8x Telephoto Lens for iPhone Ships This Week… From Photojojo.

UPDATED: Now with revised shipping dates and correct availability dates. =M=

I love shopping the Photojojo store. Just about everything in there is designed to make camera geeks go “Want!”. This week, my latest want is their new 8x Telephoto Lens. Announced back in February, it finally ships this Friday, April 29, 2011 (iPhone 3G/3GS version ships a little later), but they are accepting pre-orders for the lens now. UPDATE: This little beast has actually been available from Photojojo since February. It’s on backorder and now both styles won’t be shipping until Thursday, May 5th. =M=

The new lens is an 8x fixed telephoto lens — no zoom capabilities. The lens has an impressive F1.1 aperture rating — better than the iPhone’s F2.8 aperture. At 8X, it’s the 35mm equivalent of a 280mm lens. It has a manual focus with a focal length from 3m – infinity. It weighs about 45 grams — less than half the weight of the iPhone itself. It’s small and light enough to slip into your pocket when not in use.

The lens threads into an included black plastic iPhone case. The kit also comes with an iPhone clip, a mini-tripod to help stabilize the rig and a cleaning cloth. The phone clip also has a standard 1/4″ thread mount for use on any standard tripod.

The whole thing — lens, mounting clip, tripod and cleaning cloth — sells for only $35 plus shipping on Photojojo.

A few things about the lens. According to supplied sample shots, it’ll get you in closer and take visibly clearer pictures than the iPhone’s digital zoom. But it looks like the lens has some chromatic aberrations and vignetting at the edges of the frame. In some other tests I’ve seen with this lens, I noticed it shifts colors a little bit when using it.

If this lens looks familiar, it’s a lot like the same 8X telephoto lens being branded and sold by Rollei for about $15 more. The specs, the housing, even the lens ring are identical. That extra $15 will get you a “Rollei” silk-screened on the lens and a 2 year warranty, though. No absolute street date yet on the Rollei lens, but it should be soon.

Nothing beats actually getting in as close as possible to your subject. When that’s not possible, a good optical zoom or telephoto lens is a better choice than using a digital zoom to get in close. This lens has a lot of uses — concerts, sporting events, nature photography. It’s even been suggested as a lightweight and easily portable lens for paparazzi.

I’ve already pre-ordered mine from Photojojo.

Order the 8X Telephoto Lens for iPhone 4 or iPhone 3G/3GS from Photojojo.com



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  • Obviously, the folks at PhotoJojo were fans of "The Powerpuff Girls" – wonder if they'll admit it.

  • Rob

    Oh. Muh. Gawd. I can't wait to see this thing in action. On the one hand, it CAN'T be very good… can it? On the other hand, it's only $35?! I'm reeee-eeeee-eeeeeee-eeally struggling to NOT buy this thing. But how could it possibly be usable at only $35? Case, tripod and 8x telephoto lens for only $35?

    I wish there were reviews for this thing!!! I want to find out what it can actually do.

    • Hi, Rob,

      I'm looking forward to getting mine. I hope they ship on time. The photos in this preview were provided by Photojojo and taken using the lens, if that helps. Things I'm ready to test are how well the lens mounts into the case, what the lens casing is made of (aluminum or plastic?), and how well it performs under less-than-ideal conditions.

      Photojojo often has among the lowest prices for gear like this — the same stuff selling for 2-3 times as much elsewhere, so I wouldn't be immediately put off by the $35 price tag. If this is a rebranded Eye Scope lens like I think this one and the Rollei are, it's the same lens I've seen elsewhere for up to $79.00.


  • The iPhone 4 has a 3.85mm lens. How did you determine that this lens provides the zoom equivalent of a 280mm lens ( I assume you meant 35mm equivalent)?

    • Hi, Khürt,

      You are correct — the 35mm equivalent. I've updated my post to reflect that. Thank you for catching that. It's a spec for this lens from a source that wasn't Photojojo. Photojojo is implying that this has similar specs to a Sigma 500, which I thought were a reach.


  • I remember reading about this on the Photojojo site some weeks ago and somehow managed avoiding the temptation to buy it then (probably because it hadn't shipped) Looks like I'm not going to be so lucky this time. Now, where's my Credit card?

  • James Campbell

    Very cool. Can’t wait to get one.

  • jeannie

    Looking forward to your review of this when you get it.

  • Charles

    OK now Rollei announced an 8X lens for the iPhone. Is this the Rollei?

  • Charles

    whoops….sorry, I read your post again and you answered the Rollei question already. The images released aren't "Stellar" and I'm hoping the Rollei lens will in fact be different (better)

    • Hi, Charles. I'm trying to get a Rollei as well. We'll see what happens there.


  • Manny

    i ordered mine earlier… it will be interesting to see what some folks can do with this.

  • Amazon seem to have this for $24.95

  • Manny

    weird. just noticed that "WTF…| Traci Landry" thing… i didn't post that.

    • Hey, Manny. No worries. You didn't post it. It's just a trackback. Internet droppings.


  • xolager

    ordered. can't wait to test.

  • Not sure it's the exact same lens, but I ordered an 8x as part of a set that comes with a 2x, 12x, and macro and wide angle lenses from USBfever:

    I've ordered from them in the past and would recommend them. The only drawback is shipping…while cheap, it can take several weeks to arrive in the US.

  • Oh, and for those of you that use the external lenses, we have a Flickr group set up for them: