Hipstamatic 300 is out. Don’t update yet!

Hipstamatic 300, problems, buggy


Hipstamatic 300 was just released and is a significant update. But Steven Thomas notes that the  app is pretty buggy. Among the bugs he’s still reporting are the app freezing (pretty hard), as well as problems with camera cases and lenses.

He shares more below. If you’ve already upgraded, he also tells you how to restore and downgrade back to Hipstamatic 280 for now.

Hipstamatic 300 is really an impressive piece of software. I didn’t think they could do it, but the app will make every Hipstamaddict happy, from the most old-school die hards like myself to those who wanted a more modern editing environment. When the bugs are worked out, it’s going to be an amazing piece of software.

Sorry for the rushed nature of this post, but getting this info out is more important right now than aesthetics .

Head over to Life In LoFi’s Facebook page for a really good discussion on the 300 update. As LoFi reader Andrew B. White says, “When Hipstamatic users get mad – it breaks the internet.”

Watch this space for any updates



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Steve dabbles in print, website and graphic design, as well as videography and photography in his day job. He spends most of his time stopping his car to take photos with his iPhone. His other interests involve managing a farmers market and being a non-paid photographer in order to get into concerts and other events.
  • Barry

    Seriously? “Tell everyone!” The sky is falling, the sky is falling!

    No showstoppers for me, and Classic is as Classic as ever it was.

    • Hi, Barry! Thanks for sharing that your install of the app is okay. I happily suspect that will be the case for many users. I’m having a few minor issues myself, but overall the app is usable for me and I’ve been digging it for a while — even with it’s quirks in beta. In the beta testing group, Steven and others are reporting some pretty big issues with the release, though. For instance, Steven described a pretty hard crash that froze his copy, even after restarting it. Others are reposting the the cases are distorted. Restarting the app cleared up many of these issues, but not all. It’s not seamless yet. =M=

  • Jorge L. Pérez

    Too late for me. I updated and yes, it has bugs. First, it was not allowing you to restore purchased gear. Then the problem now is that is crashing.

  • Hmmm… no bugs at all yet for me. I am still running iOS 8.4, however, and I am jailbroken (only for f.lux. The day Apple lets f.lux run system wide is the day I never have to jailbreak again) so maybe that has something to do with it? Either way, ut is running flawless for me. I’m loving the update so far.

    • Shane Griffiths

      A couple of crashes in the first few minutes had me worried but it hasn’t crashed since , after editing a couple dozen photos.. I’ve only been using the new shiny side of it so far tho.. Great to be able to edit camera roll photos and try the different lens/film combinations to see how they look. The editing suite of effects is sweet too 🙂 2 thumbs up from me