iOS iPhone Photo App Compatibility Grid

Updated regularly

iPhone 4iOS 4.3 hit iTunes today and with it another class of iPhones has been end-of-lifed. The iPhone 3G is no longer officially supported by iOS updates and iOS 4.2 is the end of the line for this device.

Life In LoFi has created this updated, searchable grid listing the latest version number and minimum iOS requirements of popular photo apps (and even a few obscure ones). The database also lists the maximum output resolutions and if there are any other known issues with the app. It’s a good reference to check the resolution of iPhone photo apps to see which ones save at full res and which ones don’t.

See how your favorite apps fare below, after the jump. >>>

Although iOS 4.3 is the latest and greatest, most apps currently run just fine on older devices and operating systems. Even if you can’t or don’t update your iOS, your iPhone is still a very useful device and you’ll be able to update most of your apps for some time to come.

iOS iPhone Photo App Compatibility

This list is updated regularly. Newly added or recently updated apps will have an * next to their name.
 Some apps don’t support the Apple camera API and use their own built-in digital zoom.


Photo AppVersioniOS 7 Compatible?Minimum iOSAutofocus, Flash, Front Cam, & Zoom?Max ResolutionEXIF Data?Other Issues?
1:2 Tone1.4N3.0n/a640x960
100 Cameras in 13.2.0N5.0AF, F, Z2448x2448Y
10X Camera Tools1.0.3101.1N3.1AF, F, Z2592x1936
10X Camera Tools Pro1.0.3101.1N3.1AF, F, Z2592x1936
360 Panorama4.3.1N4.0>3500x960
3D Photo1.2N4.01280x1920
645 PRO Mk II3.12Y5.1AF, F, Z3264x2448Y
6x73.1.0N5.0AF, F2856x2448Y
7.0 MPX Camera2.1N4.0F3180x2375iPhone 4 Shutter bug
A ClassicCamera2.64N4.3AF, F, FC, Z640x480Formerly ClassicCamera
A ClassicCamera Premium2.64N4.3AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448Formerly ClassicCamera Premium
A-HDR1.0.1N4.0AF, F, FC, Z3072x3072Formerly REXiG HDR Camera
A+ Signature3.3.1N5.0AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448, 2332x10736
AccuSmart Camera1.210N4.1AF, F, Z2581x1936
AccuSmart Editor1.020N4.1n/a2592x1936
ActionCam1.4.1N4.3AF, F, FC900x1200
Adjust Grid1.0N5.0F, Z3264x2448Y
Adobe Photoshop Express3.0.1Y6.1AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448Y
Adobe Photoshop Touch for phone1.1.1Y6.0AF, F, FC, Z4000x3000N
AfterFocus1.7.0N5.0AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448N
AfterLight2.0N5.0AF, F, FC3264x2448NFormerly Afterglow - Photo Editor
Alien Sky5.0Y5.0AF, F, FC, Z3072x3072
almost DSLR1.11.0Y4.3AF, F3264x2448Y
Alt Photo1.2.0N5.0AF, F, FC3264x2448Y
analog 351.0N5.1AF, F, FC, Z640x640N
AnalogColor1.6N4.3AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448N
AntiCrop1.1N4.0AF, F, FC, Z>2485x1864Saves to a max size of 3264x2448
aPhoto - Photo Editor, Photo Processor1.5.1N4.3AF, F, FC, Z2592x1936N
ArcFrame7.2Y5.0AF, F, FC, Z2400x2400N
aremaC2.0.2N5.0AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448
ArtCamera3.3.0N3.1AF, F, FC, Z2048x1536
ArtCamera - super art effect1.3N4.3AF, F, FC2046x1535N
Artifact1.7.5N4.1n/a2048x1365, 1224x1224
Artistic Typography FX1.0N4.0n/a320x480N
artographo1.2.2N4.3AF, F, FC, Z2592x1944
ArtRage for iPhone1.0.2N4.3AF, F, FC, Z640x960N
ArtStudio5.0N4.33264x24482592x1936 on iPhone 4S, 4
Arty Pop1.2N4.3n/a720x720
aTypo Picture4.04N5.0AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448N
Auto Adjust4.1Y5.1n/a3264x2448
AutoPainter1.1N4.0AF, F, FC, Z1280x954
AutoSampler1.3.0N6.0AF, FC, T1920x1080Y
AutoStitch Panorama6.0Y5.0AF, F, FC, Zhuge
AvgNite Cam: Average+Night Camera1.2N5.0FC, T3264x2448Y
Awesome Frames1.0N4.2AF, F, FC, Z606x606N
Awesome Photo1.3N4.0AF, F, FC, Z1928x1440
B & W Lab2.0.0N5.1AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448Y
Backgroundz1.40N5.0AF, F, Z3264x2448
BananaCam1.01N6.0AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448N
Basic Camera2.0N5.0AF, F, FC, Z2592x1936
BeFunky FX1.4N4.0AF, F, Z500x500Currently unavailable in the App Store
BeFunky Photo Editor3.0.1N4.3AF, F, FC, Z1280x960N
BeFunky Photo Editor Pro1.0.9N4.0AF, F, FC, Z1920x1434
Best Camera1.3.4N3.1.3AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448
Best Pano1.3N4.0
Big Lens2.3Y5.0AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448Upload file size 960x720. Saves up to 8MP on iPhone 4, too.
Big Photo2.3N4.3AF, F, FC, Z>3264x2448N
BinaryCamera1.9.0N4.0AF, F, FC, Z2592x1936
Black and White Camera & Video Free1.0N4.0AF, F, FC480x360
Bleach Bypass1.2.91N4.3AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448Y
Blue Tint Cleaner1.5.0N2592x1936
BlurFX3.1.6N3.1.3AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448Formerly Blurred Photo
Blux Camera Pro1.0.6N5.0AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448Y
Bokeh Booth2.0N5.1n/a1024x1024
Bokeh Lens1.2N5.0AF, F, FC, Z720x960NFormerly Bokehlicious
Bokehful1.5N4.3AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448
Booster!2.2.0N6.0AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448
Born Electric Cam1.0.1N4.0AF, F, FC, Z500x670
Bracket Mode2.2N4.2AF3264x2448Y
Burst Mode2.1Y5.0AF3264x2448Y
Burstn3.0.1N3.1.3AF, F, Z717x960, 960x960No longer available in the App Store
CamCam1.1N4.1AF, F, FC, Z2592x1936
Camera 4 HalfTone1.0N4.1640x960
Camera All In One1.2NAF, F, Z2592x1936, 5184x3872No override for flash settings. Auto flash only.
Camera Awesome1.1.7Y5.0AF, F, FC3264x2448Y
Camera B&W1.0N5.0F, FC1280x960
Camera Boost4.0N5.0AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448N
Camera C642.1N4.3AF, FC640x960N
Camera Dream1.0N5.0AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448Y
Camera Flash Deluxe1.3.3N5.02592x1936
Camera FX +1.0N5.0AF, F, FC, Z640x480
Camera FX Blackbox1.5.1N5.0360x480NFormerly Camera FX Pro
Camera FX Pro1.1N4.3AF, F, FC640x640N
Camera Genie1.0N5.1AF, F, FC, Z640x960N
Camera Genius4.6N4.3AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448
Camera HD1.0.1N3.11600x1200
Camera Magic1.6.1NF, Z2048x1536iPhone 4 Shutter bug. Doesn't support Apple's zoom
Camera N11.21NF1600x1200iPhone 4 Shutter bug
Camera One1.11N6.0AF, F, FC2048x1536N
Camera One: All-In-13.9N3.1F, Z2592x1936Doesn't support Apple's zoom. Currently unavailable.
Camera Plus2.4N4.1AF, Z2592x1936Doesn't support Apple's zoom
Camera Plus Pro4.5.1N4.3AF, F, Z3264x2448Doesn't support Apple's zoom
Camera Prime2.0N4.0AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448
Camera Pro Effects1.1N4.2AF, F, FC, Z640x480NShows onscreen as “Camera Plus”
Camera Shades Live3.3.0N5.0AF, F, FC, Z1280x960NDoesn't support Apple's zoom
Camera Studio+1.1.1N4.3AF, F, FC, Z2592x1944N
Camera XE1.0.1N6.0AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448N
Camera XL1.02N3.1F3666x2738
Camera(S)1.11N4.3AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448Y
Camera+4.0.2Y6.0AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448Y
Camera360 Concept - HelloCamera0.9.7N4.3AF, F, FC1632x1224Y
Camera360 Ultimate4.6.0Y5.0AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448N
CameraBag1.93N3.0AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448NNo longer available in the App Store
CameraBag 22.2.5N5.0AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448N
CameraDC1.02N5.0AF, F3264x2448Y
CameraKit1.9.4Y6.1AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448No longer supports iOS 6.0 or older
camerAlign1.0N4.0F, FC, Z~3264x2448N
Cameramatic1.7.0Y5.0AF, F, FC2440x2440
CameraSharp1.3.1Y4.3AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448YStill supports iOS 4.3
CameraTAN3.4.1N5.0AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448
CAMikaze1.0.8N4.1none2048x1536Built-in camera is 640x480 resolution
Camstructr1.4N6.1AF, FC3264x2448N
Camtastic1.1.1N4.0AF, F2592x1936
Canopy Camera Tools1.2.1N4.1AF, F, FC3264x2448
Chromocam Dots1.2N3.1.3AF, F, Z2592x1936
CirclePic4.0N4.3AF, FC1000x1000N
ClaireVue1.2.2N4.2AF, FC
ClassicBooth4.0.0N5.1AF, FC3264x2448 (2x2, BC)
ClassicINSTA8.2.1N6.0AF, F1910x1910
ClassicINSTA Free2.02N4.1AF, F1000x1000Currently unavailable in the App Store
ClassicPAN9.0.2N5.1AF, F3264x1450
ClassicSAMP7.0.1N5.0AF, FC3264x2176
ClassicTOY8.2.0N5.0AF, F, FC3264x2176
ClearCam1.8.2Y4.3AF, F3264x2448,~4896x3672Y
Click!3.2.2N3.1AF, F, Z3264x2448
Click! a la carte3.2.2N3.1AF, F, ZFormerly 321 Photo
CMYKPhoto - Perfect CMYK Effect1.1N6.0AF, F, FC, Z560x560N
Color Burst1.2N3.0n/a2592x1936
Color Lake2.1N5.0n/a3264×4896N
Color Leap3.1N5.0AF, F, Z3264x2448
Color Sensation2.1.1N4.0AF, F, FC, Z2200x1643Formerly Color Splash Pro
Color Splash2.0.2Y* 4.3AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448
Color Thief1.1N5.0AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448Y
Color Tint1.1N4.3AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448
Color!1.6N4.0AF, F, FC, Z511x685
ColorBlast!1.0.8N3.2>2592x1936images 1080x806 px if saved as a project
Colorize1.1.2N3.0AF, F, Z2369x1769
ColorMania FX1.2N4.3AF, F, FC, Z700x700N
ColorRight1N4.1AF, F2592x1936
ColorStrokes2.1N4.3AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448NFormerly Color Splash Studio
ColorTaste with TOY LENS1.2.2N4.3AF, F, Z808x604N
ColorTime.1.0.1N6.0AF, F, FC, Z2048x1536Y
Cool Camera-Particle Effects1.0.6N4.3480x320N
Cortex Camera1.8Y5.0AF, T3264x2448Y12MP images on iPhone 5/5S/5C devices
Crop Photo °1.1N4.0n/a2592x1936, >3500x3500
Crop Smart1N2.1AF, F, Z
Crop Suey1.2N2.0AF, F, Z>3264x2448
Cross Process2.3N* 5.1AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448
Cut The Photo1.2.1N4.0AF, F, FC, Z320x480
Darkroom3.5.9N3.1F, Z2592x1936
Darkroom Pro3.5.9N3.1F, Z2592x1936
Decim83.5.3N5.0AF, F, FC3264x2448N
Deco Sketch Pro1.8.1N4.3n/a3264x2448N
Decolorizer1.2N4.0AF, F, FC, Z939x1257
Digital Negative1.2Y5.0
Digits Cam1.20N4.0AF640x864
Diptic6.4N5.0AF, F, Z3264x3264
Diptic PDQ1.0.1Y7.0n/a2048x2048N
Distressed FX1.2.2Y6.1AF, F, FC, Z~1800x1800N
DMD Panorama2.7.1N5.0Y
dotfunc(camera)1.0.2N6.1AF, F2048x20484:3 ratio is 1536x2048 max. resolution
Dramatic Black & White2.04Y5.1AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448
Dropico2.1N4.1AF, F, Z700x700
DXP2.2.2N4.3AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448N
DXP Free1.6.0N4.3AF, F, Z808x604
Dynamic Light2.1Y4.3AF, F, Z3264x2448N
Earphone Camera2.6N4.0AF, F, FC2592x1936
effectly1.2N5.1AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448N
EffectsLab1.3Nn/a2565x1916Currently unavailable in the App Store
Elasticam1.3N4.3AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448N
Enjoylomo Camera1.7N5.0AF, F, FC, Z1280x960N
Epic Camera HD1.0.0NAF, FC, Z1280x1920
Eraser Camera3NF1920x1344iPhone 4 Shutter bug
Eraser+1.2N5.1AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448N
Etchings1.6.1Y5.0AF, F, FC, Z3300x3300Y
EyeEm - Photo Filter Camera4.0.1Y6.0AF, F, FC3264x2448Y
Facebook Camera1.0.2N4.3AF, F, FC2048x1536Unfiltered pic is saved to camera rool at full device resolution
Fast Camera5.2.1N4.3FC, T3264x2448, 1280x720N
Film Camera - Auto X31.4N4.3AF, F3000x866
FILM LAB1.1N3.1.3AF, F, Z>2592x1936
FilterFX for Free1.4Nn/a2592x1936
FilterMania 21.6.3N5.0AF, F, FC, Z700x700N
Filters!1.5.0N5.0AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448Y
Finger Focus1.2.7Y5.0AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448N
Fisheye Camera3.1N4.0316x338
Fisheye for Free1.5Nn/a2592x2592
Fisheye Lens (Lomo Style Fisheye Camera)1.0.9N4.3AF, F, FC2048x2048N
Fisheye Toy Camera1.3.0N5.0F, FC1600x1600
Flash for Free1.7Nn/a2592x1936
Flash Hero2.2NAF, F, Z2592x1936
FlashTM4.0N4.0AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448
Flickr2.31.1546Y5.1AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448Y
FocalLab1.5N4.0AF, F, Z3264x2448
Focus Plus1.0N4.2AF, F2592x1936
FocusMe2.0N3.1.3n/a1280x960, 1280x1280N
Focusoid1.1.0N3.0AF, F, Z1600x1600
Format1261NAF, F, Z2381x1820Currently unavailable in the App Store
Fotoffiti1.2N4.0AF, F, FC, Z640x870
Fotomatic 22.0N5.0AF, T3264x2448Y
Fotomecha1.50N5.0F1024x768, 1917x1440
Fotopia2.1.1N5.0AF, F, FC, Z720x960N
Fotor1.2.2N4.3AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448NDoesn't support full-res digital zoom.
Fotor - Photo Effect Studio3.0.1N5.0AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448NFormerly Photo Effect Studio, Fotor - PES. Modest res increase from 2200x1643
FotoRoid 1001.3N4.0AF, F, Z2048x2048Y
Fotoyaki1.3N4.3AF, F, FC, Z720x960N
Frame Magic7.2Y6.0n/a2400x2400N
Frametastic2.0Y6.0AF, F, FC, Z1800x1800
Front-Flash1.1N6.0FC720x1280NSupports front camera only
FrontView1.0N4.0AF, F, FC, Z~2592x1936
Fusioncam1.1N4.0AF, F
FX Photo Editor2.0.0N3.0AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448N
FX Photo Effect1.0N5.0AF, F, FC, Z212x280N
FX Photo Studio5.0N4.3AF, F, FC, Z2592x2592YNo longer supports 3264x3264 on iPhone 5
Gcamera - Multi Grid Finder1.4.2N4.3AF, T3264x2448Y
Glitché (Free version, no upgrade)1.21N5.0600x600N
GorillaCam2.1.4Y4.3AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448YDoesn't support full-res digital zoom.
GorillaCamPro2.1.4Y4.3AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448YFormerly Frame X Frame. Does not support full-res digital zoom.
GreenSpot Fix1.21N4.1n/a2592x1936
Grid Lens1.3.2N5.0AF, F, FC1620x1216N
GridFilter1.2N6.0AF, F, FC, Z960x640N
Grungetastic2.0.2N4.2AF, F, FC, Z2592x1936
Halftone1.9.5N5.0AF, F, Z>3264x2448N
Handheld Night Shot1.4N5.0
Handy Photo®1.0N4.3AF, F, FC, Z>3264x2448YSupports up to 36MP file sizes
HarrisCamera2.0N4.3AF, FC3264x2448No longer supports iOS 4.2 or older
HDR Art1.1N5.1AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448N
HDR Foto2.1.8N4.0AF~2073x1548
HDR Fusion2.2N4.2AF, FC, T~3260x2440Y
HDR FX Pro2.9N4.3AF, F3264x2448NGeotags are broken
HDR Photo Camera4.1.17N4.3AF3264x2448
HDR³1.4.1N6.0AF, F~3264x2448Y
Hipstamatic271Y6.0AF, F2448x2448Y
Hipstamatic Disposable15.2N4.3AF, F600x600Currently unavailable in the App Store
Hipstamatic Oggl1.4Y6.02448x2448Y
Hot Shots Digital Camera1NF, Z2592x1936iPhone 4 Shutter bug. Doesn't support Apple's zoom
Hueless2.6Y5.0AF, F, FC3264x2448Y
Huemore1.6Y5.0AF, F, FC3264x2448Y
Huge Photos1.0N4.3AF, F, FC, Z640x960N
iCamera HDR2.4.0N5.0AF, F~2199x1642
iColorama S for iPhone3.4.1N5.1AF, F, FC, Z>3264x24482048 resolution on iPhone 4 and older devices
iCorrect OneClick Color2.0N3.0AF, F, Z2048x1536
iDarkroom1.6.1N3.0AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448N
iFlashReady3.7.1Nn/a2048x1536Currently unavailable in the App Store
Image Blender1.9.10Y6.0AF, F, FC, Z>3264x2448YTested up to 32MP
Image Filter & Creator2.1.0N5.0AF, F, FC, Z320x480NFormerly PhotoProTM, a scam photo app
imphoto Pro2.5.1NAF, F, Z2048x1536Currently unavailable in the App Store
Infinicam1.51N4.0AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448
Infinite Eye3.1N4.2none360x480
Infinity Image1.1N5.1AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448N
Instacam1.1N4.1AF, F, FC2048x2048Imported images have lower resolution
Instaflash3.2.0Y6.0AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448YFormerly ACDSee Camera Flash
InstaFrame+2.3Y6.0AF, F, FC, Z2400x2400N
Instagram4.2.0Y6.0AF, F, FC~2448x2448Y
Instagrunge1.0N4.3AF, F, FC, Z612x612
INStan Pocket - Toy Digital Camera2.2.1N5.0AF, FC1200x840, 900x900
Instant Camera1.3.1NAF, F, Z1000x1160
Instant Camera+1.2N6.0AF, FC600x600
Instant Sketch3.60N6.0n/a2048x1536N
Instant: The Polaroid Instant Camera1.1Y5.0AF, F, FC2000x2400N
Instant1102.2.0Y6.0AF, F, FC2448x2448
Instaplus1.5.2N4.3AF, F, FC, Z2000x2000N
Interlacer1.4N4.2AF, F, FC3264x2448
iPictures1.1N4.3AF, FC3264x2448N
iQuikSplash - Splash Colors2.1N3.2AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448
Jazz1.4Y5.0AF, F, FC, Z>3264x2448Y
King Camera2.5.41N4.3AF, F, FC, ZY
King Camera HD2.5.41N4.3AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448Y
KitCam1.6Y5.1AF, F, FC3264x2448YCurrently unavailable in the App Store
Kyoobik Photo1.21Y5.1AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448Y
Labelbox1.4.2N4.0AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448N
Laminar (for iPhone)1.9.7N6.0AF, F, FC, Z>3500x3500Formerly Iris Photo Suite and Laminar Express for iPhone. No longer supports iOS 5.x or older
Laminar Pro1.9.7N6.0AF, F, FC, Z>3500x3500
Large Aperture Pro1.7N3.1.3n/a1707x1281
Layers for iPhone2.8.1N5.0n/a1024x1024, 4096x4096The larger .PSD exports are upsampled from the 1024x1024 original
Leme Camera2.4.2N4.01936x1936
Leme Camera-12.0M (Pro)2.4.2N4.0AF, F, FC3500x3500
Leme Leme1.3.4N4.0AF, F, FC, Z600x600Doesn't support Apple's zoom
Lens App1.1N5.0640x854NFormerly LensFX by LI HUNG WANG
Lens+4.1N4.3AF, F, FC3264x2448Formerly “Live Filter Camera”
Lenses1N3.1F1600x1200May be minor iOS 4 incompatibility
LensFlare14.1Y6.0AF, F, FC3072x3072N1024x1024 on iPhone 3GS and older devices. No longer supports iOS 4.2 or older
LensLight6.1Y5.0n/a3072x3072N1024x1024 on iPhone 3GS and older devices. No longer supports iOS 4.2 or older
Lensograf1.3N5.0AF, F, FC, Z612x612
LevelCam1.2NF2592x1936iPhone 4 Shutter bug. Currently unavailable in the App Store
LifeCards - Postcards1.8.2N6.0AF, F, FC, Z2048x1446NMinor iOS 7 UI issues
Light Leaks1.2N5.0690x920N
LightLeaker1.4Y4.3AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448N
LightPhoto - Photo editor2.7.2N4.3AF, F, FC, Z>3264x2448N
Limited Color3.6N6.0AF, F, FC, Z2560x1920N
Liquid Lens1.10N6.0640x960N
Lithogram1.0N4.1AF, F, FC, Z1280x960
Live FX2.2N3.2F, Z2592x1936, 3180x2370
lo-mob1.8.32N4.3AF, F, FC, Z>3264x2448
LOFI1.1NAF, F, Z2592x1936, 1170x1156Single pane images shot in LOFI are 5MP. Currently unavailable
LomoLomo Pro1.2.1N4.0AF, F1936x1936Currently unavailable in the App Store
Lomora2.3.3N5.0F, FC2448x2448YFormerly Lomora 2
Lomora Pro3.1N5.0AF, F, FC3264x2448Formerly Lomora 3
LongExpo2.2N4.0AF, FC, T5760x4320N
Lumie1.1.0Y6.0AF, F, FC, Z640x767N
Luminance1.6.0N5.0AF, F, FC, Z>3500x3500Y
Lumo1.0N4.1AF, F, FC, Z640x640N
Magic Hour - Camera & Unlimited Filter1.3.7N4.3AF, F, FC, Z2448x2448
Magic Selection1NAF, F, Z480x480
Magic Shutter1NF720x960
Manga Toon Studio1.1N5.1AF, F, FC, Z640x852N
MarbleCam2.4N4.3AF, F, FC720x720N
Meta - Contemporary Photo Filters1.3.1N5.0AF, F, FC, Z2400x1800, 2048x2048N
Mill Colour1.2N4.2AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448
Mirage Photo Studio1.2.1N4.1n/a2048x1536
Mobile Monet2.2.0N5.0AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448N
Moco Cam1.4NAF, F, FC, Z1200x800Currently unavailable in the App Store
Moku Hanga1.11N5.1AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448N
Momentsia1.0N6.0AF, FC640x1008N
Mono Pro1.0N5.0AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448N
Monochromia1.8.0Y5.0AF, F, Z3264x2448
Monokrom1.3N6.0AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448Y
MonoPhix3.3N4.3AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448
MonoPhix Lite3.1N4.3n/a2592x1936, 3180x2370
MonoPix1.0.2Y5.1AF, F, FC3264x2448N
Monotone1.2N4.3AF, F, Z2592x1936
MonoVu1.2.0N5.0AF, F, FC3264x2448
moreMono1N3.1AF, F, Z1024x768
MovieFX for Free1.4N3.1.3n/a2592x1936
Mozaikr1.3N5.0AF, F, FC, Z2088x1566NLarger file sizes available through iTunes sync, ~8700x6525
MPro1.4.4Y5.1AF, F3264x2448Y
MullerPhoto2.1N5.0AF, F, FC2581x1936N
Multi-lens Camera1.0.4N4.0AF, FC480x480
My Photo Planets1.0N4.3AF, F, FC, Z2048x2048NDoes not currently work correctly in Portrait mode
My Sketch2.6N4.3AF, F, FC, Z2048x1528
Night Fast Snap!2.1N4.2AF, FC2592x1936
Night Modes2.0N5.0
NightCam Live1.1N1024x768
NightCam+1.9N4.12592x1936Now XLCamera version 2.x
NightCap3.0.1N5.0AF, F, FC3264x2448Y
NIR Color1.0N4.2AF, F, FC, Z2867x2150N
Noir Photo1.1N4.0n/a2592x1936Y2048x1536 resolution on 8MP devices
Noise Master1.2N3.1AF, F, FC, Z>3264x2448
NoiseBlaster1N2.2AF, F, Z1600x1200
Nostalgio1.7N4.0AF, F, FC, Z1600x1600
Old Picture2.14N4.3n/a3264x2448N
OldCamera3.71N3.0AF, F, Z2592x1936
OlloCorrect1.2N5.0none3264x2448YCurrently unavailable in the App Store
OneCamera1.1N5.0AF, F, FC, Z1920x1080
Orasis2.1N4.1AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448
Osmo Leaker Free1.2.1N6.0AF, F, FC, Z2048x1536N
Osmo Leaker Pro1.2.1N6.0AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448N
OX Camera1NF2592x1936
Paint FX : Photo Effects Editor4.0N5.0n/a3264x2448N
Palette01.1N4.0AF, F, FC, Z1024x768
Panoramatic 3605.0.3N4.3F>8635x1345
PanoramaTM by Wondershare1.6.0N4.3AF~1626x588
Part1.4N5.0AF, F, FC, Z3264x2176N
Path3.2N5.0AF, F, Z1536x1536Y
Path On1.2N5.1AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448N
Peppermill1.2N5.0AF, F, FC, Z1224x1224N
Percolator2.0N4.3AF, F, Z2048x2048
Perfect B&W by OnOne1.0.1NAF, F, FC, Z2048x2048Y
Perfect Image3.0.0N5.0AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448NFormerly PixelWorks. No longer supports iOS 3.x
Perfect Photo3.1N4.2AF, F, Z3072x3072
Perfectly Clear3.7Y7.0AF, F, FC, Z4948x4948Y
Perspective Correct1.3N6.1AF, F, FC, Z~3264x2448N
Pholeido2.1N3.1AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448Doesn't support Apple's zoom
PhoneGrafer2.21N5.0F, Z / AF, F, Z3264x2448YApp has two camera modes
Phonto3.8Y6.0AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448
Phoster1.5.4Y6.0AF, F, FC, Z1448x2048N
Photo 551.0.1N4.0AF, F, FC, Z2592x1936
Photo Color FX1.0N4.0AF, F, FC2448x2448
Photo Editor - Fotolr3.0.10N4.31201x901NFormerly Fotolr Photo Studio. No longer supports iOS 3.x.
Photo Editor by Aviary3.0.0Y7.0AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448Y
Photo Editor- by Axiem2.1.1N4.3AF, F, FC, Z2000x1500N
Photo Editor+ by Axiem2.7.3N4.3AF, F, FC, Z2000x1500N
Photo Fixer1.2N3.2n/a2592x1936
Photo fx by Tiffen5.0.3Y6.0AF, F, FC, Z3300x3300NFormerly Tiffen Photo fx
Photo Power3.0.0N4.1AF, F, FC, Z3500x3500
Photo Slice1.1.3N5.0640x960
Photo Slice Pro1.4.6N5.0AF, F, FC, Z640x960NFormerly PhotoSlice
Photo Splash FX3.2N4.3AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448N
Photo Sweets2.5N3.1Both Lite and Standard versions
PhotoArtista-Oil2.0.3Y5.1AF, F, FC, Z1741x1300
Photobag-travel Photography!3.6N4.3AF, F, FC, Z612x612NFormerly PhotoBag and Photobag-art camera!
PhotoDesk1.1N3.0AF, F, Z1200x900, 1200x1200It works in iOS 4.3, but import is a little wonky
PhotoForge1.99N3.2AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448
PhotoForge22.1.97Y4.3AF, F, FC, Z>3264x2448YCurrently unavailable in the App Store
PhotoFusion2.3.1Y6.03264x2448Formerly AnyShape - Photo Editor, PhotoStation
Photogene2.71N4.2AF, F, Z3264x2448Currently unavailable in the App Store.
Photogene2 for iPhone1.50Y6.0AF, F, FC3264x2448
Photogene44.0.1Y6.0>3264x2448YSupports up to 21MP images. Formerly Photogene for iPad.
Photomizer1.2N3.1.3AF, F, Z2592x1936, 3180x2370
Photonasis 2.03.20N2.1AF, F, Z1600x1200Currently unavailable in the App Store.
PhotoNova 21.2.1N5.0AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448N
PhotoNova+1.0.2N5.0AF, F, FC, Z2592x1944N
PhotoProTM1.0NAF, F, FC, Z320x460NCurrently unavailable in the App Store. Same as Image Filter & Creator, a scam photo app.
Photoscape1.0N5.0AF, F, FC, Z319x336N
PhotoShacker1.3N5.0AF, F, FC, Z960x720, 960x960
PhotoShake!3.2.5N4.3AF, F, FC, Z2592x2592
Photosynth1.1.5N4.3AF2048 wide
PhotoToaster5.1.0N5.0AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448Y1200x1200px on an iPhone 3G.
PhotoTouch2.3.6N6.0AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448
Phototreats1.0.5N3.1AF, F, Z2592x1936
PhotoViva1.25N3.0AF, F, FC, Z1280x1280
PhotoWizard-Photo Editor3.5N4.3AF, F, FC, Z3072x3072
Pic Grunger3.5.2N4.0n/a3264x2448N1000x750 on an iPhone 5, iOS 6
Pic Stitch3.5N5.0n/a1936x1936
PicBoost2.0N4.3n/a3264x2448Formerly known as PicTools
PicEffects HD1.0N4.0AF, F, FC, Z640x1096N
PicEffects Pro1.0N4.0AF, F, FC, Z640x1096N
PicFrame7.2N5.0AF, F, FC, Z3264x3264N
Picfx5.5N4.3AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448Y
picplz1.8N4.0AF, F, FC, Z765x1024Currently unavailable in the App Store
Pics Smoother1.1N4.0AF, F, Z2592x1936
PicShop HD - Photo Editor2.6N4.3AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448N
Pictography1.8N4.3AF, F, FC, Z640x640N
PICtone1.1.1N3.0AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448
PictureShow3.1.1N4.0AF, F, Z3264x2448
PicYou1.5.3N4.0AF, FC640x640
Pixel Blend Pro1.0.1N4.0AF, F, FC, Z2048x1536
Pixel It1.2N4.0AF, F, FC, Z2592x2592
Pixel Perfect1.3Nn/a2592x1936
Pixelate Tool1.2N4.0AF, F, FC, Z1936x2592
Pixlr Express PLUS2.0Y6.0AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448N
Pixlr-o-matic2.2.3Y5.1AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448
Pixlr-o-matic Plus2.2.3Y5.1AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448
Plaster1.2.2N5.0AF, F, FC2048x1536N
Plastic Bullet Camera2.01N4.1AF, F, Z3000x3000
Plastica2.0N6.0AF, F, FC, Z2448x2448N
Plastiq Camera1.7N6.03264x2448N
Pocketbooth2.0.1N5.0AF, FC652x1956, 469x2608
Pointillist1.5N4.3AF, F, FC, Z3329x2500
Polamatic3.0.1N5.0AF, F, FC2282x2771N
PolarCam - Instant Retro Camera1.2N4.3AF2448x2896
Polarize1.1N450x520Currently unavailable
Polarock1.3N2.1AF, F, FC, Z320x461
Polaroid Digital Camera App2.0N3.0AF, F1936x1936
Polaroid Instant Cam1.2.1N3.1.3F2100x2550iPhone 3GS resolution is 1050x1275
Polatax1.3N5.0AF, F, FC, Z1800x2160NCurrently unavailable in the App Store. Now Text on Foto.
PolyFrame7.2Y6.0AF, F, FC, Z2400x2400Formerly PolyMagic
Pop Camera1.7Y6.0AF, F, FC2048x1536
Popkick - Pop Art Camera1.02N6.0AF, F, FC, Z~1808x1808N
Popmatic: Pop and Fast Camera Lenses1.2N5.0
Popsicolor2.0N5.0AF, F, FC, Z2048x1536, 2048x2048N
Popsicolor Picture1.0N5.0AF, F, FC, Z1280x960N
Popstamatic Pop Art Creator1.0N3.2AF, F, FC, Z800x600
Poster Booth1.1N3.1.3n/a854x641
Poster+1.0N5.1AF, F, FC, Z1280x1920N
Posterize1.1N4.0AF, F, FC, Z2592x2592
PowerCamTM3.1.2N4.3AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448N
PowerSketch2.0.0N4.3AF, F, FC, Z720x960N
Pro HDR4.5.1N4.1AF, F, FC>3264x2448Y
ProCam3.1.1Y6.0AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448Y
ProCamera4.2.2Y6.0AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448Y
ProCamera 75.0Y7.0AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448Y
ProCamera Basic2NF, Z2592x1936iPhone 4 Shutter bug. Currently unavailable.
Process3.9N6.0AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448Y
Pudding Camera3.4.1N4.3AF, F, FC1280x1280N
PureShot for iPhone2.10Y5.1AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448Y
pxl.1.2Y6.0AF, F, FC, Z640x960, 1024x1024
qbro3.8N4.3AF, F, FC1936x1936
QuadCamera - Multishot3.10N4.31600x1200
Quick Lomo Pro1.7N4.3AF, F, FC3264x2448
QuickPix1.4.3N4.3AF, F, Z3264x2448Yformerly QuickCam, QuikCam
Real Bokeh2.0.1Y6.0n/a3264x2448N
Real Camera+3.0.1N4.0AF, F, Z2300x1718
Real Halftone1.5.1N4.3AF, F, FC, Z1440x1068, 1908x1908N
Reflex - Vintage Camera and Pic Editor2.1Y5.0AF, F, FC2048x2048N
Resize Image4.5N6.02592x1936
Retrica1.0.1N5.0AF, F, FC3264x2448N
Retrica Pro1.0.1N5.0AF, F, FC3264x2448N
Retro Camera Plus1.0.6N4.0.2AF, F1200x1200Version 1.0.6 no longer supports 2056x2056 resolution
RetroCamera2.0.4N5.1AF, F, FC, Z3210x2400Y
Retrogami1.1N4.3AF, F, FC, Z2592x1936
RetroGram1.3N4.3AF, F, FC700x700
Retromatic2.0.2N5.1AF, F, FC, Z1280x1280N
Rhonna Designs1.3N6.01024x1024N
Ripped from Reality1.52N4.2AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448
Rollage1.1N5.0AF, F, FC, Z2592x1944N
Scout Camera1.0.3N5.1AF, F3264x2448Y
ScratchCam FX2.1.1N4.3AF, F, FC, Z2592x1936Formerly ScratchCam.
SelectEffect1.4N3.2AF, F, FC, Z1750x1313, 1900x1463Larger size includes frame
SepiaCamera3.7NAF, F, Z2592x1936
Seventy1.2.0N4.1AF, F, Z1600x1200
ShakeIt2.7N4.3AF, F, FC, Z1680x2046N
ShakeItPhoto2.0.1N3.1.3AF, F, FC, Z1936x1910, 1920x2300
SharpBriteCam3G2.7N3.1F1200x1600Formerly DonutCamPicRing, DonutCam
Shnap!1.6N4.1AF, F, FC, Z1024x768
Shuchusen1.2N5.0AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448
Simply B&W1.4N4.0AF, F, FC, Z3264x3264
SkipBleach2.1.0Y6.0AF, F, Z3212x2400
Sloppy Borders1.1NAF, F, Z~1000x800Occasional crashes when importing from camera roll. Not 100% iOS 4 compatible
Slow Shutter Cam1.9.2N4.3AF, T, FC3264x2448YiPhone 4 and 4S only. 2048x1536 on a 3GS
Slow Shutter! by Lucky Clan1.0N5.0AF3264x2448N
Snap Filters2.0.2NAF, F, Z2592x1936
SnapDot1.0.2N4.2AF, F, FC, Z2048x1595, 2048x2048N
SnappyCam Pro3.2.3Y5.0AF, F, FC3264x2448Y
Snapseed1.5.1Y5.0AF, F, FC, Z>3500x3500Y
Snapster1.3.0Y6.0AF, F, FC2448x2448
Snapture2NF, Z2592x1936iPhone 4 Shutter bug. Doesn't support Apple's zoom. Currently unavailable.
sosoCamera4.0N5.0AF, FC480x563, 1440x2160N
Space Paint1.0N4.21000x750
Spica Super Monochrome3N3.1AF, F, Z3264x2448
Squara2.2.0N6.0AF, F, FC, Z2448x2448Y
Squaready Pro2.3.0N5.0n/a2448x2448Y
Starmatic1.0.3N4.2AF, F, FC640x640N
Straighten Image1N2.0AF, F, Z2592x1936, 3180x2370
StreetMate1.0.2NEX3264x2177Currently unavailable in the App Store
Strut Type3.2N* 6.0AF, F, FC, Z1920x1440N
Super Photo - Effects & Filters1.2N4.3AF, F, FC, Z1280x1280N
Super Retro1.0.3N4.3AF, F, Z3264x2448
Superimpose2.9N5.0AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448
SuperPopCam1.02N4.0AF, F, FC, Z720x960
SwankoLab1.4N5.0AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448N
Swipe1.2N5.0AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448N
Tadaa - HD Pro Camera4.7.9Y5.0AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448Y
Tangled FX1.1N5.0AF, F, FC, Z4096x4096N
TapFX1.0.1N* 5.0.1AF, F, FC, Z700x700NDoesn't support Apple's 5X zoom
TapShot1.0.1N5.0AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448
Text on Foto1.3N5.0AF, F, FC, Z2401x1800N
TextMask1.3.0Y6.0AF, F, FC, Z2272x2272N
The Light Camera - Mark I1.2N5.1AF, FC3264x2448Y
The Warhol: D.I.Y POP2.5N5.0AF, F, FC, Z960x960N
Thirty Six1.5N6.0AF, F3264x2448N
Tiled1.4.0N4.3AF, F, FC, Z3264x3264N
TiltShift2.5N5.0AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448Y
TiltShift Effect1.2.1N6.0AF, FC4000x4000NCamera saves at 1024x768 resolution
TiltShift Generator2.13Y6.1AF, F, Z3264x2448
TiltShift Generator Free2.12N4.3AF, F, FC, Z1024x768
Timetracks - Slit-Scan Camera1.1.0N4.0320x????
Tinge1.2N5.0AF, FC2448x2448N
Tinned Cam3.0.2N* 5.0AF, F, FC, Z640x640N
Tiny Planet Photos4.4.1N4.3AF, F, FC1000x1000, 2000x2000 pro
Tiny Planet Photos Pro4.4.1N4.3AF, F, FC2000x2000
Tonaltopia1.12N4.2AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448
ToonPAINT2.4.4N5.0AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448
Top Camera4.8.2N4.3AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448
TOUCHLOOK PRO1.3N3.1.3AF, F, FC, Z2592x1936
TouchRetouch3.2N4.3AF, F, FC, Z>2592x1936
TOUCHUP STUDIO1N3.1.2AF, F, Z800x600Crashes when loading an image from camera roll
Toy Digi M-Ex1.01N3.0AF, F, Z2592x1936
ToyCamera4.01N3.0AF, F, FC2448x1836, 2448x2448
Tripod4.6N4.3AF, Z3264x2448Doesn't support Apple's zoom
TrueHDR2.6N5.0AF, F, Z~3264x2448Supports imported images up to 18MP. No longer supports iOS 4.x
Trusight Pro1.2N3.1.3AF, F, Z2592x1936, 3180x2370
TtV Camera3.2N4.2AF, F, FC2048x2048
TtV Photo Studio1.1N4.0AF, F, FC, Z1936x1936
TtV Studio Pro2.0N4.0AF, F, FC, Z1936x1936Currently unavailable in the App Store
TwistCam1.0.0N4.1AF, F, FC, Z2000x2000
Typesetter1.0N6.0AF, F, FC, Z640x640N
Typic1.8N6.0AF, F, FC, Z2448x2448N
Typic Pro1.8N6.0AF, F, FC, Z2448x2448N
typogr.am1.3.2N4.3AF, F, Z640x640N
Ultimate Camera1.1N3.1F, Z2592x1936iPhone 4 Shutter bug. Doesn't support Apple's zoom
Ultimate Camera Free1.1N3.1F, Z2592x1936iPhone 4 Shutter bug. Doesn't support Apple's zoom
Ultimate Photo Editor+1.1N4.3
Veensta Camera1.1N3.2F1272x1272
Vignettr1.3.3N5.1AF, F, Z3264x2448
Vint B&W MII2.1.1N5.1AF2592x1944, 3264x2448NFormerly Vint B&W
Vint Green1N2.1AF, F, Z3264x2448
Vint Red1N2.1AF, F, Z3264x2448
Vint Shift1.1N2.1AF, F, Z3264x2448
Vintage Camera Pro1.7N4.3AF, F, FC1280x1280N
Vintage View1.3N5.0FC640x960
VintageScene3.51Y5.1AF, F, Z3264x2448
Vintique2.5.0Y5.1AF, F, FC, Z1224x1224, 2448x2448N
Virtual SLR Camera1NAF, F2048x1536No override for flash settings. Auto flash only.
VSCO Cam2.1.1Y6.0AF, F, FC3264x2448Y
Warhol1.4N4.0AF, F, FC, Z1200x1200
Waterfy1.0.1N5.0AF, F, FC, Z212x416N
WaterMyPhoto2.1N4.3AF, F, FC, Z780x1004N
White Balancer2.5N5.1AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448N
Wide Angle Len Camera2.4N5.1AF~1800x~3000N
Wood Camera3.0Y6.0AF, F, FC3264x2448
WordFoto1.0.2N4.0AF, F, FC, Z2592x1936
WoW Camera2.3.1N5.0AF, F, FC, Z1920x1440N
WoW Camera+ Pro2.3.1N5.0AF, F, FC, Z1928x1440N
WowFX1.3.1N5.0AF, F, FC, Z2000x2000N
Wrap Camera2.92Y6.0AF, F, FC, Z3264x2448N
XLCamera - iPhone Edition3.1N5.0FC, T3264x2448Formerly NightCam+
XLCamera - Universal3.1N5.0FC, T3264x2448
XnShape1.14N5.0AF, F, FC, Z2448x2043N
XnSketch1.05N5.0AF, F, FC, Z2448x2448N
XnView Photo Fx2.14N5.0n/a3264x2448N
You Gotta See This!3.1N6.0>2900x1800
Zitrr Camera1.3.1N6.0AF, F, FC3264x2448N
Zoom Lens1N3.1AF, F2592x1936NShutter bug. No longer available in App Store.


This database is an ongoing project and is updated regularly and is meant to replace our previous “iPhone 4 Photo App Compatibility” grid. Maximum resolution numbers are based on the 5 MP output of an iPhone 4. They may also include a second value to include compatibility with one of the larger 7MP or 12MP software cameras available.

Some apps may not be listed right away because we know that updates have been submitted to the App Store, but not yet released. We’ll add them as soon as they’re available.

Let us know in the comments below if you have any experience with photo apps on your iPhone that aren’t listed here.



About Marty Yawnick 1808 Articles
Marty is a self-employed graphic designer in the Fort Worth/Dallas Metroplex. He is an avid Rangers baseball, Chicago Cubs, Packers and Highbury Arsenal fan. In addition to capturing random moments with whatever camera is close by (usually his iPhone), his other interests include coffee, film, music, and traveling in seats 5E and 5F with his fiancé.
  • Lynn

    this is very useful, thank you so much Marty for putting together a list like this for all iphoneographers :)

  • Martin Low

    Hmmm I thought hipstamatic is full resolution for the iPhone4’s 5MP?

    • lifeinlofiblog

      1936×1936 is full resolution for square frame format on an iPhone 4. Still plenty of pixels there….


  • Wei Khuen

    Thank for compiling the list

  • Mark W

    after updating iPod to 4.3 polarize will no longer process photos from library. anyone else getting this? daren't update my iP4 in case polarize doesn't work. if you've updated iP4 to iOS 4.3 and polarize still works can you leave a comment please? thanks Mark W

  • Fredrik Nilsson

    Great work Marty. Thanks.

    I have a question regarding iFlashReady. I bought it [based on your review] before it disappeared from the App Store. However, when I run it I only manage to get processed pictures that have resoultions in the region 320 x 200. According to your grid it manages much bigger resolutions.

    Are there any "hidden" settings?

    I have the same problem with Flash from Pocket World Software.

  • @dmaclau

    great chart, thank you Marty.

  • MattBurlem

    Yep, Polarize is now dead. :o(

    I'm gutted as this has been my staple iPhoneography app since I first got an iPhone and I've become completely reliant on it!

    Looking for an alternative and I suppose the closest so far is ShakeItPhoto but it's not as good and doesn't have the proper Polaroid border, just a square one… ANy suggestions for the new best 'Polaroid' app?

    Goodbye old friend…. :o(

    • lifeinlofiblog

      My condolences on your loss, Matt.

      I still have Polarize on an old iPhone that I keep on iOS 3 for a few apps — Polarize is one of them. I'll go through all the fauxlaroid apps to see which one (or which combination) comes closest. Unfrotunately, I think Polarize is unreplacable by anything but Polarize.


      • JonnyGerman

        Don't know if it appeals to others, but the Instant filter in CameraBag is the thing that keeps that app on my phone. I especially like it for people shots, and it seems to handle low light better than most.

  • JonnyGerman

    This is a great resource, thanks. I'd love to see it include your ratings and links for the ones you've reviewed.

    A few more useful apps that save at full res on the 3GS (don't know about i4): GeniusScan, MobileMonet, PhotoFactory.

    It appears you are mistaken about Slow Shutter Cam, I have it saving at full res on my 3GS (1536 x 2048).

    • lifeinlofiblog

      Thanks, Jonny. I'll update that for 3GS.


    • lifeinlofiblog

      Thanks, Jonny, I've updated Slow Shutter Cam and will look into the other ones soon.


  • Mark W

    i know polarize is no longer available from the app store or being developed, but can anyone absolutley confirm it will or will not *work* with iOS 4.3 fpr those that still have the app on their phones? thanks.

  • Shadow

    Now this is very very useful. Thanks a bunch :) I’ll keep watch on this, hopefully apps will be updated with iOS 4.3 support

  • =M=

    Hi, Mark,

    Earlier versions of iOS 4 broke the camera of Polarize. iOS 4.3 now breaks photo library import for me. Import still works in iOS 4.2.1.


    • Mark W

      hi marty. thanks for confirming that. i had hoped your very useful chart would do that but it seems to only give the lowest iOS possible – not applicable in this case. if only chris comair would ressurrect this app. it's so good i may have to go through the bother of having a 'polarize-dedicated' iPhone which is a bit silly. Polaroid should stop mucking about, ditch their dire app and replace it with this one.
      will be very interested to see what you recommend as the best replacement/combo after you experiments. cheers.
      Mark W.

    • Mark W

      hi marty. thanks for confirming that. i had hoped your very useful chart would do that but it seems to only give the lowest iOS possible – not applicable in this case, though i now see the comments tab has been updated.
      if only chris comair would ressurrect this app. it's so good i may have to go through the bother of having a 'polarize-dedicated' iPhone which is a bit silly. Polaroid should stop mucking about with their dire app, buy polarize and replace theirs with it.

  • MattBurlem

    Yep, iOS4.3 has completely broken Polarize. I too still have it on my old 3G iPhone but I can't imagine tolerating the hassle of taking all the pictures off my iPhone4 and putting them all onto my 3G just to Polarize them, especially as I usually do my Polarizing on the move, when I'm actually taking the picture or on the tube afterwards or whatever, so while it's an option, I can't see me choosing that!

    I need something for iOS4.3 that can do as good as, or nearly as good a job as Polarize did.


    • lifeinlofiblog

      Before it was stolen, I used to carry around my old 2G just for older versions of apps and the unique digital lo-fi capabilities of that iPhone's camera. Just a thought if you still have your 3G….


  • MattBurlem

    Well, I'm just about to revert to iOS 4.2.1 again as the benefits of 4.3 are negligible and outweighed by the fact that I want Polarize back again!

    Hopefully it'll work, but I will have to update the iOS one day…

    • Mark W

      thanks for confirming that matt, though i am distraught as you are. polarize just made every shot look good and was quick too. i can't figure out how it hasn't been bought by Polaroid themselves as it is massively better than their poor offering. i also like lo-mob's polaroid settings – great realistic borders and choice of colour effects, but it's slower and more complex. have you tried it? does anyone know a reliable way of downgrading to 4.2.1??

  • MattBurlem

    I've been looking into downgrading to 4.2.1 and it turns out to be very difficult and quite complicated and involves you having "saved your blobs" from 4.2.1!!

    I'll probably try to do it tonight but am worried about screwing something up…. Will keep you posted….

    It's such a shame that the developer of Polarize, Chris Comair, abandoned the app. He was only ever able to submit the first version of it, as Apple wouldn't support it or allow any updates to it after that (possibly worried about © probs from Polaroid) so even though he did improve its resolution and compatibility for later iOS versions, it was always rejected by Apple, so he's now abandoned it.

    Maybe we can get him to sell it to another developer or something?

    It's by far the best 'Fauxlaroid' app I've found, even if the res was a bit low and if I can't downgrade to 4.2.1 I'm gonna be a bit lost!

    Even if I do manage to downgrade, I'll have to update to future iOS versions at some point as I don't like to be too out of date with it…


    • Mark W

      thanks for confirming that matt. good luck with the downgrading. i think i'll be doing that too if i can figure it out. have you tried lo-mob. it will never be the same as polarize which was so simple and elegant with fantastic results everytime but lo-mob does have great realistic borders and different polaroid film stock effects. v impressive. give it a spin? get it before apple ban that too because of it's polaroid borders. cheers. Mark W.

  • MattBurlem

    I have tried Lo-Mob and thought it was a bit 'meh'. Does nice borders but doesn't so anything particularly nice to the image, as far as I can tell.

    Will fiddle with it some more but it's sad that there isn't an app as good as Polarize.

    Classic Insta isn't too bad (with the "CLS Modern" cartridge, so I might use that, and Retro Camera takes quite nice Polas but you can't use pics already in your library, which is a shame.

    Will keep you posted on the iOS downgrade, which may be a disaster, but who knows…..

    • Mark W

      i did notice that chris comair had another app called Effects Lab which has a polarize setting but i can't see it doing the border as well. if you have this app maybe use lo-mob or whatever to add the border after. it's a bit of a faff though isn't it. i think i'm in the denial stage of bereavment !

  • MattBurlem

    So I'm currently going through the process of downgrading my iPhone4 to iOS 4.2.1 which is a bit of a pain as I'll have to reload all my photos/music etc, and it was an extremely difficult and scary process to go through (my iPhone screen looked like an old DOS computer!) but I think it's worked now and it's currently reloading all my apps, so we'll see……

    • lifeinlofiblog

      Good luck, Matt. Let us know how it goes. You are braver than I am. What you're doing involves wiping your entire iPhone, restoring to factory specs, and reinstalling all your apps.

      Hopefully, you can restore from your latest backup in iTunes. That would make things easier and less scary.


  • MattBurlem

    Thanks! It was a complete nightmare and extremely difficult and scary but it's done now and I had to reinstall everything and re-do all my app-folders and settings and everything, as the backup file I had was of course for 4.3 and iTunes couldn't use that to restore 4.2.1 with, so the one it used seemed to be from ages ago.

    Still, apart from all my music, which is copying over as we speak, it's all back to normal and more importantly………. I have Polarize again! yay!!

    However, this whole episode has got me thinking that maybe I should sort of move on from Polarize and embrace other forms of iPhoneography such as Hipstamatic and the like, as there is more scope for creativity if I move away from just Polarize….

    On the other hand though, I like the consistency of Polarize and knowing how it behaves and if I use Hipstamatic and Instagram all the others it'll mean I'm now faced with infinite permutations and combinations of styles and treatments and I might get bogged down with it all, which could take away from the quite 'instant' method of iPhoneography that I've enjoyed thus far.

    It's a tricky one… any thoughts anyone?

  • Mark W

    after the demise of polarize i've been experimenting with alternatives. other apps can do a really good job of coming up with similar (and sometimes better IMHO) effects. lo-mob has some excellent filters and has big file size output which print great. as a polarize lookylikey i think the best is either using chris comair's "effects lab" app to process the image, then use lomob to add the border. the hipstamatic john s lens + lomob frame also does this well. poladroid – a desktop app – also does a convincing job. i've uploaded a few examples here have a look. they just don't replace the simplicity and *useability* of the original polarize though. never mind. cheers. mark w.

  • Fredrik Nilsson

    The photo app Speed Photo app seems to have problems with iOS 4.3. The preview windows now only show black squares.