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iPhotographer Magazine ($3.99/issue) is a great, well-written and well-photographed bi-monthly publication which covers all of the iPhone visual arts. Each issue features great content, including basic and advanced tutorials from recognized iPhoneographers and artists, stunning photo essays and galleries, interviews, and more.

The recent Fashion Issue issue of iPhotographer Magazine is in the App Store now and features a very candid interview with Glyn Evans, creator and publisher of The iPhoneography Blog and who created and popularized the term “iPhoneography” years ago.

Glyn not only created the brand, but during the run of The iPhoneography Blog, he worked tirelessly to help shape what iPhoneographers and developers should expect from photo apps. He inspired a lot of us in those early days, myself included.


In this interview, Glyn talks about a range of topics including his experience both shooting and working with film, some of his favorite apps over the years, the creation and eventual shuttering of The iPhoneography Blog and more.

iPhotography Magazine: Can you tell us what happened when you first started shooting pictures with your iPhone? What led you to create iPhoneography, the term and the website? Marty Yawnick of the Life In LoFi blog came along about a year later and I, with Pixels—The Art of the iPhone, came a month after that. So, speaking as a fellow madman, I am really curious about what it was that ignited your passion and led to you being the original blogger for the movement.

Glyn Evans: It was June 2008, and Apple announced the App Store. Listed in the App Store were a small number of apps designed to enhance in a LoFi way, the crappy images the poor 2 megapixel camera produced. It was these apps that grabbed my attention, and I soon realized that Apple with the iPhone had the potential to change photography for good. A single device that could capture and edit whilst on the go. After playing with these early apps, I found myself becoming passionate about photography again, and digital photography at that, and so it was that in October 2008, I fused together the words “iPhone” and “photography,” coined the phrase iPhoneography, opened and began writing about my personal journey in what I saw as a new genre of photography. Little did I know that early adopters would embrace the term and join me on this journey.

iPM: What model of iPhone do you use today? Do you miss the early iPhones with all the limitations and the buggy apps? What were your favorite apps in 2009-2010?

GE: Today, I still have an iPhone 5, which despite its 8-megapixel camera, I consider to be the worst iPhone Apple has ever produced, suffering from bad magenta flare.

As for apps, back in 2009/2010, my top apps were Perfectly Clear (my number 1 app then, and still my number 1 app today), Hisptamatic, AutoStitch Panorama, Color Splash, Spica-Super Monochrome, Vint B&W and of course my own app Format126 (which is sadly long gone).

The interview contains a lot more, including some very candid talk about why he decided to suddenly shut down the pioneering blog after five years. I believe its the first time Glyn really opens up publicly about some of the politics which led to his decision.

The iPhoneography Blog is missed by a lot of us and it’s good to have Glyn back in the public eye even if it’s just for one issue.

Read more in Issue #3, the Fashion Issue of iPhotographer Magazine, available in the Apple Newsstand of the App Store.


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