Photo App Preview: Distressed FX 1.2 Update

distressed fx, texture, grunge effect, iphoneography, ipad, cheryl tarrant
Nocona by Marty Yawnick


UPDATE 01: Yep. The Distressed FX 1.2 update is crashtastic. Reports of it being unstable are very accurate. I strongly recommend you pass on this update until the bugs are fixed. Watch this space. We’ll let you know when it’s safe to download the app again.

My apologies if you’ve already updated the app. If you’d rather not wait it out and need to downgrade to the previous stable version, see our post on How To Downgrade Apps on Your iPhone or iPad. =M=

UPDATE 02: The app’s co-developer Steve Liddell gave us this update on Life In LoFi’s Facebook page:

“The error has to do with the social permissions. The app asks for permission to write to your stream — ie, it needs you permission to share when you press the share to facebook button….”

Steve continues, “There is a condition in the code to deal with you denying permission, but it appears that is what is causing the crash! When that is fixed there should be no problem.”

The developers have told me that an update has already been submitted for review to the App Store.

In addition to the very awesome Mextures iPhone photo app, another app I like for adding texture and weight to my iPhoneography is Distressed FX. I previously reviewed Distress FX here.

The new 1.2 update will be released very soon — probably later today UPDATE: It’s live in the App Store now. It’s also been discounted to FREE for a limited time! Want to see what’s in the new update? Keep reading for more info and a preview of some of the new effects. >>>

distressed fx, texture, grunge effect, iphoneography, ipad, cheryl tarrant
St. Vince, by Marty Yawnick

Distressed FX is an easy to use photo app to add a selection of color and texture effects to an image. The app lets you choose from hundreds of possible combinations to create good looking, moody effects. It’s powered by the works of Cheryl Tarrant, a texture artist from Tennessee. The app features dozens of separate color effects and texture overlays that you can easily combine. It’s a solid app for creating good looking, lo-fi effects.

The previous 1.1 update added a bunch of features, including the choice of Standard 4:3 format support up to 2048 x 1536 pixels — that’s 3.15 megapixels. The app’s square format images got a modest boost to 2048×2048 — a respectable 4.2 megapixels. It also added adjustable texture strength, adjustable brightness contrast and saturation tools, as well as a subtle blur that can be toggled.

The new Distressed FX 1.2 release includes many new features implemented due to customer feedback, as well as several minor bug fixes. I’m not sure if the Dropbox bug is one that has been fixed.

The update features more filters and textures — and more birds. You can now flatten layers in app with a long press. I’ve got some samples supplied by the app’s developer Cheryl Tarrant in the gallery below.

You now have the ability to make your own custom textured filters, a very cool features which gives the app a lot of flexibility and pretty much is only limited by your imagination.

There is faster sharing to Facebook and Twitter and various improvements and bug fixes. Distressed FX now only supports iOS 6.1 and above. iOS 5 users will need to update.

The app has a lot of good-looking color and texture effects to choose from — it’s a very good, usable selection of textures and colors. If you like the samples here, you’ll probably be happy with this app.

Distressed FX is normally $0.99 in the App Store. It’s available for free for a limited time. It’s a Universal app for both iPhone and iPad. Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.


Distressed FX 1.2 Gallery by Cheryl Tarrant


Well, it turns out I don’t need one. Since this post first went live, the app has gone FREE in the App Store for a limited time and I’m cancelling this giveaway. Grab it now and save a buck!



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  • Nicolas Cevallos

    i want this

  • KJ

    Just checked out app store – and the app is currently free..

    • Marty Yawnick

      Thank you for the heads up. I’ve updated my post!


  • Drew Froning

    downloading this now, thanks for the info!

  • Jan Jasi?ski

    ewww… why it says its no longer aviable?

    • Marty Yawnick

      Try again. Available for free in the US App Store at 8:00 am CDT.

      • Jan Jasi?ski

        I just switched to my us credit card itunes account and its the same – the item you tried to buy is no longer aviable.

      • Jan Jasi?ski

        My freinds are experiencing the same issue

  • Adam

    Unfortunately there’s a major bug with the app. If you deny the app to post on your behalf on social networks (FB and Twitter) it won’t even load, keeps chrashing and crashing and crashing… :(
    Useless if you don’t want it to post everything, everywhere. Sad, but maybe it gets a bugfix soon.

  • Thedudetim

    Apparently, it’s not available in the US App Store…..

  • Graison Swaan

    Disappeared from the Canadian App Store.

  • Kahleesi

    Hmm…it says no longer available. :(

  • Irene Ho

    It’s not available in HK and US Store! Why?????????

  • tricia

    it’s gone again…hmmmmm!

  • Steve – Distressed FX

    Thanks for your patience – there was a bug where if you revoked permission for the sharing options the app had an issue in dealing with that. For some reason we didn’t catch that in our testing – so we apologise very much (we were really looking forward to the app going live too!).

    We took it off the app store until we get the bug fixed – so people don’t upgrade and face this problem.

    The good news is a new version has been submitted and is awaiting Apple approval.

    In further news – we are already working on the new features for v1.3

  • Morplett

    Thanks for the heads up Steve. Always great to have the developer chime in!

  • Steven Thomas

    08:23 PM EST — The item you’ve requested is not currently available in the U.S. store.