Photospector for iPad Released. Search, Edit, Share. Unlimited Resolution, Real-Time

Photospector, ColorTools, keyword, sharing app for iPad.

This looks pretty awesome. Photospector is the new photo editor from the developers of the natural media app Glaze. It’s a free download and definitely looks like it’s worth the download time to check out.

I’ve got a video you should check out as well as more information after the jump.

Photospector, ColorTools, keyword, sharing app for iPad.I won’t have my iPad for another couple of weeks, so I’m not able to test this app right now. But, it looks great and it’s a free download,

Photospector’s set of onscreen editing tools preview in real time. The onscreen histogram lets you edit using curves. The Input slider also has a median (or gray level) adjustment. Got an adjustment you like? Photospector has batch editing. Simply copy and apply your adjustments to an entire group.

Photospector handles large image file sizes. The App Store description says “unlimited resolution”, but I suspect that you’re limited by available RAM. The app also lets you view images down to the pixel level. Watch the video to see even more cool stuff this app can do.

“Photospector was born out of our frustrations with existing apps,” says Gilles Dezeustre, developer, The 11ers. “Hopefully Photospector will address many of [these frustrations].”

Photospector is a FREE download in the App Store. There’s a $1.99 in-app purchase which unlocks the Group Image Editing Feature. Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Photospector is iPad2+ only for this version.

Here’s the press release. If you have an iPad, let us know what you think of Photospector in the comments below.

Photospector is a FREE iPad2+ app that brings smart search albums, unlimited resolution, and real-time GPU-based editing to the iPad. Written by The 11ers, the 2012 Technical Academy Award® winning developers of Glaze, Photospector’s next-generation technology is the best way to search, edit and share images.

Photospector gives iPhoneographers and prosumer photographers a fluid workflow unprecedented on mobile or desktop platforms. Photospector’s Virtuoso virtual texture engine brings game technology to photo editing. An elegant interface designed exclusively for tablets navigates through thousands of images using search instead of manual filing, providing powerful image inspection and comparison tools. Dive in past the pixels, inspect their numeric values. Toggle and wipe variations of images and color correct with live histogram updates so you really learn and understand the effect each control has on your image. Apply color corrections, keywords, and ratings to groups of images using the $1.99 in-app purchase, and share, resize, rename, and adjust metadata for the entire group in a single click.



Photospector, ColorTools, keyword, sharing app for iPad.



Big thanks to Susan Maxwell Schmidt for the positive feedback on this app.

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  • TechnoNut

    The app has a beautiful interface, nice basic controls for adjustments, no real filters or FX to speak of. The app struggles to save 12mp images, usually crashing. 10-11 mp seems to be top end from a stability standpoint.

    A bigger issue is that the app does not allow access to the Events folders created using the Camera Connection Kit. I’m sure this is an oversight, and will be fixed in a future release.

    • TechnoNut

      Sorry, I should have pointed out I am using an iPad2 running iOS 6.1.3, so “your mileage may vary”.

      • Daniel Wexler

        To fix the crash outputting 12+mp images from iPad 2, just go to the and select Photospector from the list on the left. Then set the Memory Cache to 64 MB instead of the default of 96 MB. The next version of the app will do this automatically. Sorry for the trouble and keep letting us know what issues you encounter!

        PhotoStream and Event support will be improved in the next update in a couple of weeks.

        Our development is driven entirely by feedback. Let us know what you would like to see added, and what problems you run into and we’ll move that to the top of the list!

        • Mr Timney

          I would appreciate an iPhone version or Universal app. Will this be coming anytime soon?

          • Daniel Wexler

            iPhone is just a matter of time. We’ll announce dates as soon as the schedule firms up.