PhotoForge2 2.0.1 Update Released with a Warning From GhostBird

A maintenance update for the powerhouse photo editing app PhotoForge2 has been released and is available for download or update now. We’ve got the full list of what’s new in our 2.0.1 preview post from a few days ago.

The new update has a bug which could effect a lot of users. GhostBird Software have issued a warning with the update. Click past the jump for more information.

GhostBird have issued this warning with the 2.0.1 update:

“This update contains a bug which may cause your previous projects to load incorrectly. Don’t despair… your projects are fine and we’ll have an update submitted with a fix very shortly. New projects are unaffected.”

Basically, if you’ve previously saved your projects in PhotoForge2 — see the sample image above — you may have problems opening them after updating the app. You may want to consider holding off until the 2.0.2 update. If you don’t save to PhotoForge2’s projects a lot, this bug won’t really effect you. It doesn’t seem to effect new projects.

I’m not sure why the update was released with this bug. I know the app was submitted for approval days ago. The bug could have somehow gotten through beta testing, although I can’t see how. (UPDATE: It’s a directory issue that is not documented by Apple. GhostBird Software have explained the issue in the comments below. =M=) Regardless, a fix is on the way. With the holiday weekend here in the U.S., don’t expect it soon, though.

If you’ve updated PhotoForge2 (or any app) and want to go back to the previous version of the app, read our post on “Downgrading Apps on your iPhone”. Works for iPad and iPod Touch as well.



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  • The reason this bug managed to sneak by is after an update the apps directory on disk changes location. This does not ever occur during development. It was unknown to us and from it seems is not documented by Apple and thus could not be tested for.
    PhotoForge2 projects use symbolic links to images in its own documents directory as part of the history system. These symbolic links are unfortunately absolute paths. The update has changed the path to the document directory and as such will break the links to most of the images in the projects. The projects themselves are fine however they just need to have their links repaired after an update.

    • Cool. Thank you for the explanation! Please keep us posted here on the status of the update.


  • David Wood

    I'm still not able to open RAW files with the new version. I've tried RAW files from my current Panasonic DSLR (.RW2) and my old Canon (.CR2) and Minolta (.MRW) cameras . It would be good to know just which kind of RAW files are supported by the app. But I can't find that info anywhere on the developer's site.

    • David Wood

      I meant to add to the above post that I can edit the jpeg previews from the (evidently) unsupported RAW files, but I can't seem to get access to the RAW files themselves.

    • Well to be honest we dont entirely know. We rely on Apple to decode the RAW files for us. Unfortunately which formats they support on iOS doesn't seem to be something they like talking about for some reason. The closest thing we have to a list of supported cameras is from the list they provide for OSX. This can be found here . What we have found is that the iOS list is a subset of the OSX list. Not all cameras on that list can be loaded in PhotoForge2 but most can be. We have found 1 that is on that list but wont load at all, and about 4 or 5 cameras that will load but dont load the correct image resolution. For the time being its just trial and error, we would love to start compiling a list but would need to get either feedback or image samples from many different cameras.

      • David Wood

        Hm, unlike in OSX, no RAW files (to my knowledge) are supported natively in iOS. But all three of the RAW formats I list in my previous post are supported by OSX, and have been for a long time. The jpeg previews are supported in other iOS apps, but those are just lower-resolution jpeg files with no in-camera enhancements other than the native white balance and exposure information. Can you tell us what that 1 RAW file that loads in the correct resolution is? And are you certain that you're not just loading the jpeg preview?

        Thanks for being so responsive to us users!

        • Well actually the Apple ImageIO library on iOS (its also on OSX) has had the capability to decode many raw formats for some time now. This was even featured in one of last years WWDC developer videos. You can read more about ImageIO here… . However you are correct that when editing RAW on iOS we are not editing the raw sensor values like some desktop applications.

          So instead of just 1 how about 4: Nikon D7000, Nikon D80, Canon 60D, Pentax K5. We have a few others that we used as test subjects but I wasnt able to round up any samples for them in time. So if you would like to try them out heres some samples from the cameras I listed You most likely will need to be running the latest iOS for at least the D7000 image to work properly.

          Hope this give s a little more insight into what we are doing.

          • David Wood

            Thanks for that link and the sample files. You're right, those are the full resolution files that PhotoForge is opening. Very cool! It is puzzling that the Canon 60D .CR2 RAW file can be opened, and yet a .CR2 file from my old Canon 350D can't. Here's hoping that Apple eventually gets around to updating its decoder and includes a larger set of cameras.

  • Suzé

    I noticed that after the update, my previous photos to be edited were blank when I went to adjust them. If I added them to another layer they reappeared, so that is what I did. I must say I am hoping iPad optimization comes soon! I did review this app for a podcast on and think it has a lot of potential. I’m hoping that Ghostbird can update that particular feature soon. High pass filter is a nice addition.

  • So far, I have to say I like the changes made to this app. It was not very useful when the controls hid the image you're working on. This is much better! Haven't tried any RAW files yet. Anyone know of Olympus RAW is supported?

    I think the cloning tool at least should be introduced, and I'd feel alot better about having to buy this #2 version again if they'd included the Pop cam instead of making that an in-app purchase.

    Will play a bit more and may have to upgrade my 1-star initial itunes review.

  • Giuseppe Navone

    Location services are no longer needed to upload photos. If location services are rejected by the switch default image is used instead and GPS metadata is loaded …. This is written but I still have this problem where I live GPS coverage is poor and I do not open the folders and the program works, if I move where there is cover everything works perfectly, tested with a GPS detector .. suggestions?
    thanks … I want to clarify that it is the only photo application that behaves this way still anomalo.Complimenti for the program which I find excellent.