Cool Link: 7 Composition Questions To Ask Before You Click The Shutter

I was cleaning out old bookmarks today and ran across this link. In case you missed it a few months ago, Digital Photo ran a basic but great piece “7 Composition Questions To Ask Before You Click The Shutter” by William Sawalich with several tips to help with better composition. Sometimes, it’s easy just to point and shoot. This posts gives you several tools — questions to ask to help you approach your shot differently. It’s a highly recommended read for beginners and has great reminders for those of us who have been shooting a while. I’m keeping this bookmark.

[We] take that creative stuff for granted. It’s actually just as important—no, it’s more important than the technical settings. We need to work at being creative. We should be challenging ourselves to make better, more interesting compositions….

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  • Lisa Jemison

    Thank you for posting that! Simple suggestions that can make all the difference!

  • These are great tips for beginners. It pays to plan ahead to get that perfect shot!

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