Code of Ethics and Disclosure

Ethics is a hot topic in the blogging world these days, especially regarding iPhone app reviews, so here is the code of ethics we follow on Our goal is to provide reviews of honesty and integrity — the good and the bad that we find as we test these apps. If you have any questions, email me at

Code of Ethics

Life In LoFi does not accept any sort of payment for mentioning or reviewing an app or product. We do not accept any sort of payment or compensation to fast-track an “express review.”

We sometimes receive promo codes and review units for free. These do not guarantee we will review an app or an item and they do not effect the content and results of our reviews. We do not trade promo codes for a guarantee of a positive review.

We do not guarantee reviews or mentions in exchange for ad purchases. Developers and companies who advertise here are treated the same as those who don’t.

All advertisements will be clearly marked as such. While we may publish a piece written by an employee of an app developer or manufacturer, they will be written from the standpoint of an expert in their field and not as an “Infomercial.” Any connections or possible conflicts of interest will be clearly disclosed in the article. Any advertorial or sponsored posts are clearly labeled as such.

We will always write the truth about an app, product or service regardless of whether it’s good or bad.

We will not publish a review of an app, product or service that was not tested hands-on by the author of that review.

We are not employed by Apple Computer or any app or product developer for iPhone. We do own more than one iPhone and several Apple computers.

The only criteria we use in determining whether or not to write about an app or product is if it is relevant to the iPhoneography community and if we find the app or product compelling enough to write about it, good or bad. We pretty much write about apps that pique our interest, apps that we use ourselves (or would like to use), or to test — to refute or support — claims made in App Store descriptions for the benefit of our readers.


Life In LoFi is a retail partner of the App Store,, Barnes and Noble and others. We earn a small commission from sales resulting from clicks these outbound links on the site. These commissions are pennies per sale and go to offset the expenses of the blog as well as for purchasing apps and products to review (I buy most of the items reviewed here). This does not in any way effect my reviews or recommendation of an app or product.

Marty Yawnick