iPhoneography: Faved On Flickr, 01.22.12

17-01-12- La tête dans les étoiles

17-01-12- La tête dans les étoiles by marisan67 / marie sanchez


Here’s this week’s edition of our regular Sunday showcase, Faved On Flickr. Every Sunday, I select about two dozen outstanding images from the more than 1,000 photos submitted each week to Life In LoFi‘s group on Flickr. If you’re new to this blog, this is our weekly showcase of photography that is shot and processed (or in some cases created) solely on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

There is some great iPhone photography on display in this week’s showcase. Click past the jump for this week’s gallery. >>>

I love a good photograph — an image that beautifully captures a story in one frame. This week, there were a lot of excellent photographs and portraits submitted, including some great photographs by Marie Sanchez, Emily Rose, Dixon Hamby, Scott A. Woodward, Shel Serkin, Clay Benskin, Laura Franz, and Roger Guetta. There were also several great abstracts from Jennifer Bracewell, Mansi, AlyZen Moonshadow, and Kimb0lene. Alan Kastner shared another of his tubes, and we’ve got selections from an excellent series of portraits from Hans de Kort. There are works from several other outstanding iPhoneographers as well.

There are many more excellent images submitted that we don’t have the room to publish here. See them all in Life In LoFi on Flickr.

Links go back to the iPhonegrapher’s Flickr photostream. I encourage you to follow the links and discover new iPhoneographers whose work catches your eye.

Submissions are open to everyone with an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. All you have to do to submit your photography is to post your images to Life In LoFi on Flickr. Sundays, we feature a brand new showcase of outstanding iPhone photography.

Please enjoy this week’s set. As always, many thanks to all of the iPhoneographers who post and share their photography.


Dream a Dancing Dream

Dream a Dancing Dream by Emily Bemily / Emily Rose



Contemplation. by Scott A Woodward


Visual dialog

Visual dialog by yammay



meter by ReyGuy


headless man

headless man by Dixon Hamby



Witnesses by Shel Serkin


Untitled by ButchTheiPhoneographer / Clay Benskin



Sonn-Tag by


A Room with a View

A Room with a View by ShaneMartinArt


The Embrace

The Embrace by Luxtra



O-O by alekseykyznetsov, on Flickr


let me in!

let me in! by Urban Muser



beauty by ||| laura frantz |||


Night Dancer/Danse Macabre

Night Dancer/Danse Macabre by DraMan / Roger Guetta



Jamilla by iphonegrapher / Hans de Kort



Eddy by iphonegrapher / Hans de Kort



Candide by iphonegrapher / Hans de Kort


Four sides to me - Soul Mate

Four sides to me - Soul Mate by Jahsharn


Friday Underground

Friday Underground by tabiwallah / Alan Kastner


:: of Angels and Demons :: #iphoneart #iphoneography #iph100

:: of Angels and Demons :: by :: myboo :: / Sherry Chen


Red Bloom

Red Bloom by Kimb0lene


Day dream

Day dream by brionline


You can get addicted to a certain kind of sadness

You can get addicted to a certain kind of sadness by jenbeez


Summer's child

Summer's child by maansee / Mansi


Green Silhouette

Green Silhouette by AlyZen Moonshadow



SEXXY by Robin Sweet



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  • @mansibhatia

    Don't know how you do it week after week, Marty! Love the collection and honored to be part of it!

  • Paula Gardener

    Hi Marty,

    You have a brilliant Flickr group full of creative artists. Thank you for including my work along side the fantastic selection above.

    Paula (Jahsharn)

  • Lisa Jemison

    Wonderful choices this week. (Just like every other.)

  • Jennifer Bracewell

    Great once again, Marty, and thank you. Happy Sunday!!!!

  • Elaine (Luxtra)

    Fascinating work by all – I'm honored to be included!

  • @laurafrantz

    Very honored to be included this week. It's an incredible collection, as always.

  • @dmkanter

    These are really awesome pictures, Excited to have some new awesome flickr contact start showing up in my feed this week!! #lifeinlofi

  • AlyZen Moonshadow

    Many thanks, Marty, for featuring my work on Faved on Flickr, a great honour indeed. :-)

  • urban muser

    Marty, so many awesome images today, I don't know which one to click through on first :) Thanks for including me.

  • Shane Martin


    Thanks so much for including “A Room with a View”. A real honour for me to have my image included among such a wonderful collection.


  • Max Berkowitz

    Another round of great images! The lead image by Marie Sanchez caught my attention this week for its simple graphic stencil style.

    • Matthias

      may be I´m wrong, but isn´t this actually a photo of a stencil street art?

  • marisan

    Thanks a lot, I'm very honored to be here!!!!!!

  • AmyL | _thisspace_

    Yeah! Great stuff, like always. Congrats to all!

  • @iBrinnT

    Great inspiration

  • Roger Guetta

    Boom…another great assortment of beauties…Thanks for including one of mine Marty….honoured!

  • @iPhonegrapher

    Thanks for including

  • Ron

    Just Loved Moonshadow

  • Ron

    Just Loved Moonshadow.