“Thank you, and we’re listening” – Instagram Responds


In the wake of yesterday’s announcement of Instagram’s new Terms of Use and the anger and backlash from the community, Instagram co-founder, Kevin Systrom has taken to the web to respond.

In a new post on blog.instagram, Mr. Systrom offers acknowledgement of the outcry of the community, further explanations for the relevant new clauses, and announces that Instagram will remove the language in the new Terms of Use concerning whether or not your photos can be part of an advertisement. More after the jump. >>>

Mr. Systrom said:

“The language we proposed also raised question about whether your photos can be part of an advertisement. We do not have plans for anything like this and because of that we’re going to remove the language that raised the question. Our main goal is to avoid things likes advertising banners you see in other apps that would hurt the Instagram user experience. Instead, we want to create meaningful ways to help you discover new and interesting accounts and content while building a self-sustaining business at the same time.”

He did not specifically address the sub-licensing and transfer of licensing clause that has many photographers in an uproar. Good or evil, it’s a fairly standard clause, though, and is used by several social networks, including Facebook and Twitter. My guess is this will do little to assuage the concerns of those who are really upset.

He did not address any remedies for restoring a deleted Instagram account. If you have already done so, you are probably out of luck.

Click here to read the entire post, “Thank you, and we’re listening.”


Big tip of the old Cubs baseball cap to Stacy Anderson for tipping me off to this story.

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  • DrNels

    Cool. I never post photos I'm not willing to allow anyone to use for free (because I don't know how to regulate such use), but it's good to see a company change after feedback.

  • Stacy

    Well, at least you didn't call me a soccer mom…

  • Joe

    Lets face it, there no way he's getting out of this one. We're supposed to trust Systrom who's apparently being looked into for reportedly making perjurious statements regarding the company's acquisition.

    He'd say anything right now to save his a**. But it's too late dude! You messed up BIG style. You messed up the day you signed your soul away to Facebook (Devil).

    I couldn't stand Mark Zuckerburg in the first place, it's a shame to say that I have now taken a dislike to Kevin Systrom too.

    It proves that greed doesn't get you anywhere in this world. So long Instagram. And everyone… Do yourself a favour, and delete your Facebook account too, it's just as bad.

    • Larry

      I agree 100%

  • http://www.davidroccato.com David

    I'm going to defend services that give us the free and pro option but protect our data, not only our photo. Because they are selling everything about us not only the pictures. This idea to have a service for free but in exchange give up for free everything about us is wrong and I won't support it anymore.

  • Jeff

    I've quit…apart from the rights issue, IG was heavily polluted with spam and ghost followers/number chasers…I'm giving starmatic a whirl and spending more time on flickr (i like the new flickr app)

  • http://twitter.com/kentkangley @kentkangley

    I removed all my pictures from Instagram and deleted my account the moment I learned it was bought by Facebook. I haven't regretted it for an instant.