Huge Discount for ProCamera Right Now!

ProCamera is an excellent iPhone camera-replacement app and has a very powerful set of features, not only for shooting, but with its recently added Studio and FX modules, you can tweak photos in-app and apply from a great selection of filters.

Normally, ProCamera sells for $2.99. Right now, it’s on sale for only $0.99 — a savings of $2.00. ProCamera is rarely discounted this deep and this sale is for a limited time only, so grab it now. App Store link and more info after the jump. >>>

The excellent camera module is the heart of ProCamera. The app helps improve the quality of the shot in camera, and has easy to use separate focus and exposure lock, white balance lock, and anti-shake stabilization. It has all of the things to look for in a good camera replacement app.

The studio and effects modules put the app on par with other all-in-one camera apps. You can read my review of the ProCamera version 3.0 update here. I recently helped to update and edit ProCamera’s Online Help and Tips & Tricks. It’s an excellent photo app for getting the best shot in camera and it’s my go-to camera replacement app.

ProCamera works on any iPhone or iPod Touch 4th Gen running iOS 4.0 or newer. The latest version of the iOS is needed to take advantage of some of the app’s advanced features.

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  • Miege

    ProCamera $0.99 sale! But is it worth the buck? It depends on your needs–let’s find out in the battle of all-in-ones (AIOs). My brief take [obviously, I haven't played much with ProCamera]

    ProCamera’s unique pros:
    + able to lock focus/exposure
    + QR reader (not much interested)
    + Green Mode (nothing much but auto lock, if you’re thinking about a feature that conserves battery while recording–sadly it’s not)
    + image straightener
    + a more interesting (or varied) analog filters

    ProCamera’s annoying cons:
    – zoom not set to default/last state whenever mode is switched between photo/video. (bug maybe?)
    – unable to delay video zoom post-processing

    TopCamera’s unique top 6:
    + multiple resolution setups for photo, burst, slow shutter and video
    + slow shutter and HDR (not as fast as Bracket Mode/HDR Fusion)
    + in-app library and folder
    + various export feature including clipboard
    + instant/delayed video zoom post-processing
    + comprehensive photo editor with effect stacking (no image straightener but it has a better version of Clarity and with slider)

    TopCamera’s annoying cons:
    – when exporting multiple pictures, 1st picture is excluded (bug)
    – gallery UI goes crazy sometimes when memory is low
    – analog filters could be better

    I bought TopCamera way back because it was $0.99 and is an AIO which apparently gets better and better. I’ve heard of ProCamera earlier before TopCamera appears but I wasn’t interested because it wasn’t much of a good AIO. Only now, it seems to match TopCamera’s features–at least. The main reason I bought it is to see if it can record video more than 1 hour but as it appears that it cannot delay video-zoom post-processing, it became unnecessary to test as it would be a waste of time.

    • lifeinlofiblog

      Hi, Miege,

      That's a great breakdown of both photo apps. I've been following Top Camera since its initial release. It's been in my queue to review for a while, but other things have come up.

      Top Camera has some great features and it improves with every update. One area where it hasn't improved significantly, though, is shot-to-shot time. Top Camera is pretty slow and inconsistent there. ProCamera is very, very fast shot-to-shot. That's an important factor to consider.


      • Miege

        I see, I never thought of that. Never really had to take quick shots often. Thanks for the tip!

      • Miege

        Come to think of it, I've ran a stopwatch (iPod Touch actually) on one hand and an iPhone 4S on another for a comparison test between ProCamera with Rapid Fire mode turned on and TopCamera with Burst Mode (Max Res 8 MP): they both took 3 shots/sec. So I think ProCamera seems faster because burst mode is seamlessly integrated with photo mode while in Top Camera, you need to switch the mode first.

        Well, I guess if we want really, really, really fast shot, use an iPad 2. If not, use SnappyCam (1.9 MP on iPhone 4S, probably the highest res for the fastest speed)

        • lifeinlofiblog

          Top Camera has a pretty sweet burst mode.


  • Matt S.

    is this worth if if you have Camera+?

  • Emily M.

    i have been using camera+ by taptaptap–wondering if ProCamera is better, in your opinion?

  • Bob

    I was wondering the comparison with Camera+ also

  • Miege

    Camera+ is not an AIO ie it can only do photos. Make it this way: if you've already bought Camera+ but planning to get an AIO (you want an app that can do photo and video with zoom), consider either ProCamera or Top Camera based on your needs and my comparison above. (Honestly, I prefer Top Camera).

    I have Top Camera, ProCamera, and also Camera+ now. I mostly use Camera+ to use its cool array of analog filters. Neither Top Camera nor ProCamera has analog filters that cool. Just remember that Camera+ takes a long time to process 8MP photos.

  • Matt S.

    Well I just bought it. I like the exposure focus cntrols over camera+ so far. But one issue is that when you apply FX and save it will save a portrait oriented photo 90 degress landscape. Seems like a bug and pretty lame. I do like the Fix blue filter as it takes away the common blue tint from the iphone 4 for a warmer more lifelike tone. I was also surprised at the photos at 6X zoom. Not the greatest but still pretty clear. Dont have any interest in the video mode as Filmic Pro is my vid app of choice.

    • Miege

      For those who use the iPhone to record lectures instead of indie movies, Top Camera is the better choice because it has great video zoom AND can post process video zoom anytime after recording. Filmic Pro is more towards better color grading, audio compression and such. It also doesn't have zoom for the time being.

      The greatest feature I would love to see in both apps is video pause. MovieCam has pause and also zoom but it's no longer in the App Store no thanks to Facebook.

  • Matt S.

    Exposure focus c ontrols are similar to camera+ but you dont need to do a two finger tap to access them which is pretty cool. Also the stabilizer mode is right next to the shutter button so no need to go into the shooting options like camera+ to access stabilized shooting.

  • Tomba

    I have all 3 mentioned.
    I use Procamera only for shooting
    I use Camera+ only for postprocessing
    I use Topcamera sometimes for postprocessing

  • Rob

    Honestly, I prefer Camera+ by a long shot. I can't believe I'm the only one annoyed by the ProCamera (ahem) "feature" where clicking anywhere near the center of the screen gives you a frigging reset with a giant flashing box instead of focusing where you told the app to focus. Am I right to assume most ProCamera users don't require precision? I don't know, but when I tap to focus, I expect a tap to focus, not a giant flashing box reset. ProCamera people claim this is a feature.

    • Miege

      Yup, I see your point. You’re a meticulous photographer 😉 for anyone who’s like Rob and looking for an AIO, I would suggest Top Camera.

    • Tomba

      Why are you always repeating the your same story

      It just makes sense how it works.
      Just believe 😉 or leave the app but dont always complain.

      • Miege


        Rob might have a point. I think what he meant is there should be a distinct auto-focus (flashing center box) and a central focus/exposure. Whether auto focus or central focus is the same or not, that's another story 😉