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Want a Copy of Slow Shutter Cam? We’ve Got a Few FREE Promo Codes!

Slow Shutter Cam by Cogitap is the unique, outstanding app that lets you take long-exposure photos, giving you the ability to create interesting motion effects in-camera. It was recently updated. We covered all that's new in the app here. Right now, I've got a few FREE promo codes for Slow Shutter Cam to give away. Read More

May 11, 2011 // 42 Comments

Slow Shutter Cam: Updated – New Features, New Icon, and On Sale

One of the features that the iPhone camera is missing is the ability to control exposure time. Slow Shutter Cam by Cogitap is an outstanding app that adds the ability to take long-exposure photos. It has just been updated with several new user-requested features. It's also on sale for the next few days for only $0.99 -- that's a discount of $1.00 off the normal price. Read More

May 5, 2011 // 5 Comments

Slow Shutter Cam gets an update and a resolution bump

Slow Shutter Cam by Cogitap Software is an app that simulates control over exposure and shutter speed. The long exposures and slow shutter effect can be used to compensate for low-light situations. It does not actually change the shutter speed of the iPhone’s camera, which is fixed. Through Read More

October 19, 2010 // 1 Comment