Flickr Giving Away 3 Months of Pro Upgrade Free

flickr pro free upgrade

Just in time for the holidays (or more likely just in time to capitalize on a few high-profile Instagram missteps), photo sharing network Flickr is giving away three free months of its Flickr Pro upgrade to new and current users — a value of $6.95.

Since taking over the position earlier this year, New Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer has made some big moves with Flickr, including a big update of the service’s iPhone app with improved social networking and photo filters. This latest move may just be a holiday promotion, but it looks a lot like an effort to attract more of Instagram’s disgruntled users to the service.

The standard Flickr account is free and lets users show up to 200 of their most recent photos. A Flickr Pro account allows users to display an unlimited number of their photos, allows larger filesize uploads and there’s no data cap on monthly uploads. A Flickr Pro account normally costs $24.95 per year.

New users can claim the Flickr Pro Holiday Gift — a three month free trial of the upgraded service by clicking here. Current Flickr users have already had the freebie automatically applied to their accounts, which either adds the upgrade to an existing standard account or extends your current Flickr Pro subscription by three months.

We recently compared the Terms of Service of the major photo sharing networks. Flickr’s is the most photographer-friendly of the services we looked at. If you’re looking to move your photos away from Instagram, among the many things going for it, Flickr already has an established user base of over 50 million users.

This free upgrade is valid until January 4, 2013. You’ll need a Yahoo account to take advantage of this promotion.



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  • Rob

    I’m impressed that Flickr is even giving three free months to those of us who already have pro accounts. I assumed it was just a move to bring in new members, but I got the deal too, extending my pro account for another three months. Sweet!

    I know a lot of people get snobby about flickr, badmouthing it because everybody and their brother has an account there, but I think flickr is fantastic. The groups and forums are excellent. I love that different cities have groups, as do different kinds of cameras and even different interests, and many of them have active forums.