Want to see a preview of Hipstamatic 180?

The new Hipstamatic 180 should be available on Thursday, November 4.

I don’t think anyone is more obsessive about a Hipstamatic update than I am. On the day the app is rumored to be released, I’ll hit refresh in App Store every couple of minutes. I’ll delete my copy of the app and redownload, hoping I get one of the fresh copies of the update before it populates throughout Apple’s servers.

Making the rounds on Twitter recently were mentions of a new, upcoming HipstaPak. Click past the jump for a link and more info. >>>

I was excited when I read on Twitter a few days ago about “Adventures in Hipstaland” and “Greg’s Zimbabwe”. I don’t know who Greg is, but it looks like he is a beta tester and he has posted some photos to his blog which were processed with a new lens and film pack from Hipstamatic 180.

Other new features of Hipstamatic 180 include a new type of HipstaPak called “The Goodpak”. For for the very first GoodPak, Synthetic have teamed up with The Dali Museum to create the surrealist lens and film, and the proceeds from the Goodpak sales goes to the Museum. This GoodPak will only be available for a limited time.

Want to see a preview of the new Salvador 84 lens and Stache film, as well as the new skin for the Hipstamatic 180? Click here to see several images on Greg’s blog, This is Summer. Today, the first three images start about 2/5 down the page, including a screenshot of the new Hipstamatic 180 skin. Click the More button to see additional samples of the new lens.

Hipstamatic 175 is available in the App Store for $1.99. Additional HipstaPaks are available for $0.99 each as a highly recommended in-app purchase.

Hipstamatic - Synthetic Corp



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  • Evan

    What is the benefit of deleting the app and downloading a "fresh" version of the app?

  • MartyNearDFW

    The only benefit to deleting the app is I might get to download the update before it shows up in the App Store Updates tab — sometimes by as much as an hour or two before the update shows up in iTunes and App Store.

    There are a whole bunch of drawbacks to doing this, though, including losing all of the images stored in Hipstamatic itself (the Hipsta pics in my camera roll are safe) and all of my Hipstamatic settings reset to the defaults.

    This really isn't a recommended method of updating.


  • http://www.scoodog.com Tom Myler

    Wow, Marty! Thanks for the heads-up. I love the Hipstamatic and can't wait for the 180!!

  • Benjamin

    Wow man you must really like Hipstamatic to do that for an hours head start :)

    Do you have any idea when/if Camera + is coming back to the app store?

  • MartyNearDFW

    Hi, Benjamin,

    Actually, I do like Hipstamatic a lot. I just don't try to overuse it. When you let Hipstamatic enhance the photo, rather than *be* the photo, I think it creates gorgeous effects. That said, I think I'll go the conventional update route this time. Y'all will have to wait an additional two hours for my post….

    No idea on when Camera+ will be back in the App Store. This is a purely uninformed guess, but Camera+ will be back in the App Store eventually, but I'd be surprised if it was this year.


  • Bill

    Thanks for the update! Now I've got something to look forward to for tomorrow! On the downside, I'm not too keen on the look of the white skin. I'm hoping they'll have a choice between the white or (traditional) black skin as an option.

  • MartyNearDFW

    I'm pretty sure the white skin is optional. It's an add-on to those who purchased "The Mission" HipstaPak. I believe there should be yet another custom skin available with the new GoodPak in Hipstamatic 180. Pretty cool!


  • Greg

    Looking forward to this update!

  • http://iphonemeanderings.blogspot.com Charles

    Thanks Marty