First Friday! New Long Island FreePak Available Now in Hipstamatic and Oggl

hipstmatic, oggl, blackeys, film extra fine, long island

It’s First Friday and we’ve got a new Hipstamatic film. The Long Island FreePak is now available in Hipsta Classic! It contains the BlacKeys Extra Fine film and the Old Sport case. The new film is also now available in Hipstamatic Oggl. Grab now!

hipstamatic, oggl, long island, new pak

The new pak is available for download in your Hipstamart. BlacKeys Extra Fine (XF) is a very nice, borderless black & white film with rich contrast, a bit of grain, and some nice anomalies — almost burns, if you will. I think it’s one of the best films to be released by Hipstamatic in a while.

Hipstamatic Classic users also get a bonus. We finally get a new case for the app. It’s a great looking classic Art Deco style case with “aged leather and bronze inlays.” It’s not available for Oggl users.

The pak is free for HipstaClassic users and comes as part of the subscription for Oggl users. You’ll need to install it from your Oggl gear to use the new film.

The new pak is worth the download. Samples below.





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  • Noé Hernández

    I downloaded it, but not appears in my app :(

    • Marty Yawnick

      Oggl or Hipstamatic?

      • Noé Hernández

        Hipstamatic :(
        I’ve never been able to download the free packages

        • Marty Yawnick

          That’s odd. Best I can tell you is to hit up Hipstamatic’s GetSatisfaction site. Allan B. rocks there.

  • Barry Spock

    I’m lovin’ the new case. Will get out to try the film with different lenses later today. It’s good to see that Synth haven’t forgot about Hipstamatic users.

    • Marty Yawnick

      I’m glad to see this one come out at roughly the same time as in Oggl.

      • Justin

        I’d say it came out at the same time in both formats because it is a Freepak. The paid paks via Classic require approval from Apple.

      • 2oh1

        It really takes ZERO effort on their part to time out the release of both at the same time, especially since they control when they release something on Oggle. They should be doing both at the same time, every time.

  • Barry Spock

    Me and someone else at the Hipstamatic Flickr group had some odd little thing happen where, when downloading the new freePak, all the old freepaks redownloaded too (eg. cowboys & aliens etc.)
    Did that happen to anyone else?

    • Gary

      Same happened to me too.

    • David

      Yes, it just happened to me too, 5 free packaged downloaded again and then I had to download the Long Island pak again, but it’s working fine. Now, I go to download it on Oggl.

    • kentkangley

      Me too. It downloaded all seven freepaks I already had, but not the new one. It downloaded just the new one on the second try. I have a 4S. I don’t know if this is specific to the 4S or not. As far as bugs go, it’s a pretty minor one.

  • Digital Artist

    Love the new stuff…

    It would be GREAT if one could IMPORT images from the camera roll to the app’s… Also…?

    I understand the direction of the app’s but REALLY?

    What if this could happen, WOW!!!

    The usability might be the ONLY ONE APP one uses!!!

    • kevinbuchananphoto

      Never going to happen.

  • Phil Bishop

    Love this B&W look… works fine for me…… old paks reloaded too but all seems great….

  • kentkangley

    I agree this is a great looking film. I suspect I will be using it a lot. I also love the case. I think it’s one of their best, right up there with the Old Glory case from the America HipstaPak and the Gangster Deco case from the Gangster Squad Freepak.

  • kevinbuchananphoto

    I think the “burns” are just from the Jane lens.

    The new film really is fantastic. I’ve been playing with it since the release and have been impressed by what I can do with it.

  • queenmarylady

    Okay REALLY liking this pak, thank you for the notice of the update! Free always helps. =) Very sharp photos in this B&W setting. Great job they did!

  • jeed ziegenhohn

    Pam here from Philippines. Can’t find the new freePak ????