iPhoneography: Faved On Flickr, 03.18.12

Orange you happy?
Orange you happy? by gardenymph (Jennifer Ford)


Here is the Faved On Flickr iPhone photography showcase for March 18, 2012. There were a lot of of truly excellent submissions this week. Rather than try to narrow these down further, this week we’re presenting a bigger than usual faved.

It’s still just a small selection of the week’s great iPhoneography submitted in the past week. Click past the jump for the rest of this week’s showcase. >>>

This week’s lead image is from Jennifer Ford, “Orange You Happy?”. Its a striking, colorful, playful composite. Street photograph Greg Schmigel shares one of his most powerful images to date with “Hunger Strike 2.0.” There’s also a great tribute photograph for last year’s tsunami by Souichi Forusho. Other great images this week include works from Alessandro Greganti, Jaime Ferreyros, Isabelle MissPixels Gagné, Jennifer Bracewell, Roger Guetta, Robert-Paul Jansen, Benamon Tame, krapoz, mutablend, Vitamin_E, Brian Schatko, Melle Amo, Edian Herold, iPhoneography Central’s Nicki Fitz-Gerald, Mansi, and many many others.

Links go back to the iPhonegrapher’s Flickr photostream. I encourage you to follow the links and discover new iPhoneographers whose work catches your eye.

Submissions are open to everyone with an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. All you have to do to submit your photography is to post your images to LoFi’s Flickr Group. Sundays, we feature a brand new showcase of outstanding iPhone photography.

There are many other stunning works posted in Life In LoFi’s Flickr group. Please stop by there and have a look at the many other images that I can’t fit into this piece.

Please enjoy this week’s set. As always, it’s the iPhoneographers who deserve the credit. Whether or not you were selected this week, thank you for sharing your art.


Ashmolean.. by mad jeff


Playing with Decim 8 #decim8 #2012 #iphone4s #iphoneography #lomora3 #shades
Playing with Decim 8 by iMadMarco


Urban Hiking
Urban Hiking by Vitamin_E


hunger strike 2.0
hunger strike 2.0 by Greg Schmigel


Fraction of a thought
Fraction of a thought by AlGrega™ / Alessandro Greganti


Abu Dhabi Bridge
Abu Dhabi Bridge by Hassan Kiyany


Stand Alone
Stand Alone by DraMan/ Roger Guetta


The heart keeps count #iphoneography #iph100 #intime
The heart keeps count by Benamon Tame Photography


Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious by mutablend


last trail home
last trail home by krapoz


I'm watching you.
I'm watching you. by Alan Taylor-Shearer


Brown fox
Brown fox by brionline / Brian Schatko


point of view
point of view by cinemanu


Orange 3
Orange 3 by Amo Iphoneography aka melle Amo


Untitled by Casper van Nierop


No Boundaries
No Boundaries by Roger B. Clay


The Road into Emptyness
The Road into Emptyness by Robert-Paul Jansen


Charting a new course
Charting a new course by maansee


Image pic #59 (Not forget that day. 3.11 Japan)
Image pic #59 (Not forget that day. 3.11 Japan) by Souichi Furusho


Head in the clouds
Head in the clouds by molzography


I'll be back
I'll be back by jaiphoneography / Jaime Ferreyros


The growth of ExRate
The growth of ExRate by Hochlander


by misspixels”]Dance With Me To The End Of Love [mashup]
Dance With Me To The End Of Love (mashup) by Isabelle MissPixels Gagné
Timeline by squarepixel


Visitor #2
Visitor #2 by HeDyna / Edina Herold


Close your eyes, take a deep breath and set the fairies loose.
Close your eyes, take a deep breath and set the fairies loose. by yomap


Metropol Parasol - Sevilla
Metropol Parasol - Sevilla by mpjan


Holding Hands
Holding Hands by theteacherjames_


She's a loveatarian
She's a loveatarian by jenbeez / Jennifer Bracewell


1,2, step for change
1,2, step for change by Nicki Fitz-Gerald


Just the facts.
Just the facts. by Clearer Reflections



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  • Honoured! This weeks selection touches so many styles and emotions, and so many masterpieces! Congratulations to all!

  • Jurij Leskiv

    Great selection of brilliant works! My congratulations to all authors!!!
    I'm very Happy to be in this list!!!!

  • Honored to be on this handpicked list … love, love, love so many other artists' work that you've included.

  • Some fabulous work on show this week Marty and thanks again for choosing one of mine!…Some talented new faces in this batch to explore…

  • Some fabulous work on show this week Marty and thanks again for choosing one of mine!…

  • Honored to be on this fabulous list of great work. Big up Marty! 🙂

  • Cindy Patrick

    This just might be one of the best collections ever! Great work, Marty! And congrats to all the amazing artists included!

  • Dave Weekes

    Wonderful variety of work this week. Really reinforces the scope of creativity out there. Well done everyone!

  • Amy Leibrand

    stellar images, everyone!

  • Molzography (Andy)

    Wow, what a big honour to be featured, especially when I see the quality of the list, what a great selection!
    Thanks a lot! 🙂

  • Good stuff this week Marty! I love the deep orange in Jennifer Ford’s “Orange you Happy”.

  • kdivineboulder

    loved many of the images..very nice.

  • carelemac

    What an awesome gallery!!!

  • fashion shoots

    you have done fabulous working by touching the emotion images & so many masterpieces.it certainly makes me dream & gorgeous shot-you should be proud of all of them!