Photo App Focus: Hipstamatch – A Great Hipstamatic Field Guide

When Hipstamatic’s new America HipstaPak is released later this week, there will be 420 possible film and lens combinations. Figuring out which lens and film combos to use is either time-consuming or often just left to “Shake to Randomize.”

The new app Hipstamatch™ is an easy to use, thorough guide to nearly all of Hipstamatic’s films and lenses. If you shoot with Hipstamatic, this is an essential purchase.

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Hipstamatch™ quickly and easily previews the different lens and film combinations using sample images in the app. Hipstamatch™ does not take, import, or process photos, but uses several different samples to preview results you’d get in various shooting scenarios, including:

• Exterior
• Exterior (strong sun)
• Exterior (with snow)
• Close up with sun light
• Interior with sun light
• Interior with artificial light
• Exterior with clouds

The interface is super easy to use. Select your preview image then slide through the lenses and films to see the effect a combination will have on a scene. Easy. By sliding through a range of options, you can learn all of the lens, film and border properties quickly. While not complete, there is a broad range of shooting conditions represented in the app’s samples. It’s definitely enough to give users a representative preview.

Hipstamatch™ is a whole lot easier than some of the recent online Hipstamatic grids. It has the advantage of being on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, so no internet connection is required to use. Sample images are consistent which really helps see the differences in the filters, unlike a previously released Hipstamatic guide which grabs tagged images from Flickr to use as samples. With the exception of the new Made In America FreePak and HipstaPak, all Hipstamatic films and lenses are catalogued, including the limited edition ones — currently 20 lenses and 18 films. The developer promises to update the app regularly, including a forthcoming update with the lens and two films of the upcoming HipstaPak.

This is an excellent and essential resource for Hipstamatic users. Not only is it good out in the field, but it’s a great way to quickly experiment and find new favorite shooting combinations.

I have only minor quibbles about this app. The download size is HUGE — it’s a 130-plus megabytes. The huge download is understandable given the number of sample images this app contains. Also, there are no people as subjects in the previews. Showing how each combination would effect human subjects would add to Hipstamatch’s usability.

There is no denying the appeal and popularity of Hipstamatic. Since its introduction over two years ago, the app has spent much of that time in the Top 5 Paid Photo Apps. I think deservedly so. The quality of its filters is lush and detailed. The looks are for the most part unmatched by any other photo app. It’s one of many users’ first iPhone photo apps.

Hipstamatch™ is the perfect companion to Hipstamatic. It’s like a crash course in Hipstamatic for new users. For more experienced hipstas, having a quick and easy resource of Hipsta’s lenses and films can help broaden your own choices with the app and let you discover filter combinations you may have missed. Definitely worth a dollar and the download.

Hipstamatch™ is created by a third-party developer who is not associated with Synthetic, Hipstamatic’s creators.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad.Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

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  • BlueMoonDu

    Thanks for sharing, Marty!

  • ipdegirl

    How fantastic! Glad to find out about this one. Thanks, Marty!

  • @PositivePauly

    Oi! I should've gotten the 64! :-)

  • iwifeinspace

    Great review, Marty! Thanks for sharing this. Downloading now… :)

    – r

  • Rob

    Pauly: I'm learning that lesson too! I'm going to have to buy the 64 gig iPhone next time, that's for sure.

    Yeah, this download is HUGE, but I didn't hesitate to buy it. I made myself a photoshop version of this sort of thing last year, complete with a grid for each lens and a layer for each film. The file ended up being so massive that It took ages to open and it was a pain to work with. I ended up pitching it! Talk about a time waster on my part!

    Hipstamatic is my favorite iPhone camera app for shooting retro-ish/affected photography. The UI, while not perfect, is outstanding. I think the UI is better than anything any other camera app offers, and the new favorites feature makes the app even better. It does need a way to rearrange my favorites though. Simply put, Hipstamatic is fun to use, and the photos I get with it are great.

  • Rob

    By the way… this app is particularly good on an iPad. Kudos to the developer for making it a universal app, I think it's definitely worth a buck.

  • Christophe Ramonet

    Not available outside the USA : ( That's unfair !

  • Rob

    Uh oh. I hate to say it, but it's looking like this app isn't very good after all. I think the UI is excellent, though it needs to either have the films and lenses alphabetized or give the ability to rearrange them. I think they're listed in the order they were released on Hipstamatic, but most of us have rearranged ours enough times that we don't remember the original order, and that makes searching for particular combinations in this app a chore.

    But that's not the problem.

    I don't think the photos in this app are real. They're most likely photoshop recreations, and some of them are incorrect.

    Pistil, for example, is missing the light leak across the center of the frame. That light leak is why I don't like Pistil, and it may be why others DO like Pistil. Also: we all know that DC film and Blanko Noir are very similar. Pair up the Buckhorst H1 lens and Blanko Noir film. That looks right. Now, switch the film to DC. It's pink? That can't be right. In fact, I think it looks like a variation of Kaimal Mark II.

    I think the idea behind this app is excellent, and if properly executed, it's worth buying. But, as it is now, I can't help wondering how many of the combinations are wrong, and how many of the lenses and films aren't accurate. I really hope the developer fixes these things in the next update.

  • gara

    I’m so excited over this as I’ve been trying to learn the Hipsta combinations on my own. Not easy. But I need a 64 gig like I need a ton of money as I’ve had to dump many photos, apps, saved pages, albums I use for collage work/ etc, and any other stuff I can think of just to have about 2 gigs of space. NEVER had that issue w/ the 3GS! I’ll be working on getting that 64 for the Hipsta help!!!