Why Brighton Was Released in Oggl First

Why the Brighton HipstaPak was released on Oggl first. No, it wasn’t a ploy to get you to spring for an Oggl subscription.

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It’s been over five days since First Friday, the day of the month the Haus of Hipstamatic releases its goodness into the Hipstasphere. However, there’s still no new pak for Hipstamatic Classic users at the time of this writing. Just the promise of Brighton and a lot of Oggl users telling us “I’ve been using it since last week.”

The Brighton HipstaPak is coming as soon as it can. And, no, this wasn’t a plot to get the Oggl holdouts to finally spring for a subscription. More after the jump. >>>

With all of the user frustration, rumor and speculation on Facebook, Twitter, GetSatisfaction and other online forums, I decided to reach out to Molli Sullivan, Director of Communications at Hipstamatic, and ask her about the delay.

She told me, “The Brighton HipstaPak for Hipstamatic Classic is still in review with Apple. As soon as Apple approves it, we will make it available to the community. We understand some members of the community are frustrated, but please know we’re very eager to get it out to everyone — we’re just waiting on Apple.”

She enclosed a screenshot which you can see below, from the Apple Developer portal. This shows the current status of the Brighton in-app purchase. This screenshot was taken today, July 10 at 2:32 PM, Eastern time.

hipstamatic brighton app review status 071013
Brighton HipstaPak developer review status, 07.10.13

I also asked Molli about the “conspiracy theories” that a lot of unhappy Hipstamatic users are speculating — implying a connection between the delay in release and Classic users getting double-dipped for a HipstaPak and an Oggl subscription.

Her reply, “The reason gear can be made available for Oggl subscribers immediately is because, unlike Hipstamatic Classic, we control when gear is added and released, and there is no review process by Apple. With Hipstamatic Classic, every pak requires a single, in-app purchase, which goes through iTunes and therefore has to be approved by Apple for distribution.”

This explanation makes sense to me and I’d suspected it had something to do with the two different payment models of the apps. It’s one of the many quirks of the App Store.

The review process for developers can be frustrating in many ways. There are many review teams around the world that review app submissions. Some of them are faster than others. Sometimes an approval comes quickly. Other times not. It can be frustrating for the lack of consistency, even just watching from the viewpoint of a blogger and a spectator.

It goes both ways. In the past, there have been HipstaPaks that flew through the Approval process and were released early — surprising even the developers.

So, hold tight, Hipstamatic Classic users. The Brighton Pak is on its way. I, too, am obsessively refreshing the Hipstamart until it gets here.




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  • kentkangley

    Thanks for the update. The wait, six days and counting since it was announced, is puzzling to say the least. I’ve been using it in Oggl and I quite like it, but I would also like it for Classic. I know I’m double-dipping, but I just can’t stand the thought of having my Hipstamatic Classic without all the goodies.

    On a side note, have you noticed that Hipstamatic has never released what I call a “complete” pack? I mean a release with one of everything: lens, film, flash and case. Each release has had at least one item missing. It’s not a complaint, just something odd I’ve noticed.

    • Chris Cambell

      I know what you man about “incomplete” packs but I think it’s supposed to be part of the allure of getting special edition packs while they’re new. They’ve released all the lenses and films but there are still plenty of limited edition cases that I’d throw my money at in a second, which they simply haven’t re-released.

      • egmont

        I have criticized Hipstamatic for raising their prices by not offering a case with each pack as they used to. This is not acceptable.

        • kentkangley

          As much as I love the cases, I disagree with you. It’s the lenses, films and flashes that matter, since they are the only things that affect the image. Cases are just a nice extra. Nice if I get one, not too worried if I don’t.

  • John Balestrieri

    But knowing all that, a developer might chose to hold the Oggl release until the Hipstamatic IAP was approved. At the very least, it would avoid the confusion. Perhaps next update. :)

    • http://lifeinlofi.com/ Marty Yawnick

      True, John. Have you ever had problems like this with your apps? After my exchange with Molli today, I really think this delay caught them by surprise. =M=

      • John Balestrieri

        I’ve had to wait longer than expected, or forgot to update screenshots, had the app rejected, then had to go back to the start of the line before. But, as Molli said, they control the timing of the Oggl release—so knowing that, it made me wonder.

        However, I know that other things go into the timing of a release—industry events, seasonal changes, moves by competitors, “news hole” openings, etc., so I’m not going to guess anyone’s motives or intentions. :)

  • Rob LaRosa

    If they can’t anticipate the length of time for approvals, how did they manage to get the Oggl and Classic app updates to coincide perfectly with First Friday? If they managed that, why couldn’t they do the same with the classic Pak? All of them go through the same approval process.

  • Sanchez

    Molly should come on here and answer some questions from customers and your readers directly. I think that would go a long way towards ending the talk, rumors and speculation.

    Also, Marty, do you know what the general public perception of oggl has been? Success, failure or still waiting to see? How does hipstamatic feel about it? I know they see this as the future, but has it been a good launch or plagued by problems?

  • Mason

    The same thing happened with Silver Lake. They said Friday, before SXSW, but the pak wasn’t approved until 2 Mondays or more after that! Was so annoying to see Silver Lake pak pics from the festival online, but not be able do have it for myself! Hipsta should change their marketing strategy though and not promote the ‘Classic’ side of the new paks until it they know it is available to the public. Even if it is a week or two later than the Oggl release.

  • Sanchez

    At this point I do not believe that hipstamatic is telling the truth. How could I? It’s been days. Perhaps it’s true. Perhaps VSCO cam is the new hipstamatic and it’s time to call the shot on this company. Oggl is for people who don’t want to get to know what it is they are doing and hoping for happy accidents as they slide through various “filters.” I’m not really impressed by the photos on oggl, the quaity, the ratio is off, et . and the UI is too difficult. BTW, what’s the point of all these lenses and choices if you can only save 1?

    Marty, please do an honest review of Oggl. It’s time. Love to hear your thoughts. I obviously can’t be objective as I’m extremely frustrated with hipstamatic, partly because I see the potential of the tech, but absolutely dislike whoever is running the company on the ground. I get the sense that the creative and corporate do not share the same vision at all. They seem schizophrenic, no real vision other than to copy more successful companies and play catch up. There has got to be another way for the company to survive and flourish.

    • http://lifeinlofi.com/ Marty Yawnick

      I’m planning on it. By the numbers, Oggl is a good app. I like it. But as I say often, Hipstamatic is a different experience and has qualities that can’t be measured that make it so great. I’m not really sure I can write an *objective* review of Oggl. I’m fairly certain at the end of it I’d say something like “because Hipstamatic.”


  • Egmont van Dyck

    I feel that Hipstamatic needs to first release the classic version and once it has been approved then release the Oggl version since it can happen within the hour.

    I am tired of having to check on a daily bases and more just to see when Apple has approved their version. This is poor planing on the part of Hipstamatic and no matter what they say, it does feel like they want us to subscribe to Oggl and long time supporters are being treated as second class citizens.

  • http://cafeinomane.com/ Iann Troalen

    Now, the Hipstamatic team just have to release a new pak in the classic version first, and when it become available, just quickly release to the oggl version: this will cause no frustration for anyone. Hipstamatic team already knows what is the Apple policy since many years, I don’t think they was really surprised by what happenned 😉