Camera+ for iPhone Updated! Lots of Cool New Stuff Plus Gotham!

camera+, camera plus, tap tap tap, iPhoneography

If I had a friend who’d just discovered iPhoneography through Instagram and I could recommend only one app for them to buy, that app would be Camera+. I think it’s the best overall all-in-one Swiss Army Knife camera app.

The new Camera+ for iPhone update was just released and it’s chock full of awesome, including the return of sorts of a popular filter that Instagram discarded years ago.

This update’s on sale now for $0.99 for a few days for both iPhone and iPad versions. If you don’t already have Camera+, it’s worth a buck just for the new/old Gotham filter.

camera+, camera plus, tap tap tap, iPhoneography

There’s a lot of great new stuff in this update. The big new feature is effects layering. Camera+ has already had this ability (kind of) but it was clunky, wasn’t obvious and it wasn’t intuitive to use.

In this new update, layering effects is just about two-click easy. In the effects window, open the advanced button, apply your effect, apply additional effects, adjust opacities. Boom. Easy.

The new effects layering makes it super easy to combine effects and get more mileage out of the limited number but good static effects of the app.

This new update also features a new effects pack. The Hollywood Effects Pack is available as a $.99 in app purchase and adds nine new filters and nine new frames to Camera+’s toolbox.

I love the new effects pack. The nine effects are designed to emulate different cinematic film stocks. They range in style from a warm black-and-white silent movie filter all the way to cold, saturated, JJ Abrams, Star Trek filter that even includes a lens flare.

The real hidden gem of this filter pack is the Gotham filter. Original Instagram users will be happy to see the return of this filter which was removed from Instagram a couple of years ago. With a click or two, Camera+ can now easily re-create the look and tonal qualities of that classic Instagram filter.

camera+, camera plus, tap tap tap, iPhoneography

I’m less impressed with the collection of new frames. Thematically, they try to give your photo edges a cinematic look. But for my case they are too sterile and don’t look like the analog film stock that they re-create. That doesn’t stop me from recommending this in-app purchase. The filters alone are worth a buck.

Camera+ for iPad has also been updated with the new Hollywood Effects Pack and crop aspect ratios.

In keeping with the overall cinematic theme, this update also adds several new crop presets with widescreen cinematic aspect ratios.

Camera+ has been quiet for a while, but returns to the scene with a great new update. The new update brings the app into closer parity with the iPad version.

Camera+ and Camera+ for iPad normally sell for $1.99 each and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them at that price. Both are on sale now through Sunday for only $0.99. A steal! Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Camera+ App Store Link:

Camera+ for iPad App Store Link:


camera+, camera plus, tap tap tap, iPhoneography, Gotham filter
Camera+’s new Gotham filter. Nice!

camera+, camera plus, tap tap tap, iPhoneography


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  • Graeme Roy

    Hmm, in-app purchase all of a sudden does not work for me in Canada. Uninstalled and reinstalled fine, plus was able to restore a previous Camera+ in-app purchase….so, perplexing.

    • Marty Yawnick

      Weird. The app was just updated again today. You think *that* might be related?


      • Graeme Roy

        Don’t know, I only did the update tonight and…wha, wha, whaaaaa. No Gotham for me.

        • Graeme Roy

          In-app purchase now working in Canadian store.

  • Digital Artist

    Really impressed with the app… One of the best for the iPhoneographer toolbox if you don’t have it already…

    Just cool stuff.

  • munchkin

    As I mentioned on another site – I really did like Camera+, but it didn’t improve for a long time. There is enough apps that are the same quality, or much better than Camera+. Shooting options are limited, just average. Editing functions are not very good. What I am missing most is edit brightness, contrast, saturation, white balance, color balance, levels… Camera+ has only some default modes (scenes) like clarity, auto, flash… and filters (what every app does have). Ability to layer multiple effects is nice, but is this the feature we were waiting for months, and for me this update was just disapointment (do we really need to spoil pictures even more?).

    As I said at the beginning – this app was good some time ago, but IMHO it doesn’t deserve it’s place on the top anymore. It still has one of the best user interface (what some other apps are missing), but it is not enough.

    I usually don’t write negative reviews, but I don’t understand, why people still adore this app so much.

    • Graeme Roy

      I find the two main things it has going for it, really help make it stand above many others: great exposure control and lock, and volume shutter. I too grew very tired of the filters, but now that they have made them mixable and variable in strength like the iPad version is a huge plus.
      If only I could get the in-app purchase to work I’d like to give that Gothic filter a go.

    • WillamDL

      Have you tried ProCamera? I think it’s better on editing right now. You have a full control on what you said – brightness, contrast, …, including Tone Correction, can be Histogram guided too.

      • munchkin

        Yes, I have a ProCamera. I have tried Camera Awesome and ProCam as well. Every of them has it’s own pros and cons. ProCamera is great, but user interface it’s a bit less polished and user friendly.

  • RJ

    I have both apps for iPhone and iPad and they are pretty much go-to for editing and filtering, which is saying a lot considering the absolute volume of camera apps available. Does anyone know if the analog filter pack in the iPhone version was made free? I don’t remember purchasing it and I know it used to be sold for $.99.

    • Graeme Roy

      They may have had one of those free-for-a-weekend deals or something at some point, which Marty is always so great at pointing out and keeping us up to speed on!

  • Bethanie Marshall

    Apparently no one will ever get the slider for “Clarity” that they’ve been asking for AGES to get. I think the new frames are cheesy, but I bought the new filters just for the sake of Gotham. I really can’t say that I use this app as much as I used to when I first got it though.

    • Graeme Roy

      Ya, I could really use a slider on clarity. The frames I agree, meh. Don’t use them, don’t care. Gotham I want to try. If only they would take my money….

  • Sput Nik

    Just updated on iPad and the app crashes. Doesn’t even start up. Nothing.
    Edit: uninstalled, reinstalled – same. Restarted device – same.

  • zerozero31

    Munchkin – you’ll love ProCamera then, it’s got everything you need! I use it as my go-to camera, of only for two things: the ability to set the image size (1:1, 16:9, 4:3 and the other one) and the in-app editing tools. The filters are pretty rum (though the Grayon and Hard Gray are both good) but there’s so many filter apps out there that’ll produce better results. My workflow for most every image I shoot is ProCamera (either 4:3 or 1:1 mode for Instagram) –> VSCO for the T2 filter (at 60%) and AfterLight for the Russ filter (also 60%) + 5pt border.

    About the only thing where I still feel Camera+ has an edge over ProCamera is the fact that the exposure and focus lock buttons are always very bright, whereas those in ProCamera are hard to see on bright days or awkward angles. That, and Lisa Bettany.

    Other than that, no reason to get it.

  • JP

    This is a terrific App, but it needs: (1) a straighten function, and (2) the ability to use Clarity and other scenes with an opacity slider (as you can with FX Effects). Give me those two things and I’d stay within Camera+ for 85% of my workflow.