Hipstamatic Oggl Gets The New Brighton HipstaPak First

hipstamatic oggl brighton hipstapak, doris lens, sussex film

I love Hipstamatic. It’s been one of my go-to photo apps since it was released. The new Brighton HipstaPak was released today. In a move that could signal the classic app’s priority in the HipstaSphere, the new Doris lens and Sussex film were made available to Hipstamatic Oggl subscribers first. The pak is not yet available in Hipstamatic Classic, but should be later today.

More details on the new pak after the jump. >>>

hipstamatic, oggl, brighton hipstapak, doris lens, sussex film

The new Brighton HipstaPak is a good summer pak. The new Doris lens is warm, “sandy,” and contrasty. The lens adds a lot of green to your image. It also adds subtle, random light leaks.

The new Sussex film has slightly burned edges. It adds just a little bit of grit, dust and noise to the image. When comparing the same image using Blanko film, I’m seeing that it adds just a little more green to your photo.

Overall, I think it’s a nice pak. I like the light leaks and aberrations which aren’t available in other lenses with similar tonal qualities. The film has a nice, gritty analog edge to it.

The Brighton HipstaPak is currently only available to Oggl subscribers. According to the developer, the Brighton pak for Hipstamatic Classic will be available today, Friday, July 5, and will be a $0.99 in-app purchase.

UPDATE 01: Sunday, July 7, 2013. Sorry, Hipstamatic users, still no Brighton HipstaPak available yet. =M=

Oggl is a free download in the App Store. A 3 month subscription gets you all the goodies and will run you $2.99. A 12 month subscription runs $9.99.


hipstamatic, oggl, brighton hipstapak, doris lens, sussex film

hipstmatic oggl, doris lens, blanko film
from the new Brighton Film pak, Doris Lens using the classic Blanko film



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  • Somewhere is Jeannie

    Not yet available on Hipstamatic.

  • LarsVon

    i’m happy that oggl decided to allow you to import your lenses and films into the interface. it is another signal that oggl is where it’s at now, and eventually hipstamatic will be phased out.

    here’s my ongoing problem with oggl. there’s actually two.

    1. the quality of the photos are just not as good as hipstamatic. more static. more noise, not as sharp contrast. to my eye it takes lower grade images. far lower grade, like hipstamatic on its lowest output setting. will they fix this. also, will they give you flash options? right now that seems to have been left behind. to me, lenses like roboto glitter are wonderful with certain flashes, but stand alone it’s nearly useless.

    2. The UI of og. It’s confusing, hard to maneuver, and,worst of all, it’s slow. When you switch lenses and films it takes about 10-12 seconds between every time you change a film or lens. Say you have every film or lens that hipstamatic has released, you’re going to be spending about 10 minutes on each sphoto to see all the combos. That’s just too long. Again, I’m hoping they will fix this in further updates.

    Also, the viewfinder is so small, one of the smallest of any camera app out there. I have 20/20 vision, and a good photographic eyes. I’m having a lot of trouble seeing what I’m getting. I find I’m going into my 4s’s camera roll to actually see the image before I start playing around with it in oggl.

    So for right now hipstamatic has fallen behind some of the other cameras and post processors that I love and are easier to use. In particular, Alien Skin’s alt photo, which is free, is, to my mind, simply the best and most accurate post processor for film various looks. It’s high quality, fast, accurate, gorgeous and simple to use. I can’t recommend it enough.

    • http://lifeinlofi.com/ Marty Yawnick

      Compelling thoughts, Lars. I think with this latest update, I’ll finally review Oggl, rather than just talk about it. Sadly, I see the Hipstamatic model migrating towards Oggl. The recent name change is an indication for me. Really, despite its quirks, Oggl is the more functional app. I love the *experience* of using Hipstamatic, though. And that’s a very, very important metric that I hope is not overlooked in the big picture.


      • Chris Cambell

        Yeah, I see what you mean. Personally I’ll stick with purchasing paks and shooting through hiptamatic but am really looking forward to the option of experimenting with them imported into oggl.

        • http://lifeinlofi.com/ Marty Yawnick

          I like them both. I think Hipstamatic is more fun, though.


          • Chris Cambell

            I agree, I like both but I’ve had too many instances of oggl crashing when I take more than a few photos in a short period of time.

            I tried the sharing capabilities but was surprised to discover it’s much less than I thought it would be. For some reason I assumed I would be able to import AND edit my photos from hipstamatic classic. Instead I can only import to post them on oggl unless I’m missing something obvious.

            Please, someone tell me I’m missing the obvious thing? Preeeeeeeetty pleeeeeeeeeease?

    • kevinbuchananphoto

      I don’t see any evidence that Oggl takes photos of any lower quality than Hipstamatic. “More static, more noise, not as sharp contrast”…”like Hipstamatic on its lowest output setting” – I simply don’t see it. The shots I’ve taken seem indistinguishable from shots taken with Hipstamatic classic on the same lens/film settings.

  • Tina Rice/ASHCROFT54

    The pak is still not there yet….

  • Vincenzo Mario Cristi

    I hope they will release it on Hipstamatic. I hope they won’t force users to migrate or to divide packs depending on the app.

    • http://lifeinlofi.com/ Marty Yawnick

      It’ll definitely release on Hipstamatic. Just a matter of when.


  • http://soundcloud.com/butyourecooltoo Tom Howe

    My problems with Oggl are that 1. no flashes… which are things I liked incorporating into my favorites in classic, and 2. no personalization… Classic had cases, and I had them all, and my camera didn’t look like anyone else’s. I know that doesn’t affect the pictures you can take, but it seems like in the past, synthetic has been all about the whole experience, and it was great. Oggl has a great ui, and cases just wouldn’t make sense with it (but neither do realistic lens/film icons imho), but I know I’m going to miss customization and cases. Maybe we could choose color schemes in the future? idk. Also it lags significantly for me, and sometimes takes pictures when I swear I didn’t tell it to. It’s been behind the first accidental pictures of the ground I’ve taken in a LONG time and I genuinely don’t know why the shutter went off. I’m also not a fan of the curation aspect of the social network… since you can already show what you like by liking things, why do we need a reposting feature? Wouldn’t a good share system be better?
    IDK, I’m sure it will change a lot, but I don’t like it yet. Also can’t get behind subscription just yet because while I know I paid more than $9.99 a year (I think?!) for gear on classic, it seems like the stuff they’re going to be giving us in the future will be less exciting (no flash, no case- those were things that gave the paks a lot of personality and that was part of the value).


    • http://lifeinlofi.com/ Marty Yawnick

      You make a lot of great points, especially that the HipstaPaks give Hipstamatic “personality”. That personality is one of the reasons shooting with Hipstamatic is fun and that’s part of the experience. I do like that Oggl let’s you change filters — a very functional feature, but the UI is pretty spartan.


      • Wrangler95

        Don’t forget that’s not all Oggl is missing…I didn’t see a multi-exposure feature like Hipstamatic, so that’s also missing (unless I’m just blind). Sadly, for me, using Oggl was a completely unenjoyable experience, it takes way too long to try to navigate through the lenses and films to be of any use…it takes so long that you’re missing other great shots you could be taking. Sure you could change the look later, but I’d still rather spend that time shooting. They say Oggl is for creatives…I don’t buy it. Hipstamatic is for creatives, creatives who know their equipment whether it’s a dSLR or an iPhone app like Hipstamatic and want to focus on and spend more time shooting – Oggl is for point and shooters who’d rather spend more time playing with combinations than shooting. Just my opinion.

        • Barry Spock

          Oggl is for people who don’t want to spend a bit of time getting to know the films and lenses.

          • http://soundcloud.com/butyourecooltoo Tom Howe

            Or maybe it’s for people who have A LOT of time beforehand to set up a bunch of favorites and remember how to navigate them? That’s what I *tried* to do, but I really couldn’t because the slider where you select a preset uses those icons and not anything that actually indicates what they are until you’ve selected them (needs something like the way favorites look on classic)
            also, importing favorites from classic would be cool? but not until it’s feature-identical.

  • Cjhnsn

    Waiting impatiently, still not there. I get the feeling it may be a ploy to get us to sign up for Oggl. Prove me wrong Hipsta! I too enjoy the cases and flashes of classic. Without Hipstamatic users there would be no Oggl.

  • Koorelle

    What a pity the Brighton Hipstapak is still not available in Hipstamatic.
    I already downloaded Oggl, but still want to use Hipstamatic for sponteanous shots.