Preview: Camera+ Gets Major Shooting Improvements

camera plus, camera+, tap tap tapThe popular camera replacement app, Camera+, get an update tomorrow. We’ve got a preview of all the new features and there are a bunch, including horizon level, front flash, and (yay!) accurate iPhone 5 framing!

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First of all, Lisa Bettany is not writing for Life In LoFi. These are shots provided to us by tap tap tap.

Front Camera Flash

This is a pretty exciting update of Camera+, an app that typically releases exciting updates. Recognizing that a lot of use the iPhone’s front-facing camera to take snapshots, this update of Camera+ adds a “flash” to help fill the light in low-light conditions. The feature only works on devices with a front camera — iPhone 5, 4S and 4. While no details were given in the press release, my guess is that this is achieved by using the iPhone’s screen as a light source when you release the shutter. It’s a cool feature that I’m surprised isn’t already popular in a lot of other camera apps. When I’m not shooting seriously, we take a lot of snapshots using the front camera to share with our friends on Facebook and Instagram.

Live Exposure Tool and Full-image Framing on the iPhone 5

My biggest complaint with the previous update of Camera+ — and the one which made me remove it from my home screen and relegated to a generic “Cameras” folder — was the inaccurate viewfinder that cropped the long edges of the iPhone 5 screen. This is the same problem that still plagues Apple’s native Camera app and it really hacks me off every time I use the app.

With the addition of the new Live Exposure bar in the viewfinder, this extra screen space is filled and once again Camera+ shows you the entire image that you’ll shoot, not just most of it. The Live Exposure tool also displays in realtime the exposure stats of the image you’ll be taking, including ISO, focal length, f-stop and shutter speed. Focal length and f-stop are interesting to see once, as they will never change on the current crop of iPhone hardware.

Horizon Level

Camera+ 3.6 will feature a new, discreet horizon level. It’s small and won’t get in the way of shooting. It’s a feature that’s been in many of the other premium camera replacement apps for a long time. it’s well-implemented here.

The 3.6 update is a cool update for Camera+. it not only fixes one of the few times I’ve seen this app stumble features-wise, but it also adds some really cool useful features to boot. The new update goes live in the App Store tomorrow, Wednesday morning, November 14 at 9:00 am ET.

Camera+ is normally $1.99. It’s on sale now for a limited time for only $0.99. Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Camera+ - tap tap tap


Here’s the full set of new features from the pressie from the app’s developer, tap tap tap:

Camera+ is widely regarded as the best shooting app in the App Store. For Camera+ 3.6 we’ve focused on making the best shooting experience even better!

Our internal codename for this update has been Operation ÜberCam and here’s why…

Front Flash

First off, we’ve made the impossible possible: we’ve managed to add a flash to your front-facing camera. That’s right… you can now take pics of yourself in total darkness!

Horizon Level

Are you that person who never takes a straight photo? Well, with this new level, you’ll never have to feel the frustration of taking a crooked shot again. And where levels in other cameras look like something out of a flight simulator, we went for a simple, elegant, and nonintrusive Horizon Level was the result.

Live Exposure

With the new Live Exposure feature, you get all the details of your shot before you take it. You can now see how exposure parameters like ISO and shutter speed change in real-time as you setup your shot. You always strive to take the best photos and Live Exposure in the new Camera+ helps you achieve them.

Accurate iPhone 5 Framing

An added benefit of Live Exposure is that on your iPhone 5, you now get 100% accurate shot framing. With Live Exposure turned-on, there’s absolutely no viewfinder cropping so What You See Is What You Shoot.


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  • jordandev

    looks fantastic

  • Oliver Lang

    I still prefer the live histogram in ProCamera for quickly reviewing exposure, it's a much easier way to identify if you've over-exposed elements of your image.

  • atao

    Horizon Level is very well.

  • aaaaand _still_ no slider control for the Clarity filter, sigh. How hard can it possibly be to add this?!

  • AlanH

    Amen to josh_hofer. I wrote an e-mail directly to Lisa B suggesting a slider for the Clarity filter when it was first introduced. To date, nothing! Like Josh said, how hard could this be to implement? After all, they've got sliders on many other controls. Only thing I can figure is that tap tap tap REALLY likes "in your face" HDR-ish results when using Clarity. I much prefer a more subtle approach.

  • Norberto Cruz

    I love this App, but I've been experimenting some crashes in my ipod 4g ( in my Iphone works good). the app shuts down when I use some filters…I contact the developers and they suggestt me…reinstall and try…And it worked for a few days…until the app crashed again.
    I hope can fix that bug.
    Greetings from México.

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