LensLight and LensFlare Updated. Now More Megapixels

LensLight for iPhonography


The BrainFeverMedia photo apps — LensLight, LensFlare and Alien Sky — have just completed a round of updates. Resolution has been bumped up to 9 megapixels on all three apps. More is good, right? At least as far as RAM, storage space and megapixels are concerned….

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All three apps now support image sizes of up to 3072 px on the long or square sides of an image — up to 3072×3072 px resolution. That’s up from 2048×2048 in previous versions. Standard 4:3 iPhone photos will now save up to a very nice 7.1 megapixels.

UPDATE: These updates are for iPhone 5 and iPad 2 and higher only. I just received an email from the apps’ developer and high resolution support for iPhone 4S is coming soon. iPhone 5 and 4S square format images will now see no pixel loss, while 4:3 images will save at 3072×2304 pixels.

No other new features, effects or fixes were introduced in these recent updates.

All three are great apps. Alien Sky not only lets you add celestial bodies to your photos, letting you create some surreal alien landscapes, you can also use it to add a large moon to simulate more earthly, extreme telephoto shots.

I especially like LensFlare and LensLight for adding the aberrations that can occur in cameras with better (worse?) lenses than an iPhone. Both apps are excellent for adding lens flares, bokeh, chroma rings and other wonderful lens anomalies that can occur when pointing multi-element optics into a light source.

Rather than simple overlays, LensFlare and LensLight use much more complex rendering techniques that interact with the placement of the effect. The result is a unique and realistic lens effect… now with more megapixels.

All three apps are now $1.99 each in the App Store. Definitely worth a couple of bucks. These apps are designed for both iPhone and iPad. Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later. These apps are optimized for iPhone 5.


App Store link: LensLight Visual Effects – BrainFeverMedia

App Store link: LensFlare – BrainFeverMedia

App Store link: Alien Sky Space Camera – BrainFeverMedia



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  • http://www.ifonography.com Julian

    thanks for the post about lens flare. I was wondering if you could put up some information about how much pixel loss there is on some of the other apps out there for iPhone. This has always been a bit of an issue and I have tried to guage whether one app is better at retaining pixels than another, but I would prefer an expert opinion!
    Many thanks, and you do a great blog, btw.