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Recently, the developers of Photoforge2 released KitCam, a new super-camera app that pretty much does everything and does it well. It’s a great camera replacement app on its own and it has an excellent set of filters and editing tools as well. I reviewed the app here and it’s since gotten a couple of great updates which have added even more features to the app.

The app has three Easter eggs. You can get up to three free films, if you know where to look and you know what to do. Keep reading to find out how you can unlock these freebies. >>>

kitcamThe Easter eggs are the Menthol, Bluebird, and Angeles films. Many of you have already unlocked these freebies — these are not new. If you haven’t, Life In LoFi reader Kent Langley explains what you need to do:

There are three free films available. The first is called Menthol and you get it if you already have Photoforge2 installed on your iDevice. If you go to the lightbox and press the button in the upper right, you can tweet about the app and get a free roll of Bluebird film. Finally, if you join their newsletter from the same screen, you can get the Angeles film.

Menthol and Bluebird, not surprisingly, have a green and blue tint respectively. Angeles is gritty and desaturated.

KitCam currently has mostly five star App Store reviews. I love the app as well. It’s $1.99 in the App Store with a few in-app purchases to give you more films, lenses and frames. Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 5.1 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

KitCam - GhostBird Software



Kent Langley contributed to this post.

UPDATE 01: Corrected quote attribution.

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  • Yes, a superb app.
    (Easter eggs already eaten).

  • Kent Kangley

    That quote from Steve Thomas is word for word exactly what I wrote, complete with typos, in the KitCam group on about a month ago.

    • =M=


      My apologies. I’ll get that attribution fixed right away. Steve emailed me that privately. I’ve published some of his emails to me before. This was sent to my personal account as more of a heads up.

      I’ll get this fixed or changed. Let me know if you’d rather not be quoted. Again, my apologies.


      • Kent Kangley

        Marty, just change the attribution of the quote to me and it’s fine. I figured it was probably just a little slip up like this.

        To be perfectly fair, I learned about the last two free films from a reader of this blog named Stefan who posted about it in the comments section of the review you linked to above.

        That’s why I keep coming back to this blog. I’m always learning something. Not just from you, but from the community as well.

  • Megan

    Thank you for the tip on how to get the extra films. I’ve followed the instructions but unfortunately wasn’t able to get Bluebird and Angeles 🙁

    How long until signing up for the newsletter and tweeting about Photoforge2 will Angeles and Bluebird show up in KitCam?

    Thank you!

    • Kent Kangley

      You don’t get the Angeles and Bluebird films from Photoforge2. You get them from KitCam.

  • Sid

    Welcome to the party. I listed how to get all three films on November 29th in my review of the app in the iTunes App Store.

  • ming

    thanks. Finally got it.

  • Robyn | Gemini606

    Thanks for the tip. I mentioned it to friends on Path and actually convinced a few of them to buy the app!

  • Ed

    Nice app indeed, with loads of features.

    Suggestion for the developer: needs a frameless or borderless option. Because all photos are saved with a border, this cannot yet replace the apple camera app.

    I have an iPhone 4s and loads a bit slow. Works fine once its open.

    • Sid

      To turn off a border, just tap the selected border.

      • Ed

        I did not catch that. Thanks Sid!