Get great photos of your Thanksgiving entrees

November 26, 2015 0

It surprised me, but a little research taught me that a lot of people are constantly using their iPhones to grab pix of food. I admit I do it myself. Now with Thanksgiving upon us, it might occur to you to capture what’s on the table at that family gathering. [Read more]

Take Live Photos without a new iPhone

November 5, 2015 0

Want to take Live Photos on your older iPhone, a feature that only appears on the newest iPhones? We have three good work-arounds for you that are free, and you’ll be taking kinda-sorta Live Photos in no time. [Read more]

Stop your iPhone from launching Photos

September 24, 2015 1

This ‘feature’ is one I find really, really irritating. When I plug my iPhone into my Mac, Photos launches whether I want to sync photos or not. It even launches Photos when I plug in a Micro SD card from my DSLR. [Read more]

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