iTunes App Store returns from vacation tomorrow, 12/29/2010

If you’re like me and obsessively hit the App Store app hourly to check for new photo apps and updates, you’ve probably noticed that things have been quiet there since last Thursday. That’s because iTunes Connect has been closed for the holidays. For the user, this means that no apps, updates or sales went live from Thursday, December 23, 2010 through Tuesday, December 28, 2010. Updates and new apps should return tomorrow, December 29, 2010. I’m expecting a flood.

From Apple:

iTunes Connect will be temporarily unavailable from Thursday, December 23 through Tuesday, December 28 for the winter holidays. iTunes Connect access will be back online for use on December 29. If you choose to set an available date for your app to go live during the scheduled holiday shutdown, your app will not go live on the App Store until iTunes Connect resumes for business on December 29. Please plan your releases accordingly.

The only thing I know for certain that’s in the pipe is the new Hipstamatic 190 update, with a new Hipstapak that contains a new film and flash. I’m sure there will be lots of others.



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  • Greg Mills

    New Hisptapak? Do you think that's the combo they were going to give away during that 35K facebook fan promo?

  • Miki

    Definitely suffering from app update withdrawal…

  • Richard G

    @Miki — ha, I'm totally with you there!

    I mean how do you even know a new day has started if you can't sit down with that first cup of coffee and see which apps have been updated?

  • Robyn | Gemini606

    I thought someone went in and updated ALL of my apps over the weekend. Someone, meaning "a drunken me". LOL! I saw all the apps updates again last night. Whew!