Perfectly Clear Updated and Why You Need Perfectly Clear

perfectly clear for iPhone and iPad

One of my go-to utilities since my original iPhone 2G days is Perfectly Clear. It’s a Dynamic Range Correction (DRC) app that automatically performs lab-quality corrections that help improve the contrast, exposure and vibrance of an image. It’s also the best software fix currently available for the iPhone 5 “purple haze” problem.

It’s just been updated. Find out what’s new and read why you should still have this great app even if you’ve got one of the spiffy new iPhones.

Athentech Perfectly Clear for iPhoneThe new update doesn’t bring any killer new features to the app, but improves the features the app currently has. The new features include:

– Improved interface for saving and sharing
– Perfectly Clear photos now saved to new “Perfectly Clear” Album
– Email photo size limit removed, you can email photos at maximum resolution application can handle
– Increased max size of images for iPhone5 and iPad3 to 24.5 MP

With more and more photographers using their iPads to process and share images in the field, the last improvement is actually a very important one and now Perfectly Clear should handle just about any image you throw at it without downsampling it or hiccuping.

Just for laughs, I opened and processed a 4948×4948 px image — the maximum the app will handle. Perfectly Clear worked smoothly on my iPhone 5. It processed and saved the image quickly, without crashing, and with no problems at all. Nice.

Not to cannibalize the developer’s sales, but this is the same image processing engine behind their Photoshop plugin, which costs a heluva lot more than $3.

“Why do I need Perfectly Clear?”

Perfectly Clear has been in My Camera Bag post since I bought it years ago and will still be there when the post gets updated soon. Even with the great camera in the iPhone 5, I still use Perfectly Clear often to clean up photos and get them ready for any other processing I may do.

Even an iPhone 5 or 4S will occasionally take pictures that need help. With one click, it corrects color balance, punches up the vibrance, sharpens images, and helps enhance and balance shadow areas. The built-in Noise Reduction is among the best I’ve found on the iOS platform. UPDATED: Noise reduction is now included in the price of the app. No additional in-app purchase needed since the 3.0 update. Even better! Apologies for any confusion. =M=

Perfectly Clear also reduces — often dramatically — or fixes “Purple Haze,” the purple tint effect found sometimes with the iPhone 5 camera.

perfectly clear, purple haze, iphone
“Purple Haze” reduction in Perfectly Clear

With newer iPhones, you may not always see noticeable results, but many times the results are better overall balance and more visually pleasing color. Perfectly Clear is a quick and easy fix to add punch to flat images and get photos looking like you expect them to.

I still recommend Perfectly Clear to owners of new iPhones. For older iPhones, it’s a highly recommended, even essential, purchase.

Perfectly Clear is $2.99 in the App Store. It’s a Universal app that’s designed to run great on both iPhone and iPad. Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.



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  • Driver

    Grazie mille,Marty.

  • Michael Stark

    Noise reduction a $2 inapp purchase, is this correct? I have this app(awesome) and haven’t noticed any in-app purchases.

    • =M=

      Hi, Michael,

      My mistake. The noise reduction has been included in the price of the app since the 3.0 update. I’ve updated my post to reflect this.


  • Fredrik Nilsson

    Only major features that I think this app lacks are “open in…”, copy and save as TIF or PNG. If the app had at least one of those features, you could use the app without adding any JPG compression noise.

    For the average image this isn’t a major issue, but for those images that really benefit from being Perfectly Clear noise is often an issue already from the start.

  • Jose Arce

    is this better than Snapseed? I’ve heard of Perfectly Clear before but I haven’t tried it yet

    • Chris

      No not better than Snapseed just different. I look at it as a nice addition to App for doing noise reduction and sharpening. I usually will run a pic through Perfectly Clear 1st for “clean-up” then will send image to my editor of choice, which 99% of the time is Snapseed. I don’t always use Perfectly Clear, especially since getting iphone5, but when I do use it I am happy and pleased with the results.

  • Austin

    I used Perfectly clear for a while, but stopped because it would occasionally destroy an image by adding what looked like noise and grain. It would often look pixelated but in a strange rounded way. While I could just run the original through again, it would always happen to the same image. I don’t know why it would do that since I never ran any “instant” images like Hipstamatic or edited images so there was nothing ‘abnormal’ about the photos themselves. Has this happened to anyone else?

    Anyways, I loved the results when it worked properly and will totally give the update another shot.

  • Larry Zasitko

    I have been using Perfectly Clear for some time and I have never had any issues and for me it has always done a great job for quick corrections. I too would call it a must have app. Right now where I am there is lots of snow and images turn out more often then not muddy where white is not white. In camera (app) exposure is trying to make the brights 18%grey like the old analog cameras.

  • Bridget

    I love this app, it’s on my home screen. It’s the first app I go to if a photo “just doesn’t look right”. 9 out of 10 times, it fixes the photo perfectly. Every so often I will have to manually go in a tweak the settings myself because the resulting image may be a bit too much of contrast or something. But for the vast majority of photos, it just works.(Sorry Apple,had to say it)