What Do You Shoot With? Here’s My Updated Camera Bag

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Despite having other gear here at the house and the studio, my iPhone 5S is by far the camera the use most to shoot with. Although the stock Camera app is good and is continually improved, I rely on a number of other photo apps to help get the image I want, either in-camera or by apping it up.

Here’s the updated-for-2015 list of my go-to photo apps. Any or all of these are great additions to an iPhoneographer’s toolbox.

My Camera Bag list is always available on Life In LoFi up in the menu bar. It lives on this page here where you can read the whole post as well as why I use each app. A list of the apps and their App Store links are below. I recommend reading the post.

I am not an iPhone artist and my style of iPhoneography tends to mimic the old analog cameras that iPhones and other digital cameras have replaced. Ironic? Yes. Convenient? Definitely.

I like to capture the best, most accurate image possible in-camera. I then like to apply effects that mimic some of the old films I shot with as a kid. To me, the filters I choose add a layer to the photo that appeals on an emotional, nostalgic level.

Here are the apps I go to first before digging deeper into my arsenal of photo apps scattered across my iPhone:

1. Camera

2. ProCamera 8 + HDR – Cocologics

3. Manual – Custom exposure camera – Little Pixels

4. Hipstamatic – Hipstamatic, LLC

5. Instaflash Pro – Anlei Technology Inc.

6. Perfectly Clear – Photo Correction (Automatic) – Athentech Imaging

7. Filterstorm – Tai Shimizu

8. SimplyB&W | Simply Photography in B&W – James Moore

9. Snapseed – Google, Inc.

And special bonus photo app that I haven’t added to My Camera Bag post yet:

10. SKRWT – mjagielski — Great perspective correction that gives me excellent control over horizon, vertical and horizontal perspective, and has a tool to help correct any lens barrel distortion in my images.



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Marty is a self-employed graphic designer in the Fort Worth/Dallas Metroplex. He is an avid Rangers baseball, Chicago Cubs, Packers and Highbury Arsenal fan. In addition to capturing random moments with whatever camera is close by (usually his iPhone), his other interests include coffee, Pink Floyd, film, music, and traveling in seats 5E and 5F with his fiancé.
  • Squeaker

    Wow I didn’t realize this blog is still being updated, what a nice surprise!

  • rjllane

    Welcome back home – great to read one of your posts. Not moving to Filterstorm Neue? Sadly, it still lacks some of the features of Filterstorm. I too am using SKRWT for perspective changes – it is fantastic … MomentsForZen (Richard)

    • Thanks! Yeah, I have Filterstorm Neue. I was one of the beta testers. I like some of the interface enhancements, but still think the original FS is a bit better.

  • fcfeio

    Glad you’re back!

  • Hey Marty! Welcome back. 🙂 Thanks for giving us a peek into your camera bag. Hope you’ve been well!

  • Fredrik Nilsson

    Great to see that both you and the blog is still alive and well. You have both been missed a lot. A question regarding your list and your preference for analog styled photos:

    When these apps fail to produce your preferred look, where do you head to next?

    PicTapGo, VSCOcam, Litely or Polamatic all seem like possible candidates. Camerabag, Fotograf or Camera+ might also work.

  • Vinay

    Welcome back Marty! I have been having fun using Camera+ to shoot and then post processing using my Hipstamatic filters on Oggl!

  • rjllane

    In answer to your question …

    My favorite camera apps are … Camera, PureShot / 645 PRO, NightCap Pro, and Photo Sphere.

    My favorite processing apps are too many to completely list, but the top few are … MobileHDR, AutoStitch, SKRWT, Snapseed, Photoshop Touch, HandyPhoto, Photogene, Pixlr, Pixelmator, Exif Editor, oggl, Superimpose, and Diptic.

    … MomentsForZen (Richard)

  • petyr campos


  • Carolyn Hall Young

    Hurray, you are back!!!!

  • Hey nice to see you back!

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