• kangaroo

    The icons are horrible looking, they look unfinished. I prefer the old Instagram interface.

    I wish a developer would create something similar to the now dead Photovine, though I guess there is the less beautiful looking interface of Piictu.

  • Miege

    Lux? Hmm, heard of that used before…in Virtual Light?

  • http://treseicinque.posterous.com Blippo

    If there's no way to save photos before posting and until they not bring back the old textures, i'll continue to use 1.19.9 version. The romantic taste of old instagram is gone.

  • Trond

    Yeah, preferred those sneakers. And I still don’t get why Gotham and Poprocket had to go – and why Instagram doesn’t bother to bring them back.

  • http://www.blonde-gypsy.com Larissa

    I’m loving Lux! I didn’t even notice that new function in the update so thanks for bringing it up. Are you on Instagram? Can’t find you.

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