Over Two Dozen Great Photo App Sales and Freebies Today

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What’s better than a good iPhoneography app? An iPhone photo app on sale.

There are a ton of great photo app deals in the App Store right now — more than usual. Check them all out here on Life In LoFi’s Photo App Deals page.

Tangent, Effexy, Vintagio, SnappyCam Pro and a lot more. Check out the deals right now and save a bunch o’bucks.

At any given time, there are maybe a dozen good photo app sales and freebies in the App Store. Usually we don’t announce price drops on the blog, but there are so many this weekend, I had to share — over 30 of them. Is there some special iPhone holiday this weekend that I didn’t know about?

Life In LoFi keeps track of all the great photo app sales and freebies in the App Store. I’ve got and tested nearly every photo app you’d want to have. I know which ones are cool, which ones are clunkers, and which ones may not be worth dropping cash for but are worth the time and bandwidth to download for free or on sale.

There are no crap apps in our list and you can check out the photo app deals any time.

Right now, there are a higher than usual number of killer app deals in the App Store, including several apps that are almost never discounted.

The excellent Tangent by Ben Guerrette is FREE right now for the next day or so. It’s one of the best photo apps to easily add geometric and patterned overlays to your images.

SnappyCam Pro advertises that it takes a ton of full-res images per second. It’s the real deal and is a highly recommended app. It really captures up to a staggering 20 full-res images per second on an iPhone 5 and newer and an impressive 12 full-res captures per second on an iPhone 4S. It’s on sale for $0.99 and it’s a dollar well-spent.

XnRetro, XnSketch and XnShape are all free right now. These are very good, often overlooked photo apps.

ProCam, a great camera replacement app is FREE right now.

There are a ton more, including Effexy – Photo Effects, Vintagio, PhotoCopier and many more. These prices could change at any time, so grab them now.

Life In LoFi’s Photo App Deals page is open 24 hours a day and is updated often. You should bookmark it and check back daily. These deals usually go fast.



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  • Connie Graham Terry

    I seem to be having problems finding photo apps that will save my images at full 5s resolution. Lots of my old standbys are only saving at an edited 3264×2448 image at 2048×1536. Also, several of them won’t save an edited image that was originally part of a burst of shots. Any advice?

  • AstronomerAdam

    As usual they’re only free in America.