This Saturday in Berkeley: Pixels at an Exhibition

If you’re in or around the Bay Area this weekend, be sure to drop by the opening of Pixels at an Exhibition at Giorgi Gallery in Berkeley, California. The list of finalists has been posted and this looks to be quite an exhibition. The exhibit features works of dozens of iphoneographers from around the globe including Dixon Hamby, Dominique Jost, Valerie Ardini and some guy called Marty (three of my photos were selected!)

The opening is this Saturday from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM. We’ll be there and follow up with our impressions of the exhibition and the scope of the work.

Giorgi Gallery
2911 Claremont Blvd.
Berkeley, CA.

Details at


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Marty is a self-employed graphic designer in the Fort Worth/Dallas Metroplex. He is an avid Rangers baseball, Chicago Cubs, Packers and Highbury Arsenal fan. In addition to capturing random moments with whatever camera is close by (usually his iPhone), his other interests include coffee, film, music, and traveling in seats 5E and 5F with his fiancé.
  • Valerie Ardini

    I saw it myself yesterday by accident! I haven't heard from them yet and when I went to the site and saw the list I thought, ah, I guess I didn't make it then. Nice surprise to see I had!

    I can't go myself unfortunately, it's a little far.. :) so I'll look forward to your experiences (and photos!!) 😀

  • MartyNearDFW

    Congratulations, Valerie!

    I think Knox and Rae are putting together an outstanding show. I know that this has become a bigger project than Knox thought it would be, which to me illustrates that there are many more of us out there creating art with our iPhones.

    I'm looking forward to the opening. I'm going to try and liveblog, or at the very least a recap posted on Sunday.


  • Jordi

    I'm also happy to be a part of this experience. I really believe this is just the beginning of something which will make a chapter on photography history, iphoneography.

    It is also a little far from my hometown also, so please Marty keep us up to date. I would really like to see some photos of the exhibit.

    And please thank Knox and Rae for the hard work they have done this days.

  • Dominique Jost

    It's great to be part of this, but I so wish I could be there :-/

  • Jaime Ferreyros

    Great to be part of the show, congrats to all my fellow iphoneographers and friends!

  • Kristin

    Congrats!! I made the list too, one of my photos made it. :)

  • Seth Lewis

    Great work Marty! One of my pics made it too,
    Proud to represent North Texas in the exhibition!