New App Preview: Film Lab

Film Lab sample image lomo AGFA Kodak Ilford lofi
Film Lab sample image

Film Lab is a new app from CLBITZ Ubiquitous Communications, the makers of Retro Camera. It’s coming to the App Store soon, barring any unforeseen delays. iPhoneographers who used to shoot with film or who want to recreate the look of analog film stocks will love Film Lab.

I’ve had the chance to test a beta version of Film Lab. Like Retro Camera, Film Lab applies the look of vintage films to your photos. It’s different from Retro Camera in that it doesn’t apply film grain, edges and other imperfections.

Film Lab supports resolutions from 352×480 to 2348×3200 — an approach that I like in that it gives the photographer the option of quick saves or high-res. This means that Retro Camera will also be supporting high resolution in an upcoming update as the two apps share the same “engine”.

There are 79 film styles available in the beta I tested. It’s an impressive set of filters and many of them are incredible renditions of the film stocks they recreate. Each film stock is labeled as you preview it. There are filters which mimic film stocks from AGFA, Fuji, Kodak, Ilford, and Polachrome.

Other features include:

  • Color operation: 18 kinds
  • Hue and chroma adjustment
  • Brightness and contrast adjustment
  • Sharpness
  • Blur
  • Undo
  • Redo

You can watch a video of Film Lab in action here:

There’s a lot to love about Film Lab. Even better, it should be available for only $0.99 USD when it hits the App Store.

Add this to the list of excellent iPhoneography apps in the pipeline. We’ll keep you updated on Film Lab and its release.



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  • Mikkers

    This app looks pretty awesome! I'm definitely keeping an eye out for this one and SwankoLabs!

  • Brian Arnold

    I'll be picking mine up as soon as it hits. :)

  • Valerie

    Looks like an insane amount of options (which is definitely good for lost hours.. 😀 ) I like it though. Will definitely check it out.

  • Brittani

    This app looks great!! I can't wait for it to come out! Looks like there are way too many options for our own good! But it's super exciting! Thanks for this post. =)

  • Robert Barr

    I think I will LOVE this app. LOVE! Also I hear they are adding full res to Retro Camera. I may have to pick that one up also perhaps. I can't wait for this app. Don't think an app has peaked my interest to much in a long while.

  • MartyNearDFW

    Film Lab, SwankoLab, and the full-res update of the otherwise excellent RetroCamera are apps that I'm looking forward to and have me very excited! These three apps will radically change a lot of the iPhoneography that we'll see throughout this year!


  • Jennyland

    FYI: I just downloaded FilmLab, off to play w/it & Swankolab!! Happy day!!

  • coleTEK – Canberra C

    FilmLab looks like a cool tool.