About Sid Peña
Sid Peña began his photographic journey in 1985 when he bought a Nikon FG in Kitzingen, Bavaria, West Germany. He has worked as a photojournalist and graphic designer, among many other interesting jobs. He is currently working for a very well known computer firm in Austin, Texas. When he’s not at work he can be seen lurking around downtown with his iPhone 5, on the hiking trails of Walnut Creek with his dog, Angie or hosting a MST3K marathon at his house for fellow MSTies.

Black & White 101, by Sid Peña

June 18, 2013 5

There is something magical about a great black & white photograph. The tools have simplified the process but knowing when to process for color or for black and white isn’t always apparent. Photographer Sid Peña’s tutorial on shooting black and white photographs and getting the best results. [Read more]

Creating High Resolution Images on iPhone, by Sid Peña

March 28, 2013 23

Most iPhoneographers would love to create high resolution, detailed, print-ready images. High quality output greatly increases the desire for your work across many venues of the graphics industry. Larger prints mean more potential buyers, higher DPI means more detail in those reproductions which could lead to more industry recognition and possibly more green in your pocket. [Read more]

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