Hipstamatic Disposable: More info for current owners

We’ve got a follow-up with more exclusive information about the Hipstamatic Disposable, which is no longer available in the App Store. I received a brief email from Hipstamatic confirming that the app’s removal is a permanent one. No reason was given as to why the app was removed. Hipstamatic company is planning an official announcement sometime soon.

If you already have Hipstamatic D-Series, or Hipstamatic Disposable, read past the jump for what to expect in the short term from the app. >>>

If you already own the Hipstamatic D-Series, you’ll still be able to use the app. For anyone else, the app is no longer available for download. The unlimited film paks are still available for sale in-app now. The limited-use paks have been unavailable for a few weeks.

The developers will also provide a workaround for people who have already downloaded Hipsta D and somehow lost it or deleted it from their device. Watch this blog. We’ll keep you posted when these workarounds are announced.

UPDATE 01: If you reinstall the app, don’t expect your previous shared cameras and albums to come back as well. Life In LoFi’s Steven Thomas let me know that he reinstalled Hipstamatic D on his device and all of his previous shared cameras were gone.

HipstaPaks come and go and come again, making them fairly sought after by those who don’t have them. And like Star Trek, nothing seems to stay dead permanently in HipstaLand. I suspect, however, that this is pretty final and the Hipstamatic D-Series may well end up being another digital curio in the history of iPhoneography.

The Hipstamatic Disposable page is still up for now, but the iTunes link no longer works. The page is now an interesting tribute.



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  • Amado

    It would be nice if the limited films were made Unlimited and free.

  • Rob

    I'm glad I never paid for those films. I still believe their idea was to create a revenue stream by trying to get people to purchase the same software multiple times. I understand beta software "expiring" once the product has been released, but "paks" that expire after a certain number of uses is lame. In my opinion "disposable" was a greedy cash-grab experiment that failed. I'm glad it failed. If it had succeeded, we'd be seeing a ton of developers trying to do the same thing by creating apps that only worked a certain number of times before needing to be repurchased. The last thing the app store needs is a new get rich quick scam. I lost a lot of respect for Synthetic when they released this one. I still love Hipstamatic, but I don't consider myself a fan of the developers anymore. And even though paks don't expire on Hipstamatic once purchased, I'm less quick to buy them now.

    • Miki

      I am not glad their experiment failed. It was a novel app that catered to an extremely niche market and happened to pull in the "pay to play" purchase scheme at an unpopular time (which isn't such a novel marketing ploy since companies like Zynga have relied on milking facebook users for virtual goods to make a profit).

      And Synthetic did listen to its customers and made a majority of its films free. The films that did cost money were less than the cost of you daily cup of coffee with a shelf life longer than a super grande.

      What is a bit suspicious, however, is their silence. Why pull an app so abruptly and keep so mum? Synthetic is a company that loves to toot its own horn and splash around publicity for every product. If it's a "failed experiment" then why is Swankolab still up? If they are going to reintegrate the app's features into another product, why no transparency?

      I just hate it when developers aren't honest with the customers they rely on to stay in business.

      • Miki

        And just for the record, there are a ton of apps in the app store right now requiring their users to fork over cash in exchange for virtual goods. You don't know about them because they are all game apps.

        • Rob

          I don't mind paying for virtual goods. I bought Hipstamatic and most of the paks to go with it. I'm just not a fan of developers making purchases expire after a few uses. Film is different from software. Film is a physical thing that has to be sent off to be developed and a new physical roll needs to be purchased. There's no reason for software to need to be repurchased after a certain number of uses.

          • Steven010

            I completely agree with you! It’s ridiculous to pay for the same software over and over again.
            I think Hipstamatic takes the analog feeling a bit too far sometimes. The UI of Hipstamatic itself could be a lot faster but because they stick to the idea of ‘just like a real analog camera’ you waste time changing lenses and films and ‘flipping’ the camera back and forth. Like you said: it’s software not film.

      • Roland

        I agree with Rob. I probably used the Disposable three or four times, but I didn'd like the way they wanted to make money with that. If an App brings something new, for example a news app, I'm ready to pay for it again. But if the things I have to purchase are always the same and same, for me, thats just cheap money-making. That's a bit too much retro. I mean… it's digital… The best thing, disposable had, was the vertical Camera-view. They should bring it also to original hipstamatic – as an option.

  • Pedro

    Swankolab is probably still up because it doesn't require any work/infrastructure from Synthetic, it's stand-alone and works solely on the iPhone where it's installed. [by the way, Synthetic, my Swankolab subscription money is*still* waiting for an update!]

    Disposable on the other hand most certainly needs Synthetic hardware servers to process the photos taken with each film and then, in the end, distribute over the film "members". So they spend money keeping it up, which justifies, not totally but slightly, the pay-per-use system.

    I'm guessing Disposable was not the success they hoped for and people aren't using enough pay films to pay for the money spent keeping the system up.

  • unraveledsweaters00

    I have the app and I like the idea behind it. I personally have never bought any of the paid paks because I am mostly a connoisseur of free apps unless something worth money pops up on sale. That being said, I was never against the idea of the pay per play, it wasn't like it was expensive. But now that they have taken the app down, I do think that the other cameras should be free to those who still have the app.

  • Joe

    I like the disposable app. You don't have to purchase the extra films. They have 4 unlimited films that have full resolution. I currently have 6 cameras going. On 4 of the cameras I take 1 picture a month for each of my 4 kids. after 2 years i will have a very fun look at the growth they have had over those months. The other 2 I love the way they look. I think it's a bummer more people didn't judge it at first glance. You don't have to pay anything for a neat camera. too many negative people. I understand why it didn't work, but i don't think many people gave it the chance it deserved.

  • Richie

    I liked the idea, but not the need to buy films. That said, why not post a refresh of the app, and make it clear it is just one film type, unlimited rolls, and make it free, with an extra film if you link to Facebook