Hipstamatic Oggl Updated. Now Imports Pics From Your Camera Roll

hipstamatic, oggl, iphone, iphonoegraphy

Hipstamatic Oggl recently received an update with a great new feature that HipstaFans have been requesting for years. You can now import photos from your camera roll and from your Hipstamatic albums into Oggl.

It’s a great update that will probably change the minds of a lot of Hipstamatic lovers. Keep reading for more info. >>>

hipstamatic, oggl, iphone, iphonoegraphy

Oggl by HipstamaticI like Oggl. It has some — not all — of the features that make Hipstamatic great. It has enough of its own features to differentiate it from the original Hipstamatic.

I have to admit, as much as I love shooting with Hipstamatic, I’ve been finding myself shooting with Oggl more often. As much as I love the forethought that goes into shooting with the original Hipstamatic — having to know and choose your “gear” beforehand, I’m finding that I’m succumbing to the convenience of shooting and then processing the image afterwords. I like convenience of having the ability to change my mind and easily reprocess after-the-fact. I am really liking having the ability to revisit HipstaPics.

With the latest update version 1.3, Oggl introduces the ability to import images from your camera roll and from your Hipstamatic albums. For the first time, you can now add Hipstamatic’s great lens and film effects to any photo you’ve shot.

I like the way it’s been implemented, too. Visual cues let you know when you are grabbing from your camera roll, from Hipstamatic, as well as when an image is lo-res and going to provide inferior results.

Importing is easy and straightforward. The preview screen let you crop the image to Oggl’s square format. You can even pinch to zoom. Once imported, you can process, reprocess. and share like any other image in your Oggl library. This also means that your original photo is still safe on your camera roll.

As the effects are permanently applied to an image, you can’t reprocess an imported Hipstamatic photo, but you can stack another set of effects on top of it. You also only have access to your iPhone’s camera roll and not the entire photo library.

With this update you can now also re-crop and scale all images in your Oggl library.

This update essentially turns Oggl from a camera into a processing app. It’s really slick and I suspect a lot of Hipstamatic users will migrate more to Oggl for this feature alone.

Oggl is turning into a great app, but it’s still missing a few of the details that make Hipstamatic a classic.

Oggl sports a basic, flat, less textured viewfinder that’s more similar to Instagram than it’s older sibling. It lacks the rich, textured plastic toy interface of Hipstamatic Classic. Film and lens combinations are still tiny and difficult to see. There are no cases or skins in Oggl yet. It also lacks the colored flash filter effects that Hipstamatic has. Presets in Oggl are limited.

Still, with the new update, it’s difficult to dismiss Oggl on anything but an emotional level. Hipstamatic is a camera app that’s still more fun to shoot with. With this latest update, Oggl has unequivocally become the more versatile of the two. In adding these long-requested features, the developers may have unknowingly released their own Hipstamatic killer. We’ll see how the original Histamatic grows in the next update.

Even with the few new features, this a great update to Oggl. It finally opens up the rest of your camera roll to Hipstamatic’s unique and lush analog effects which are still among the best retro analog effects available for iPhone.

If you’ve been holding out on Oggl, this new update gives you a very compelling reason to take a look at it.

Hipstamatic Oggl is a free download. There are two subscription options that unlock all of the goodies. Requirements: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation), iPad 2 Wi-Fi, iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G, iPad (3rd generation), iPad Wi-Fi + 4G, iPad (4th generation), iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular (4th generation), iPad mini and iPad mini Wi-Fi + Cellular. Requires iOS 6.0 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

App Store link: Hipstamatic Oggl



Hipstamatic Oggl 1.3 Gallery


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  • Gary

    I always thought that I would like an Import from Camera Roll feature in Hipstamatic and then Oggl. However, that feature has now changed Oggl into a different animal in some ways. In the first few days of the 1.3 update, the Oggl community was flooded with post processed images and appears to be being used as a marketing mechanism for mostly porn related images. New members are advertising their services via web addresses. None of that is good and from the many complaints from the Oggl community, it is a regrettable direction that Oggl has mistakenly taken.

    The Editor’s Picks were even showing post processed images. I think that the Import feature has damaged the Oggl community and it needs more careful policing and options so that if you don’t want to see post processed images that should be a feature that you can choose.

    The new zoom feature is a big new feature and a straighten and rotate feature could really complete the App. Still, Oggl takes too long to start up (on my 4S) and the Saving of images is still clunky and confusing sometimes. Worryingly the App still consumes too much power, heats the phone up and crashes far too often. Also, I can see many blank yellow images in my Oggl lightbox that I can actually edit and I find that they are images that I had previously deleted.

    I do hope that the effort to maintain Oggl on the WinPhone is not consuming too much development time for the iPhone.

    Looking forward to Oggl sorting this stuff out soon.

  • Marie Matthews (kaphinga)

    I have mixed feelings about being able to import from the camera roll. On the one hand, I really like being able to experiment with what my regular images look like with Hipstamatic/Oggl filters. On the other hand, as someone who tends to edit heavily, I like the discipline that Oggl instilled when I couldn’t import from the camera roll. All too often, I ignore things like background distractions or perfect framing because I figure that can edit the image later. Oggl made me really think about getting the shot right the first time, and I always appreciated that. I am a better photographer because of Oggl. Now, I am not sure what distinguishes Oggl from any other filter app.

  • David

    I share some of the thoughts of Marie and Gary. I personally don’t like this “import” update at all even if I’ll keep using Oggl.

    The fact is that now Oggl is like other social networks but with Hipstamatic filters. Instead, before, at least, there were no stolen pictures uploaded, no extreme edited or reflex pictures from all ages mixed with others, etc! Also, I used to like the feature to research amongst combos to have a better feeling of some filters in different situations. Now, this feature is useless because combos are mixed with imported pictures that can have already other filters applied before! So it has an obligation to enter inside any picture to understand what it is.

    Also, I like the idea to have an hipstamatic classic gallery, but why not an Oggl gallery too? So to skip all the imported pictures? Now I cannot curate a picture if I’m not sure 100% it’s not an imported picture maybe stolen from someone else!

    I hope the team behind this update will figure out some solution to better protect Oggl before it will be a mess like others similar social networks! We’ll see!

  • Clif Wright

    I’ve read quite a few pros and cons of this update in the last few days. Probably a few more cons. I haven’t, however, heard or read any mention of what I like most about it. I now have the ability to keep my un-filtered digital negative.

  • Mr Timney

    They certainly added this feature to the wrong app!!! This should have added this to Hipsta years ago, so to have added it to Oggl (which I will never use even if they paid me to) & have to listen to users whine about seeing post processed photos & other social site bs proves the point! Hipsta use to be innovators, now their cockiness & stubbornness has caused them to play catchup & unfortunately they are always late to the party! When they lose the chip on their shoulders & the “how can we take your money” mindset, then they will become a successful brand once again.

  • http://www.sunnybreaks.org/ Barry Spock

    Where you been bro? :p this was news a week ago. What’s been most amazing is seeing how this update has cause such a stir on different foto discussion forums.

    The few times I’ve used oggl have been kind of educational because the end image usually looks best with a combo that I wouldn’t have picked with Hipsta. The Synthetic filters have a way of interacting with light that makes them unpredictable.

    All up, I don’t care about this change to oggle. The share/follow/like/love social function is self-indulgent tripe. Oggl’s user-interface is still rubbish.

    The magic in hipstamatic comes from singular user-experience.

  • Fabs Grassi

    I would love in case it works but it simply dont.

  • AstronomerAdam

    Oggl seems to be controversial. I think it’s miles better than Hipstamatic, however, the import feature is crashing it every time. Annoying.