New Picfx update adds plenty of new filters

When we first reviewed Picfx, it was a quirky little square format photo app with a fairly straightforward number of filter effects. It’s grown into a pretty versatile square format photo effects app with a large number of filter presets, adjustments and other new tools that make it worth a look for square format iPhoneography.

The new update has just been released and adds a number of new effects, a new icon, and a capital “P”. The app is no longer called picfx.

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The big new addition to this update are the 22 new effects. They range from obscurely named “Ocean” and “Marshmallow” to the more descriptive “Bokeh 6” and “Lomo.” All of the new filters are marked as such until you use them for the first time — a nice touch.

The interface of Picfx is easy to use. Filters are organized by style. One of its great features is that you can stack effects, which basically allow you to create an endless number of effects with the app. A sliding control lets you adjust the intensity of each effect. There’s even a few “premixed” settings already made to get you started.

The interface and usability of the app have improved since the first version. With a tap or two, you can easily add quick, colorful effects to your image before sharing, saving or exporting straight to Instagram, Photogene, or several other photo apps for further processing without first saving to your camera roll.

The app supports almost full resolution on an iPhone 4S — definitely high enough for most needs. It never has. There are no frames or borders. Those need to be added in other apps, if desired. There’s no way to save your own presets if you create a filter stack that you really like. That would make a great addition in a future update.

Especially with the new filters in the the new version 4 update, Picfx is a good, easy to use, square format filter app. It’s also worth a look as a versatile and fairly fast front end for Instagram. It’s one of few good photo apps that still run on just about any iPhone.

Picfx is $1.99. Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 3.2.2 or later.

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  • Greg Mills

    They lost me at "square format." I know Instagram and Hipstamatic have made square format photos all the rage but I still prefer for apps to take advantage of the entire camera sensor and let me decide how to crop it.

    • Shashinka

      I wouldn't call it all the rage because IG and Hipstamatic use square format. I've been shooting Sq out of a Bronica EC since the mid-80's.A lot of MFC users have been shooting this way for decades. Hell, I also shoot 66 in my X-Pro1.

      • Greg Mills

        Good for you! :)

        I didn't say that Instagram and Hipstamatic invented square format photography. I think that the popularity of those two apps is certainly driving the use of square format in a lot of other apps. I don't hate square format, I just think that more apps should stop throwing away a large portion of what the sensor captures and let me choose my own crop.

  • Mar

    Me too, I almost always use Squaready to preserve my original format, and if afterwards the resulting dimensions are too small, I use PhotoPad to increase the dimensions (FilterStorm does it too I think).

    Love the blue-purple hue of the sky in the first picture!

  • Andrew B. White

    Marty, Picfx has always had borders – they are called 'frames' in the filter options.

    I've used Picfx since it was released and it is a nice alternative to some of the other square filter apps. With the slider you can subtly add the effect and the stacking thing is also nice.

    Aside from that I find the filters have a nice 'feel' to them.

    I usually use several apps to tweak my images but here's recent one that has a bit of Picfx processing:

  • Tomba

    Picfx still saves landscape format pictures in landscape format!
    May be its a bug, may be its a feature.

    Just load the pic but dont move or scale. Just click "choose".
    After applying the filters save the image.
    On iPhone 4s the app saves with 8MPix and keeps landscape format.
    But portrait pictures automatically crop to square. you can only pan.

  • mike

    There are frames! one of the last sets if you scroll along – although a limited number of mainly ‘stressed’ ones. needs some straightforward white borders of variable width.

    also ‘undo’ would be good.

  • Shashinka

    My only complaint with this app is that you have to choose fx or a boarder and they do not separate them. Other than that it’s a pretty solid little app.

  • LucReadsTarot

    Dear all,
    I am willing to buy this app, but I do need to know if the effects are applicable to a specific area of your pic or if they go to the whole photo. In case you can't select the area where you want that effect (I am mainly keen in the Bokeh one) would you suggest me an app which does?
    Thanks a lot, hope to have an answer soon (: