100 Cameras in 1 Update: Now With Straight-to-Instagram Support

100 Cameras in 1With the release of Instagram’s public APIs, many websites and apps have been released allowing users varying levels of access to Instagram feeds. But especially in a market of square frame “Instagram companion apps,” other than Instagram itself, there haven’t been any camera apps released that allow you to upload to your Instagram feed from within the app.

That is, until now. Camera app 100 Cameras in 1 can add one more camera to its feature set. It’s the first camera app with built-in export-to-Instagram features.

The new 3.1 update was just released. Other than performance tweaks and bug fixes, the only new feature is built-in Instagram support. It’s the first third-party photo app to let you export straight to Instagram.

It’s not straightforward. You don’t store your Instagram login in the app. Hit “Share” and follow the selections onscreen. When exporting to Instagram, 100 Cameras actually opens your Instagram app and loads the photo directly into the app, where you can upload as is or apply more filters in Instagram.

It’s not a smooth process. It takes you out of 100 Cameras. It doesn’t save the image before export — you need to do that on your own or you will lose the high-res image from 100 Cameras. Because it isn’t iOS 4 background process friendly, you’ll lose any work you’ve done in 100 Cameras upon export.

It looks like you can also export to a number of other apps that support drag and drop import in iTunes, including Camera+, Filterstorm, Dropbox and others.

The app no longer supports devices still running iOS 3. It now requires iOS 4.2 or newer — something the update description doesn’t mention.

I’m not a huge fan of 100 Cameras. I’ve reviewed it previously. It’s mainly an overlay app and to me, most of its overlays don’t mesh with my style. But, this is a cool new feature that really opens up the workflow if you process images with other apps before uploading to Instagram — even if for now it’s just 100 Cameras. Hopefully, we’ll see this feature show up in other apps soon.

100 Cameras in One normally sells for $1.99. Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.

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  • http://kaleidoscopeofcolor.com Skip Hunt

    Thanks for the honest review Marty. This app doesn't interest me in the slightest. Too much hassle for too little return. Not sure if I'd even bother with it for free.

  • Aiko

    Actually, 100 Cameras in 1 currently sells for $0.99, and there is a free version available although I haven't got the slightest idea what the differences are.

    • skiphunt

      $.99 seems more reasonable, and it' s always nice to have a free version to try first. Is it just ads that make the difference between the two?

      It just seems like an awful lot of hoops you have to remember to jump through or risk losing your hi-res version. When an app says "100 in 1" it reminds me of those game apps that take up loads of space for "100 in 1" games, but only 1 or 2 of the games are worth playing. Too much overhead for too little payoff.

      Does this particular app stand out from the plethora of other apps in any way?

      • http://lifeinlofi.com lifeinlofiblog

        Hi, Skip,

        For some iPhoneographers, yes. For me, no. I'm not a fan of texture overlay apps. While I realize that may sound a little hypocritical of me because I love toy camera and distressed film apps which in many cases apply — you guessed it — overlays to achieve their effects. But those overlays fit the overall photographic look I'm trying to achieve — something that looks like it was processed film and printed to paper, not printed on palm leaves or stucco.

        I hope you downloaded the free version first, Skip.


        • skiphunt

          Hi Marty,

          To be honest, although I enjoy playing as much as anyone… for the most part I prefer to make an image that stands on it's own first and then experiment with editing or effects only after. I have too many FX apps taking up room that I rarely use. I was one of the first to jump on Hipstamatic, but that grew old too after awhile since you don't have the raw image saved if you don't like the effect after the fact.

          Mostly, I prefer to take a plain image and then use editors like Iris Photo Suite or Filterstorm. Photoforge2 is getting close to what I might use but not quite yet.

  • A.S.H

    I bought this app and I felt the pinch. Not worth it.