Happy Thanksgiving! It’s Sale Time in the App Store! (UPDATE 7)

Last Update: Sunday, November 25 @ 8:30 PM CT

Happy Thanksgiving, or to most of the world, “Hey, it’s Thursday!” Tomorrow marks the start of the lucrative holiday shopping season — today if you’re stuck in line at Target or (shudder) WalMart.

In the spirit of Black Friday, there are many app deals to be found this time of year as well, including such great apps as Halftone, Hipstamatic, MPro, and Polamatic. This is a great opportunity to fill in some gaps in you iPhone’s camera bag. All weekend long, Steve Thomas and I will keep you updated on the better ones both here and on our Facebook page.

Click past the jump. We’ve got a list of the best deals this weekend, including App Store links. Keep checking back. We’ll be updating this page regularly.

Here are some of the great photo app deals currently available in the App Store. We’ve vetted these photo apps to help weed out the crap apps. Realizing that there are many users who don’t mind low-res apps, for the first time, we are including them in this list. These are for the full versions of these apps, not a feature-limited “Lite” version. many of these apps have already been reviewed here on Life In LoFi.

These sales are for a limited time only — sometimes only for hours. Prices may go back up at any time, so if you see something you think you’ll like, grab it sooner rather than later.

Happy Thanksgiving (or have a great weekend) from Life In LoFi!


Photo AppSALE PRICEReg. PriceResolutionApp Store Link
Artifact$0.99$1.99HighArtifact - Kirill Edelman
Big Photo$0.99$1.99HUGE!Big Photo - Zynsoft Inc.
Camera Plus Pro (This is NOT Camera+ by taptaptap)$0.99$1.99FullCamera Plus Pro - Global Delight Technologies Pvt. Ltd
Color Lake$1.99$2.99FullColor Lake - Ababeel
FiLMiC ProFREE$3.991080pFiLMiC Pro - Cinegenix, LLC
Filterstorm$1.99$3.99>FullFilterstorm - Tai Shimizu
Focus for Mac OS$9.99$19.99FullFocus: Add Depth and Tilt-Shift to Your Photos - Coppertino Inc.
FotofittiFREE$1.99LowFotoffiti - amioli
GlazeFREE$2.99>FullGlaze - The 11ers
Gridditor$0.99$1.99FullGridditor - Tai Shimizu
Halftone$0.99$1.99FullHalftone - Juicy Bits
Hipstamatic$0.99$1.99Full, SquareHipstamatic - Hipstamatic, LLC
Instaplus - A Better Camera for Instagram$0.99$1.99LowInstaplus - A Better Camera for Instagram - Metal Red Inc.
Layout$0.99$1.99HighLayout - Juicy Bits
LensFlareFREE$0.99HighLensFlare - BrainFeverMedia
Lumie$0.99$1.99MediumLumiè - Nostalgika
Meta - Contemporary Photo Filters$0.99$1.99HighMeta - Contemporary Photo Filters - Kwok Pan Fung
MPro$0.99$1.99FullMPro - Toshihiko Tambo
Nofinder - No Viewfinder CameraFREE$0.99FullNofinder - No Viewfinder Camera - - Toshihiko Tambo
Perfectly Clear – Photo Correction$0.99$2.99FullPerfectly Clear – Photo Correction (Automatic) - Athentech Imaging
Pixlr Express PLUS$0.99$2.99FullPixlr Express PLUS - Autodesk Inc.
Polamatic$0.99$1.99HighPolamatic™ - Dana Shakiba
ProCamera for iPhone$0.99$2.99FullProCamera - Jens Daemgen
Simply B&WFREE$0.99FullSimply B&W - Mr. B. Ware
StillShotFREE$0.991080PStillShot - Macadamia Apps
XnShapeFREE$0.99HighXnShape - pierre gougelet


A few of my thoughts on some of these apps:

UPDATE: I just added a few new apps that I like a lot. Filterstorm is one of the best, most powerful image editors on iOS. It’s on sale now for half off. I’ve found Big Photo to be indispensable, not only for enlarging smaller images, but for viewing images down the the pixel level. Highly recommended. And Meta is on sale for half off. It’s a camera app that adds unique effects to your photos. I’ve reviewed all three apps here and like them all.

UPDATE: Perfectly Clear is FREE right now in the App Store, a savings of $2.99. Even with the improved cameras in the iPhone 4S and 5, I still consider this an extremely useful app. The latest updates have a new tool to virtually eliminate the “purple haze” on the iPhone 5. It was supposed to drop down to $0.99 for the weekend. It’s free right now. Grab quickly!

Glaze is an excellent faux-natural media app. This is a great discount and there are only a few more hours left to grab this one for free. Go! Now!

FiLMiC Pro is an excellent, powerful video camera for your iPhone and adds a number of advanced features to your iPhone’s video capabilities. I don’t think there’s a better iPhone app for capturing raw video than this one. It’s FREE right now. Grab it while you can. This is a great app at it’s regular price of $3.99. It’s an essential freebie.

UPDATE: Nice to see ProCamera now on this list. Despite all the new, powerful camera replacement apps that have been released recently, ProCamera is still my camera replacement app of choice. It’s fast, powerful and its tools are easy to use. It improves on the functionality over the standard Apple Camera without sacrificing speed or ease of use.

Color Lake adds excellent water, rain and snow ripple and reflection effects to your images. On some images, the effects can be stunning.

There are many new iPhone users reading this blog. If you don’t already own Hipstamatic, I highly recommend it. It’s one of the original lo-fi photo apps for iPhone. Its lush effects are still unequaled even years after its introduction. It has seamless integration with Instagram. It’s user interface is a nostalgic throwback to old, plastic analog cameras. It’s a fun shooter.

Halftone is by far the best pulpy, halftone effect app available. With multiple halftone styles and a selection of “distressed” papers, you can give your images the look of the old poorly printed comic books from your childhood.

Polamatic has gone through several revisions and is now sets the bar for fake Polaroid or fauxlaroid apps. Polamatic has it all — high res, a big selection of great looking film effects and a ton of authentic-looking SX-70 frames. Polamatic perfectly captures the look and tone of the classic Poloaroid instant photos you remember. Highly recommended.

Do you have any other great photo app deals that we’ve missed here? Share them in the comments below!



Big overall thanks to Steve Thomas and Jackson Mah. Also a tip of the hat to reader Filip Preiss for the early morning heads up about the great FiLMiC Pro freebie. =M=


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  • Karin

    Thanks for the list. Glaze is one of my absolute favourites.

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    Perfectly Clear is free right now.

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    LensFlare is currently FREE

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    Camera+ by tap tap tap is on Sale right now $0.99

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    Thanks Marty for this wonderful list! :)

    Latest from Apple Store: LensFlare is back to 0.99

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    Click! is on sale for $0.99 (reg $2.99) thru Monday. http://j.mp/clickitunes

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    HDR Fusion is either back to its normal price or isn't on sale in Canada. Which would stink.

    Thanks for providing all of this information! Can't wait for Christmas!!!

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