Cool Tip: Using LensFlare Studio With Photoshop

LensFlare Studio for Mac OS

LensFlare Studio for Mac OSHere’s a cool tip recently posted to the LensFlare Studio Facebook page. It’s a quick and slick tip for using LensFlare Studio to add great-looking lens aberrations with Photoshop.

This is a Mac OS-only tip, not an iPhoneography tip per se. But LensFlare Studio was created by BrainFeverMedia, the same developer who gave us the excellent LensFlare, LensLight, and Alien Sky apps for iOS. >>>

LensFlare Studio is easy to use with Photoshop. Here’s how to add flares to your Photoshop projects:

1 – Select and copy a layer or photo in Photoshop – Cmd-C

2 – Paste into LensFlare Studio – Cmd-V. LensFlare Studio will auto-size to the pasted layer. Add flares!

3 – After adding flares, turn off Image Layer so you only see the flares.

4 – Do copy in LensFlare Studio – Cmd-C.

5 – Paste in Photoshop Cmd-V, which adds the flares layer to your Photoshop project. Set flare layer blend to Linear Dodge (Add).

That’s it!

LensFlare Studio is a Mac OS-only app. It brings the same great light effects from the iOS version to your Mac. You can choose from anamorphic lens flares, lighting effects, sci-fi flares, sunlight glare, and more. With over 100 effects, you can choose from lens flares, lighting effects, glares, bokeh, and more.

LensFlare Studio is $19.99 in the Mac App Store. Requirements: OS X 10.7 or later, 64-bit processor

There is also LensFlares, a “Lite” version for Mac OS with 15 lens filters. It runs $4.99 in the Mac App Store. |

Photoshop is, well… Photoshop.



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  • Andrew

    Just wanted to let you know that you can do this on an iPad with Photoshop Touch and LensFlareHD – this app combines some (but not all) of the capabilities of the two separate Lenslight and LensFlare apps. The big difference though is that it allows you to save just the rendered flare layer by itself if you want to, which the other apps don’t.

    So the process goes….
    Launch LensflareHD
    Load a photo (or don’t it works without it)
    Select and position the flares as needed
    Press save when done and select “Save Flare Layer Only”

    Launch Photoshop Touch
    Select the project that you want to work on
    Once loaded in the layers column on the right, hit the plus sign
    From the menu choose “new photo layer”
    Select the saved image from LensFlareHD from your camera roll
    Make sure that the flare layer is highlighted in Photoshop touch after its loaded (if its not just tap on it)
    At the bottom of the layer column, tap on the stack icon, change the layer blend type to Linear Dodge (Add).

    The only bad news is, I can’t find LensFlareHD in the appstore it might be discontinued.


  • Andrew

    Also just occurred to me that you could do the same with the other apps by adding the flares to a solid black image and then adding that in as a layer

  • LensFlareApp

    @Andrew Thanks for the tip for the iPad! LensFlareHD has been replaced by LensFlare and LensLight which are now universal apps. Same with AlienSky.

    This is my typical workflow, adding flares and positioning them on an image, then turning off the image layer and saving just the effects layer. I love the flexibility of having separate effect layers in Photoshop (Mac) or Photoshop Touch (iPad).

  • Brett

    thanks mate… the exact info I needed, no fuss no muss