Gear Giveaway: Win a Modahaus Steady Stand SS300

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Light can be a photographer’s best friend or can be their worst enemy. The Modahaus series of photo accessories gives iPhoneographers and smartphone photographers some portable and easy to use tools to help better control your light and your scene when shooting isolated small objects. You can do a lot with these tabletop stands and cycloramas. We’ve got some examples down below.

Life In LoFi and Modahaus Photo Accessories have teamed up to giveaway a MODAHAUS Steady Stand SS300. To see how you can win one, keep reading past the jump. >>>

Modahaus offers several lightweight tabletop photographic accessories, including stands and cycloramas in several sizes. They’re all designed from the ground up for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, Androids, and most compact cameras. iPhone 5 adaptors now shipped with SS200+SS300 and iPhone 5 user modification for SS100SP

The cycloramas can be used as a versatile backdrop for shooting small objects. This is a great accessory for using your iPhone, Galaxy, Nokia, or small camera to shoot your own product shots for your website or online business.

The Modahaus Steady Stand series are pretty ingenious. You can shoot pin-sharp, totally square-on, precisely composed, overhead product photographs with no harsh shadows in a snap with the Modahaus Steady Stand.The stands themselves also serve as light diffusers which gives you a nice overall soft uniform white and helps to minimize Or eliminate harsh shadows. Simply position your light sources perpendicular to the unit.

These small stands are surprisingly versatile. You can use your iPhone or smart phone for small product photography. Photo artists can create interesting collages. Use your iPhone as a scanner to digitize old photographs for archiving and restoration. The larger stands make a great way to quickly and easily scan and digitize paper documents. See the gallery below for sample images of the SS300 in use.

The Steady Stand series comes in 4 sizes. Each comes with complete accessory pack and ‘Smart Wallet’. The products are made of lightweight plastic that should hold up over normal use.

The Modahaus steady stands fold up and store nicely. They’re a lot less clunky than cutting up an old gallon milk jug to use as a homemade tabletop light diffuser.

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Modahaus Steady Stand SS300 with exposure strip
Using household items with the SS300
Original, unretouched document scan using Modahaus S300
Original, unretouched photo scan using Modahaus S300
Retouched on iPhone using Adobe Photoshop Touch
Original, unretouched photo scan using Modahaus S300
Retouched on iPhone using Adobe Photoshop Touch
Overhead collage created with Modahaus Steady Stand SS300

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Modahaus SS300 Giveaway

Let’s give one of these away! This week, Life In LoFi has teamed up with Modahaus to give away an SS300 Steady Stand kit with complete accessory pack and ‘Smart Wallet’. This is the largest, most versatile steady stand in their product range. It retails for over $40 US.

To be eligible to win one, simply enter the giveaway below. By following Life In LoFi and Modahaus on Facebook, you can get additional chances to win.

Cut-off time to enter is 11:59 PM Eastern Time, Sunday August 18, 2013. Winners will be determined by

Winners will be notified by email, Facebook message or Twitter direct message — be sure to check your spam filter. If you enter, be sure your email info is correct or your code will go to someone else. Please read the giveaway rules before entering. By entering this contest, you agree to opt-in to the Modahaus email mailing list. I’ve been on it for a while and they do not abuse your inbox.

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Big thanks to Lex at Modahaus for helping us put together this giveaway.

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    What wouldn’t I use this amazing, versatile piece if equipment for? Product shots for my website, selling gear on ebay, experimenting with collages, scanning documents. Even though it folds away conveniently, I couldn’t imagine a time when I wouldn’t be using it for something.

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    Very interesting concept and great accessory.

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    Looks like a fantastic product for taking photos of small products and for scanning documents, etc. Would like to win it. Thanks

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  • David Hayes

    Oops! How would I use this…for close up work where I need to have an even lighting platform.

  • modahaus

    Wow! Love all this feedback guys! Good luck with the draw everyone! Many thanks, Lex

  • Mark Felder

    very cool stand. I would use this for making digital copies of my old prints and fthe occsional document. And the steady stand and the app ClearCam I bet I could snap some great macro’s.

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