them are great for iPhoneographers in different ways. All of them will add additional functionality to your phone, as well as help protect it. And all would make a great gift!

I got a press release for the Diff iPhone 4/4S case back when it was in pre-production. Its available now and should ship in time for the holidays. File this under cool stuff I want really badly!

I don’t have a Diff case yet, so this isn’t a review. These are just my thoughts as a guy who wants one of these. This looks like one of the cooler iPhone photo cases available and it’s pretty reasonably priced.

The Diff case is really a perfect case for iPhoneographers. In addition to phone protection, it’s got horizontal and vertical tripod mounts. It has an adjustable sun shade, which is great for improving the visibility onscreen for both daylight shooting and helping review what you’ve just shot. The sunshade doubles as a “kickstand” of sorts for tabletop reading and viewing. The carabiner clip and built-in through-hole add the ability to add a strap to your iPhone — functional and a handy feature, especially if you’ve ever damaged an iPhone by letting it slip out of your hands.

Diff is available in 3 colors; Black, Red and Hot Pink.

The Diff is now available for order for only $30 through December 15, 2011 (it shows the 19th on their Facebook page). You can read more about the Diff case and order one here.

Diff is running a special offer on the case now through December 19th if you “Like” the DiffCase Facebook page.



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  • @pacificYO

    not a bad deal for a case with BUILT IN tripod mounts! wow. i like the caribiner clip too…probably gonna use that for a wrist lanyard. think i'm gonna have to pick one up. :]

  • Bob

    I don't see the bottom or top very well….. is there charger access at the bottom, and earphone access at the top?

  • gara gillentine

    Wow, this is exactly what I want! The sun shade (much needed!!) doubling as a stand (much needed), tripod mounts, & that cariibiner all take the cake! Not to mention that price :)

  • Charles

    As I use the iPhone in more and more situations a lanyard/wrist strap has become an absolute necessity. So happy to see I have case options now. Your initial paragraph starts by discussing lens protection. Does the Diff offer a better form of lens protection from other cases? Guess I'll find out when it arrives.


  • Eric

    I would like a lems cover. Just a plastic slider to move over the lens to keep a lot of dust away. It seems so logical…

  • squishybrain

    For those of us that already have a good case (mine is the Gymbl) but want the wrist strap, may I suggest the Danglet:

    It's a wrist or neck strap that attaches to the dock connector. It's saved my iPhone several times while out taking pictures.

    • lifeinlofiblog

      I really like my Gymbl. It's the case I'm using now. I'll be posting my review in a couple of days.


  • Dan

    looking forward to the Gymbl review!